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Let Baidu Google search faster to your site

better.Seventh Step: The site of the wonderful articles recommended to Yesky pick, daily net pick, Poco net pick, Hexun pick. Remember, the more original or the network can not find the better.Eighth step: To A5, Chinaz, portals, outdated and other well-known webmaster forums or other high-weight forum, blog post and bring the site links. Note: The article is about refinement rather than more.The Nineth step: the establishment of enterprise-related blogs, preferably Baidu's blog, to fight with

Faster and faster, making php 7 run faster-php Tutorial

Faster and faster, making PHP 7 run faster Guide PHP 7 is much faster than 5.x. even if only the version upgrade is simple, we still hope it will become faster and faster, and then we will have more fu if we make so

[no00001f] reading speed, faster, a little faster? -Don't know what to read? Try these screenplay!

social chaos.Which way to read faster and clearer?The first is the most commonly used reading method, each word as a point of information, so you will face a total of 21 scattered information points. The second way is to divide the sentence, the information points are reduced, the sentence context is clear, it is conducive to faster understanding. And this divides the sentence block, is called Chunk.In the

Program Ape Evolution must-read: Make apps run faster and respond faster (IOS)

Good text about app speed and response speed optimization, according to the individual understanding free translation, limited by the level and not rigorous, with the original addressPS, think I do better than dry translation of the brothers to the top of the code Oh!The first part is to say the idea, too verbose, can jump directly to the second part.The second part is a summary of some practical optimization techniques (the climax part).The advent of the ipad has a huge impact on the quality of

Faster r-cnn:towards Real-time Object Detection with regions proposal Networks (faster RCNN: real-time via regional proposal network)

Original sourceThank the Author ~Faster r-cnn:towards Real-time Object Detection with region Proposalnetworksshaoqing Ren, kaiming He, Ross girshick, Jian SuNSummaryAt present, the most advanced target detection network needs to use the region proposed algorithm to speculate on the target location, such as sppnet[7] and fast r-cnn[5] These networks have reduced the running time of the detection network, then the calculation of the region is a bottlene

Why is the actual frequency of only 2500g amd + processor running faster than the actual frequency of 2G P4-2.4B is faster

Why is the actual frequency of only 2500g amd + processor running faster than the actual frequency of 2G P4-2.4B is faster? Why is the tulatin core processor with a 0.13 micron process capable of achieving a maximum of 1.4 GB? Instead, the Willamette core processor with a 0.18 micron process can easily achieve 2 GB? Next, let's analyze why the above two "strange circles" exist. Each CPU has an "execution P

It's a lot faster today, not a little bit faster.

Yesterday Friendship help I unit of former colleagues optimized an Oracle database, today I asked the site of the engineer: today's customers do business when there is feedback? Then the engineer at the scene replied: "It's a lot faster today, not a little bit faster." Suddenly, a pleasant feeling welled up ...At the coming of the New Year (2015), it is a good sign to hear the news, and hopefully in the new

Faster and faster cycle

: Using System; Using System. Threading. tasks; Namespace Parallelforsample { Public Class Multicore { Public Static Void Calculate ( Int Calcval) {utility util = New Utility (); util. Start (); Int [,] G = New Int [Calcval, calcval]; Parallel. For (0, calcval, Delegate ( Int K) {parallel. For (0, calcval, Delegate ( Int I ){ For ( Int J = 0; j However, you need a multi-core machine to see this gap. If it is a single-core machine, you cannot observe it. The following is the Translat

[Android] determines whether shortcuts exist-more compatible (12 times faster) and android12times faster

[Android] determines whether shortcuts exist-more compatible (12 times faster) and android12times faster1 principle: I did not intend to find this in 2.3. When I followed the online example to check whether the shortcut was created, the application suddenly crashed, saying that the application lacked permissions. Com. android. launcher. permission. READ_SETTINGS or com. android. launcher. permission. WRITE_SETTINGS Then I added the permission. Althoug

FASTER-RCNN+ZF training model with its own data set (Python version)

the Makefile.config file to refer to my configuration: Makefile.config fileAfter configuring the Makefile.config file, execute:Make-j8 make Pycaffe(5) Download VOC2007 data setProvide a Baidu cloud address:, then, place the dataset under Py-faster-rcnn\data and replace the VOC2007 DataSet with your dataset.(6) Download the pre-trained model parameters under the Imagene

