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The handshake etiquette of social etiquette

Shaking hands is a way of communicating ideas, exchanging feelings, and promoting friendships. Of course, the premise is that you have to grasp the correct handshake etiquette, the following is a small series of study abroad for everyone carefully

The meaning of the backlog parameter in the TCP/IP protocol listen function and the PHP-FPM 502 bad Gateway

To understand the backlog argument, we must realize, a given listening socket, the kernel maintains the queues:To understand the meaning of the backlog parameter, we must understand that for a listening socket,kernel maintainer two queues:1.An

Status and troubleshooting of TCP connections

By understanding the various states of TCP, we can help to troubleshoot and locate network or system failures. (Summarize content on the network)1. TCP StatusLISTENING: Listens for connection requests from a remote TCP port.First, the server needs

TCP Status explanation and troubleshooting

By understanding the various states of TCP, we can help to troubleshoot and locate network or system failures. (Summarize content on the network) 1. TCP Status Linux View status command for TCP:1), Netstat-nat View the number of TCP states2), Lsof-

Status and troubleshooting of TCP connections

Web Product performance Testing, there are many TCP connection problems, but also because of this problem, resulting in performance instability and so on, the data transmission between the client and server, and the transition between the connection

OpenWrt tl-wr841n Wan Port down problem

The problem with this issue is that the tl-wr841n V8 version of the wired Nic down, then up, does not know what the specific reason is. But it will definitely cause problems during PPPoE dialing, dial failure, program hang.Here are some of the

Study, research and implementation of WebSocket protocol

1. What is WebSocket? WebSocket is a protocol specification proposed by HTML5, referring to rfc6455. WebSocket the specification of a communication, through a handshake mechanism, between the client (browser) and the server (webserver) can

HTTP, TCP, UDP, Socket interpretation

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. 1. Guidance Remember to go to college in the "Computer Network Foundation" specialized class, at that time is really pure kind ignorance, think I later do not engage

WebSocket (reprint)

In this article we first understand the basic knowledge, so that we can learn more useful behind.Socket,websocket,http,tcp and so on we have heard the ear has a cocoon, but the use of time to review it.University Learning Network Foundation when the

IOS Client and WebSocket Communications (i)

My address: This article we first understand the basic knowledge, this is more helpful to our study behind. Socket,websocket,http,tcp and so on we have heard the ears have a cocoon, but use the

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