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How to resolve RAR file decompression failure

Attachments are often a series of compressed files, the download is the default filename is a random number. As a result, compressed file decompression failed after downloading Workaround: Rename th

PHP decompression can sometimes fail

When collecting data from a Web site, the document that is returned is chunked encoded, gzip compressed, and the server of the Web site appears to be IIS, ... Decoding chunked is fine, but when extracting gzip compressed documents, it occasionally

Resources and Assetbundle (old and new) study (from Bull)

Label:Resources:Disadvantages of  resources: 1. The use of resources is not convenient .    2 compared to the direct reference on the display inspector. Whether or not your resource is being invoked, when you publish it,

Resources and Assetbundle (old and new) learning

Label:Resources:Disadvantages of resources: 1. The use of resources is inconvenient compared to the direct reference shown on Inspector.2. Regardless of whether the resources on your resource are invoked, when you publish, resources will all be

Six, transplant uboot-set default environment variables, perfect u-boot

Document Time: 2018-08-14 Cross compiler: arm-linux-gcc-4.3.2 Ubuntu version: 16.04 Uboot version: 2013.10 1, modify uboot default environment variable The Uboot serial print information obtained in the previous section is as follows: As you can

QEMU simulation vexpress-a9 and U-boot boot Linux

Tags: trace over roo uimage enabled ble umount expr willObjectiveThis article describes using qemu to emulate vexpress-a9 the Development Board, and also introduces u-boot linux the process of using the bootstrap. The whole sitting down on the qemu

APK file Camouflage zip64 format case

Label:Software Sample: the forum to see in the Netizen to help a small app to ads, download a look is to clean up the memory, just start to let him off the Internet access right, but think

Open vswitch Installation and configuration

Label:I. Introduction of Open Vswitch1.1 OverviewOpen Vswitch is a high-quality, multi-tier virtual switch that uses the open Source Apache 2.0 license Agreement, developed by Nicira Networks, to implement code as portable C code.Its purpose is to

The difference and explanation of the cipher and password

We often use the password in life, especially in this era of information explosion, such as the password of the bank card consists of six digits, Alipay's password is composed of several characters, but these so-called passwords is "real" password? o

Using QEMU to simulate VEXPRESS-A9 (ii)---build u-boot debugging environment

Label:Reference: IntroductionWin7 + Vmware + ubuntu12.04 32U-boot version: u-boot-2015-04Linux kernel version: LINUX-3.16.YBusyBox version: 1_24_stableCross-compilation Toolchain:

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