Multiple backups make the site backup faster than the Devil

product, its birth, mainly to let the webmaster to get rid of the daily backup of the magic curse, so that the site in the event of data loss can be faster data recovery, the maximum cost saving time.There is no shortage of data backup and data recovery products, why multi-backup can be in many data backup, data recovery products stand out, so that the rapid backup and rapid recovery of website data?1. In conjunction with "cloud Platform", flagship c

How to learn better and faster SEO website optimization

How to learn better and faster SEO website optimization 1, flexible use of Google and Baidu search engine Many friends will certainly say, Google and Baidu I will ah, this still want to learn? is not the search box to enter the information you want to find the relevant keywords? It's too easy. If so, please answer the following 2 questions first. Do you know wh

Who is faster (detailed description) for python multi-process and multi-thread? Who is more

('[-] much thread use', time. time ()-start,'s ') def process_main (n2): p = multiprocessing. pool (max_process) for I in range (0, max_process): p. apply_async (func = fun, args = (50, n2) start = time. time () print ('[+] much process start') p. close () # close the process pool p. join () # Wait for all sub-processes to finish print ('[-] much process use', time. time ()-start,'s ') if _ name __= =' _ main _ ': print ("[++] When n = 50, n2 = 0.1: ") thread_main (0.1) process_main (0.1) print

Php: how to get Baidu record, Baidu buzzword, and Baidu snapshot, php Baidu snapshot _ PHP Tutorial

The php method for obtaining Baidu's indexing, Baidu's buzzwords, and Baidu's snapshot, and php's Baidu snapshot. Php: how to get Baidu record, Baidu keyword, and Baidu snapshot. php Baidu snapshot this article describes how to get Baidu

Python multithreading and multi-process who is faster?

Thread_list:i.join () print (' [-] much thread use ', Time.time ()-start, ' s ') def Process_main (n2): p = multiprocessing. Pool (max_process) for I in Range (0,max_process): P.apply_async (func = fun,args= (50,n2)) start = Time.time () Print (' [+] much process start ') p.close () #关闭进程池 p.join () #等待所有子进程完毕 print (' [-] much process use ', time.time ()- Start, ' s ') if __name__== ' __main__ ': Print ("[++]when n=50,n2=0.1:") Thread_main (0.1) Process_main (0.1) print ("[+ +]when n=50,n2=

Faster R-CNN: A detailed implementation of the target detection process

This article explains in detail the network architecture and workflow of Faster R-CNN, which leads the reader to understand the principle of target detection, and the author also provides the Luminoth realization for everyone's reference. Luminoth implementation: GITHUB.COM/TRYOLABS/LUMINOTH/TREE/MASTER/LUMINOTH/MODELS/FASTERRCNN Last year, we decided to dig deeper into Faster r-cnn, rea

Oracle in Count (1), COUNT (*) and COUNT (primary key) which is faster

Tags: Oracle countAfter listening to nearly 20 speeches in the last two days, I felt a lot of harvest, and the deepest feeling was that I still had a long way to go. There are several points to note:Listening to the old cat yesterday, it is a common problem that Oracle has a problem with count (*), COUNT (1), and count (primary key). This question seems very simple, everyone will have their own answers, to Baidu on the search will come out a lot of po

Android simulator--genymotion faster than the real machine

Android simulator--genymotion faster than the real machine----Reprint Please specify the Source: Coder-pigIntroduction to this article:The author as a non-income college dog, unlike some of the company's friends, have their own test machine, with more than a year of Lenovo S898tAlready "riddled with holes", unsightly! In fact, I do not like to put on their own mobile phone so many of their own test software!After all ~Here, I believe that a lot of fri

Make your win7 response faster

YesThe use of Windows 7 has become a great joy for many computer users. Compared with the previous Vista system, WindowsThe 7 system is really nice, fast, and easy to use, but do you worry about your own Windows 7 system, just like installing other Windows systems, just as it just started to run fast, as time increases, the efficiency will decrease? It is not difficult to keep your Windows 7 system running directly. The following describes ten effective small methods to help you maintain the hig

PHP crawl Baidu Snapshot, Baidu included, Baidu hot Word program code, crawl Baidu Snapshot _php tutorial

PHP crawl Baidu Snapshot, Baidu included, Baidu hot Word program code, crawl Baidu Snapshot /*Crawl Baidu included code*/function Baidu ($s) { $baidu = "Http://

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