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Want to know backwards alphabet text? we have a huge selection of backwards alphabet text information on

Information Security system design basics second week study summary

Label:Linux Basics1 Linux CommandsIf there is no difference between using Gui,linux and Windows. One feature of the Linux learning application is the use of the command line. After logging in to Linux, we can enter the command after the # or $

Information Security System Design Foundation second week study summary--20135308

Label:This week, I learned how to use vim.Vim is a very good text editor and many professional programmers use vim to edit the code, VI, a considerable amount of skill is required at the outset, but once you have mastered these skills, you will

Information Security system Design Fundamentals Third Week study summary-20135227 Huang

Label:A. Vim editorSix Modes of 1.Vim2.Vim Three common modes of use, and the three switch. Turn on vim by default into normal mode, press I into insert mode, press ESC to exit Normal mode from insert mode, and then press: Enter command line mode.   

Unicode code Disclosure _ other comprehensive

If you're a programmer who lives in the 2003, you don't know the basics of character, character set, encoding, and Unicode. Then you must be careful, if I catch you, I will let you peel six months of onions in the submarine to punish you. This vicio


Label:String is mainly used for programming, concept description, Function interpretation, usage detailed see the text, here Add two points: 1. The ansistring in Free Pascal can only be considered as a whole, many functions can not be used, even if

Replace encryption, decryption algorithm

Label:The origin of the replacement encryption and decryption algorithm can be traced back to the time of Caesar (Caesar), where Caesar was said to have invented Caesar's code in order to guarantee the reliability of intelligence. Caesar's password

JavaScript Advanced Tutorial 5.6 Basic Packaging Type (detail) _javascript tips

To facilitate operation of basic type values, ECMAScript also provides 3 special reference types: boolean,number,string. In fact, whenever a basic type value is read, the background is to create an object of the corresponding base wrapper type so th

Character encoding Ultimate Note: ASCII, Unicode, UTF-8, UTF-16, UCS, BOM, Endian

Label:Very detailed very good, turn around to study:Reprinted from:, character encoding, internal code, incidentally introduced Chinese character codingCharacters must be encoded before

Encountered garbled not afraid of--computer character code detailed explanation

Label:Download a document, an open found is garbled, not crazy to blame ... As you all know, this is all a curse of character coding. ASCII, ANSI, GB18030, Unicode, UTF-8, UTF-8 with BOM, UTF without BOM, UTF-16, Utf-16le, utf-16be ... A big lump of

Vim User Manual

Label: 1. About VIM Several modes of 1.1 vim 2. Start Vim 3. Document operations 4. Movement of the cursor 4.1 Basic Movement 4.2 Turning screen 4.3 marks 5. Inserting text 5.1

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