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Common Management operations on the cPanel/WHM background

CPanel/WHM common operations on the front-end and back-end must have heard of cPanel, which is very powerful and easy to use in the world, therefore, it is a popular virtual host control system. CPanel foreground common operations menu on the left:

Recommended 10 MySQL database backup tutorials

MySQLIs the most famous dynamic website developmentOpen SourceDatabase System. If you use MySQL on your website, you should regularly back up your data to prevent it from being lost. This article will introduce 10 tutorials on automatic or manual

"Go" 10 MySQL database backup tutorials recommended

10 MySQL Database backup tutorials recommendedMySQL is the most famous open source database system in Dynamic Web development. If you use MySQL on your site, you should regularly back up your data to prevent it from being lost.This article will

MySQL database backup

MySQL database backup If you store any database in MySQL, you do not want to lose, you should do weekly or even daily backups. Depending on the database you are using-whether it is storing forum information, employee information, or your expense

10 tutorials on MySQL Database Backup

MySQL is the most well-known open source database system for interactive website development. If you are using a MySQL database, you should regularly back up data to prevent data loss ). There are 10 methods to automatically or manually back up the

How to fix a crashed WordPress database table

 The WordPress database may experience failures and corruption in various situations. One of the common problems it encounters is "database crashes." If this happens, you can find the following error message in the wordpress error log:WordPress

Backup files in Linux with the tar compression command of SSH

Now most of the virtual host has automatic backup function, but sometimes can not rely on the host is not, if the host is black, even backup files can not be restored, then cry miserably, so that people are inferior to rely on their own. Today 111cn.

Use Drush to Export/import a Drupal MySQL Database Dump File

So-today I wanted to learn-to-export a Drupal database to a file quickly. Back on the day I would ' ve logged in through CPanel and navigated to PHPMyAdmin, then manually select an export of the DAT Abase and has to choose where to save the file.

Free php/mysql/ftp/subdomain/domain/No advertising space

Free PHP Tutorials/mysql Tutorials/ftp/subdomain/domain/No advertising space Free unlimited capacity, unlimited flow of web space, support PHP, provide unlimited MySQL database tutorials, support FTP and Web upload management files, free

18 Open Source/Commercial Linux server Control Panel

when the webmaster has a lot of site site, not through the Control Panel management of various sites will be very difficult. But in order to meet different needs, we need a personalized solution. The Web site console is a full web interface that

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