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Manster Talk Summary (sophomore next semester)

Recently Manster has appeared a new training camp, is about to help a person to accept a real self, the courage to face their own shortcomings, not escape, and those who have not realized the real shortcomings, which is my understanding now, about

Linux Command Locate

Original: 53285624BrieflyLocate can quickly search the file system for a specific file. The method is to first establish an index database that includes all the file names and paths within the system, and when looking for it, simply query the index

Common string processing functions of Awk

Gsub (regexp, replacement [, target]) Search target for all of the longest, leftmost, nonoverlapping matching substrings it can find and replace them with replacement. the 'G' in gsub () stands for "global," which means replace everywhere. for

Python Core Programming (second Edition)--file and input/output

1. File objectsThe file object can be used not only to access normal disk files, but also to access "files" on any other type of abstraction level. Once the appropriate "hooks" are set, you can access other objects that have the file type interface

CI Frame source Pages-uri.php

CI Framework source Reading---------uri.php Config =& load_class (' config ', ' core '), Log_message (' Debug ', "URI class Initialized");} --------------------------------/** * Get the URI String * * @accessprivate * @returnstring */function

Python Basics-File operations

1. file operation Process Open the file, get the file handle and assign a value to a variable Manipulating a file with a handle Close File GrammarOpen (filename, mode)Instance2. File Open mode R, read-only mode

Python Road "Second article": Python Basics (i)

Function of the understanding of the process: according to the business logic from the top to bottom code function: The function of the code to encapsulate a function, the future will not need to repeat the writing, only call the function function

"Third article": Python Basics (ii)

Understanding of FunctionsProcess-oriented: according to the business logic from top to bottom writing code function: A function code is encapsulated into the function, you will not have to repeat the writing, only call the function function is your

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