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Only OBJ or other files, but no CPP, can compile the EXE file ZZ

Programming tools: VC ++ 6.0 Operating System: Win95 osr2 An experiment was conducted to create an SDI program with VC, and then delete the. exe file in the DEBUG directory and the. cpp file in the project directory. All other files are retained. In

Bridge between WebViewJavascriptBridge-Obj-C and JavaScript

Bridge between WebViewJavascriptBridge-Obj-C and JavaScript .   WebViewJavascriptBridge is a bridge between Obj-C and JavaScript to communicate messages through UIWebViews/WebViews on iOS/OSX. If you like WebViewJavascriptBridge, you may also want

Webviewjavascriptbridge-obj-c and JavaScript Bridging the message

Reprint to: @coderyi9This article is translated from Marcus Westin's Open source Framework Webviewjavascriptbridge's readme, the English original link

URL Address bar Parameters <==> objects (converting objects to address bar parameters and converting address bar parameters to objects) use functions

/** * @author Web wins * @param {object} obj need to stitch Parameter object * @return {String} **/functionObj2qs (obj) {if(!obj &&!)Object.keys (obj). length) { return""; } Else { vararr = []; for(varKeyinchobj) {Arr.push (Key+ "="

Some Lua interfaces required by the UI

-- Button class -- Get nameFunction OBJ: getname ()End -- Get widthFunction OBJ: getwidth ()End -- Get heightFunction OBJ: getheight ()End -- Disable enablingFunction OBJ: setenabled (true)End -- Get the current disabled and enabled statusFunction

Fatal error C1047:the object or library file "..." is created with a older compiler than other obj

Debug compile normal build, switch to release to report this error.Yesterday with the VS2005 mutation encountered this problem, online search a lot of, tried many not effective. Microsoft This is really a pit father!The ultimate solution: Install SP1

. \OBJ\TEMPLET.SCT (7): Error:L6236E:No section matches selector-no sections to be first/last.

. \OBJ\TEMPLET.SCT (7): Error:L6236E:No section matches selector-no sections to be first/last. This error has always occurred when using KEIL4 to compile the connection project, which is a bit strange; devices is 32f101rb, the boot file is. MDS, so

Get Android screen size, control size, status bar/notification bar height, navigation bar height

1. Get the Android screen sizeWe can get the screen size through the GetSize () methodnew Point();display.getSize(size);int width = size.x;int height = size.y;Suppose it's not in the activity. You cannot use Getwindowmanager (). At this point, you

Immersive status bar for Android

The previous article on the Android implementation of the color status bar we realized the color of the status bar, also introduced the Immersion status bar and the difference between the transparent status bar, this article we implement the

Immersive status bar for Android

Immersive status bar for Android In the previous article, we implemented the color-changing status bar for Android, and introduced the differences between the immersive Status Bar and the transparent status bar. In this article, we implemented the

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