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Barracuda helps to implement anti-spam system with the help of Zhongke instrument

the company. But in recent days, the head of the company's network Center has been plagued by more and more junk mail. Zhongke instrument has a mail server, nearly thousands of employees mail accounts are saved on the server. There are occasional flood attacks or dictionary attacks by spammers. To the mail server caused a heavy burden, more virtually to the virus hackers into the company to provide a shortcut. In May this year, Zhongke instrument began to try all kinds of

Spring peak trade using barracuda to resist spam success stories

international trade room, on-site view of the user's network situation, the user's network architecture relatively simple, standard. Daily Mail traffic is medium, but English mail accounts for a considerable proportion. Bo Granville Network technology companies recommend users to use the Barracuda Spam Firewall 300 model. Features of this model include: 1. The independent hardware design, the complete safe

The battle between anti-spam and spam-

, or cheaters can not control the sort basis, that is, to the site to find the basis for sorting. So, there was a super-chain analysis, appeared PageRank. The principle of the super-chain analysis is to look at the same kind of links between Web pages as an important basis, and then, according to the weight of each website and so on to comprehensive analysis. In this way, Gov (government website) and Edu (education website) are usually given higher rankings, and the hyperlinks from Gov and Edu a

The battle between anti-spam and spam

cheaters can not control the sort basis, that is, outside the site to find the basis for sorting. Then, there is a PageRank analysis, there is a large. The principle of the hyper-chain analysis is to look at the similar links between the Web pages as an important basis, and then, according to the weight of each site to comprehensive analysis. In this way, gov (government websites) and Edu (education websites) are often given higher rankings, and the hyperlinks from Gov and Edu are also of highe

Baidu Web2.0 anti-spam introduction to Combat spam page

performance, or white hat SEO technology to improve a lot of help. White hat SEO is to do a good job of the site's user experience, there are two major aspects, one is for search engines, is to make search results more high-quality, in line with user needs, the second is for users, so that users through search to find the information they want to know. And because most Web2.0 station system exists loophole, conquer technology cost is low, and mass software price is low, easy to be used by chea

Anti-spam Technology analysis

1. Overview E-Mail is one of the most commonly used network applications, and has become an important channel for communication. But spam spam most people, and recent surveys show that 93% of respondents are dissatisfied with the amount of junk mail they receive. Some simple spam events also pose an influential security issue. Increasing

Analysis of core technology of anti-spam firewall

itself, such as the determination of spam can not be absolutely accurate, or need a lot of implementation costs, etc., or because of the actual environmental constraints can not be applied, For example, you cannot completely overturn the original SMTP protocol and use a new mail protocol that avoids the generation and propagation of spam. Therefore, simply relying on technical means does not completely sol

With shield anti-fraud cloud anti-spam paste experience sharing

At the beginning of the message will be changed to the song forum, solve the message this many problems, there is interactivity, enhance the stickiness.But then encountered a lot of problems, especially the problem of garbage paste has plagued us for a long time, there has been a lot of people with the forum mass release of garbage paste, originally only thousands of posts, one night was brushed 50多万条 garbage post.Later did a lot of precautions, such as installed

Anti-spam firewall and antivirus wall

At present, there are more and more new nouns in the field of computer security, firewalls, anti-virus walls ... As spam becomes more rampant, America's biggest anti-spam firm, the company that has launched the Barracuda Spam fire

How to test the actual effect of anti-spam anti-virus in the mail system

The ads on the market in the mail system are very fancy, almost all businesses are claiming that their mail system products, anti-spam anti-virus can achieve a ratio of 98%, in the end is true? Some it friends doing system integration when doing business selection, the result of testing this anti-

Core anti-spam Firewall Technology Analysis

The origins and technical roots of Spam The SMTP protocol itself is a simplified mail delivery protocol, which lacks many necessary identity authentication. This is one of the reasons why SMTP protocol causes spam flooding. The SMTP protocol allows the sender to forge the vast majority of the sender's characteristic information, such as the sender and mail route. Even after anonymous forwarding, open forwar

Competition among 11 anti-spam Software

Today, many email clients and services provide built-in anti-spam tools, such as Yahoo! Emails, Hotmail, and Microsoft Outlook 2003. In fact, the Built-in anti-spam functions of some products (especially Hotmail and Oddpost) seem to be no worse than some specialized anti-

Several methods for Discuz Forum anti-registration machine anti-spam posts (no plug-ins)

using the features provided by the discuz background for related settings. The reason why the plug-in installation method is not recommended is that you have to pay a certain amount of fee, and even the free effect is not that ideal. Therefore, the best and most environmentally friendly method is to modify some default values of discuz. Follow the instructions below.1. Modify the default registration addressSet the mod value of the site registration address. The default value is "register&

How does emos disable anti-virus and anti-spam functions?

1. Modify the main. cf configuration file. The red part is the part to be commented out. Vim/etc/Postfix/Main. cf # Smtpd related config Smtpd_recipient_restrictions = Permit_mynetworks, Permit_sasl_authenticated, Reject_non_fqdn_hostname, Reject_non_fqdn_sender, Reject_non_fqdn_recipient, Reject_unauth_destination, Reject_unauth_pipelining, Reject_invalid_hostname # # Check_policy_service Inet: 10030 # Header_checks = Regexp:/etc/Postfix/dspam_header_checks # Content-Filter # Content

Focus on Security: Anti-Spam technology may also cause misjudgment and omission

Editor's note: Machine devices naturally have unsolved problems. Security products are used to enhance network security performance and prevent internal/external attacks. There is a common problem in security products-false positives, such as false positives and false positives of anti-virus software. In fact, there is no absolute security. Security and application are a contradiction. Security Enhancement tends to restrict some applications, such as

Rating: 11 anti-spam tools

Today, many email clients and services provide built-in anti-spam tools, such as Yahoo! Emails, Hotmail, and Microsoft Outlook 2003. In fact, the Built-in anti-spam functions of some products (especially Hotmail and Oddpost) seem to be no worse than some specialized anti-

Anti-Spam New Idea: Switch defense Solution

Source: http://www.coolersky.comSpam has a significant impact on information security, work efficiency, capital costs, and end-user services, and has become one of the greatest challenges facing enterprises today. To combat spam, you must be able to expand the innovative methods to block Spam with high cost effectiveness as spam grows. Application Switch

Thinking on the selection of anti-spam gateway

Internet applications make more and more enterprises and organizations rely on IT systems to an unprecedented degree, and mail server system as the most mature, most commonly used one of the applications, has become the most important tool for people communication and office. And the increasingly rampant spam has a huge impact on the business, people have lost their patience on spam, and set about taking va

How does enterprise mail implement the Anti-Spam function?

According to research data from iResearch, Chinese enterprises ranked third in the proportion of "less spam" to 52.2% of Enterprise mailboxes, among the most unsatisfactory domestic enterprise mailboxes, "spam" ranks first with 13.9%. From the survey data, we can also see that spam has become an urgent solution in the development of enterprise mail.In terms of

Set anti-spam policies for Linux email servers

The mail system is an important part of Linux network applications. The complete mail system includes the underlying operating system, the Mail sending proxy MTA, the mail distribution proxy MDA, and the Mail User proxy MUA. Currently, the main danger facing the Linux email system is spam, Linux virus, and DoS attacks. This article focuses on Linux Emails The mail system is an important part of Linux network applications. The complete mail system incl

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