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Where is the Outlook PST file? How to create a. pst file

Outlook 2010 differs from other versions in a personal folder we can't find our own PST file, so if we want to create or find one, we can refer to the following methods: As shown in the figure above, we clicked "Start" in the out2010 interface -"New Project "-> " Other Items "-> "Outlook data Files ." Then w

Fix the. OST or. Pst file in microsft Outlook

Fix the. OST or. Pst file in microsft Outlook If your computer has Microsoft Outlook data in memory, you are using a personal folder file (. Pst) or an offline folder file (. Ost ). To

Repair method for Outlook PST file corruption

. Click on the "Repair" button after checking. Wait for the program to finish, try to enter Outlook 2007 again, the error no longer occurs! Method Two: The repair of method one may take 20-25 minutes, the middle need manual intervention, click the Confirmation button. If you're lucky enough to fix it, you can go to step 3rd. But sometimes the ScanPST repair process will be an error, unfortunately ScanPST has not been able to repair the

How to fix an Outlook PST file password

This question has encountered many times before, have not solved, today inadvertently see this article, collection standby, perhaps next time to meet can try. Http:// A colleague's Outlook Personal Folders PST is not open since you set a password today. At first do not know how to do, and now his computer on the file's administrative authority to change, so that the user fu

The reason that Outlook PST file is larger than 2G cannot be opened and the repair process

The user reflects that she has two Outlook archive documents, and she can no longer open it when she drags some mail in. Tip: *.pst has reached its maximum size. Check the Internet, the original is the old version of Outlook (before outlook2003) PST file limitations cause

Outlook 2013 pst/ost Mail data File Migration implementation

click this download 32 bits, click this download 64 bit. I use 64 digits, followed by 64-bit as an example to explain. 2, after downloading, run 64-bit "Admintemplates_64bit.exe", will prompt you to choose to extract folder, find a folder decompression can, such as d:\tmp; 4, into the D:\tmp folder you unzipped, into the ADMX folder, copy the "outlk15.admx" File and "ZH-CN" folder to "C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions", if your system disk is not C, pleas

Introduction to Outlook Data files (. pst and. ost)

When you use Microsoft Outlook, e-mail messages, calendars, tasks, and other items are saved on the mail server or computer, or they are saved in both locations. If Outlook items are saved on your computer, they are saved in Outlook data files (. pst and. ost).About Outlook

Microsoft Office Outlook cannot find Outlook. pst

File C: \ Documents ents and Settings \ Administrator \ Local Settings \ Application Data \ Microsoft \ Outlook. pst cannot be found. The file must be located: 1. Start-> Run-> cmd 2. in DOS, use "cd xxx" to switch to the Outlook.exe executable file directory (installatio

How to repair Outlook 2007 source files. PST and performance Optimization patches

kb961752Microsoft has released patches to improve the performance of Outlook 's personal data files, which will be integrated into SP2 in the future, but now can be obtained in advance for SP1 users. Get Address: click Agree, fill in your e-mail, a password is required for installation. and password will be sent to your mailbox, and then click to download 373379_intl_i386_zip

PST file How do I open the? PST file Open method diagram

What file is PST? A PST file is a private format for Outlook files. You can use Office Outlook 2003 to open, but you'll need to add a data file (f

Differences between OUTLOOK PST files and OST files

PST file--Personal Folders file One or more. pst files can be located on each user's computer. defined as primary or secondary storage. pst. Primary storage means that messages are delivered to the Inbox in the file and all othe

How does the Outlook folder. pst automatically back up?

1. We click on "Start-->" in the lower right corner of Windows 7 and then we enter Regedit.exe so we enter into the system Registry Editor;Then we will pop up a user Account Control window, we must click "Yes" can be;2. In the entry to the registry we locate:Hkey_current_user\software\microsoft\office\outlook\addins\microsoft.outlookbackup.13 then right click on the right window, then click on the pop-up menu "New > Dword value" To open the effect sho

After archive. Pst of outlook is lost

The last time I manually cleared the file because of insufficient disk space, and then opened outlook2007, I was prompted that the archive. Pst file could not be found. After clicking this prompt, a file selection box is displayed, Which is empty. Where can I find it? Every time you open it, you will be prompted. So I

Exchange2013 SP1 Export and import PST data file via EMS

Exchange2013 SP1 Export and import PST data file via EMSAs an enterprise administrator, in many cases, you need to export or import mailbox data from the mailbox user's database in the Exchange mail server to the Exchange Server China mailbox database for the following reasons: 1. Meeting compliance requirements You can export mailbox content to a. pst

Email restoration 2--PST File Viewing and repair

KernelOutlookPSTViewerwww.nucleustechnologies.compst-viewer.html of the software features: 1. you can open the PST file without installing MSOfficeOutlook on your computer. 2. supports the ANSI and Unicode formats of MSOutlookPST files. 3. adapt to PST Files of different versions of Outlook; 4.A Kernel

Win7 How do I open a file with a. pst suffix name?

Operation Method 1. Install Outlook If you want to open a PST file, you must have Outlook software installed, but there are many different versions of Outlook, and each version of the exported PST

What file is PST?

PST files are personal file holds in Microsoft Outlook, and the format of the. pst file in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 is different from the personal folders (. pst)

Backup and Recovery tips for Outlook 2003

(. pst) file contains all the data stored in Outlook, so it may be too large. However, you can reduce the size of your personal folders (. pst) file by clicking the Start Compression button. Step Sixth: Close all Properties window, find the.

Outlook Perfect Backup Information method

task notes are also its function. Sounds like this is going to be a lot more powerful? Yes, actually, Outlook is strong not in the list of features listed above, but in the perfect integration between several major components and with the Exchange server. If you just need a tool to send and receive emails, I personally suggest that, whether it is the system's own OE, or foxmail, dreammail, are more appropriate. # backing up Outlook's

Backup and recovery of Outlook Express mail data

the OutLook Express main interface, click the "Address Book" button, and the address book window is displayed. Click "File> export> Address Book" (2 ). Figure 2 Ask about the exported file name in OutLook Express. Enter the file name and click "save" (3 ). Figure 3This comp

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