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[Programming question] calculates the longest descending subsequence of an array, for example, {9, 4, 3, 2}. The longest descending subsequence is {9, 5, 4, 3, 2}

47. Innovation workshop (algorithm ):Returns the longest descending subsequence of an array, for example, {9, 4, 3, 2, 5, 3, 2,4,3, 2} Idea: Dynamic Planning Calculates the longest descending subsequence of the sequence of the current number. Each time you look for the longest child sequence, scan the child sequence obtained before it, and the first number is smaller than the current number. For example, t

Question 4: f = 1! -2! + 3! -4! +... + 9!

/*************************************** ************************Computer report 1: accumulated (c)AUTHOR: liuyongshuiDATE :************************************************ ***********************//*Question 4: f = 1! -2! + 3! -4! +... + 9! */ # Include # Define N 9 Void f (int m); // original function declaration Int

Using regular expressions to implement the Operation Express = ' 1-2* ((60-30 + ( -40/5) * (9-2*5/3 +7/3*99/4*2998 +10 *568/14))-( -4*3)/(16-3*2)) '

#!/usr/bin/env python# Coding:utf-8Import Redef Dealwith (Express): Express.replace ('+-','-') Express.replace ('--','+') returnexpressdef Col_suanshu (exp):if '/' inchexp:a,b= Exp.split ('/') returnStrfloat(a)/float(b))if '*' inchexp:a,b= Exp.split ('*') returnStrfloat(a) *float(b) def get_no_barcate (Express): Express=express.strip ('()') Print ('>>>', Express) whileTrue:ret= ("-?\d+\.? \d*[*/]-?\d+\.? \d*", Express)ifRet:res=Col_suanshu ( ()) Express= Ex

Picture ratio Evolution History: 3:2, 4:3, 16:9 What's the difference?

Common ratios At the beginning of the information age of 195x, the most notable feature is that analog technology has turned to digital technology, graphic design has been gradually led by electronic devices from paper to media, and the granularity units have changed, but this is not so much for designers, the problem is the ratio. Aspect ratio, which is the height ratio, only discusses the three most common categories: photography, video, and display equipment. The common rates of photograph

Summarize the recent development of CNN Model (i)----ResNet [1, 2] Wide ResNet [3] resnext [4] densenet [5] dpnet [9] nasnet [ten] senet [one] Capsules [12]

Summarize the recent development of CNN Model (i) from: Yu June computer vision and deep learning1. PrefaceLong time no update column, recently because of the project to contact the Pytorch, feeling opened the deep learning new world of the door. In his spare time, Pytorch trained the recent CNN model of State-of-the-art in image classification, which is summarized in the article as follows: ResNet [1, 2] Wide ResNet [3] Resnext [

2015/4/9 Data Conversion Array Enumeration/c# Learning notes

Using System;Class Studenthomework{public enum Friends{boss, Dick, old Three, old four, old five, old six};public static void Main (){Friends f1 = Friends. Boss;Friends F2 = Friends. Dick;Friends F3 = Friends. Old Three;Friends f4 = Friends. Old Four;string[] family = new String[6];Family[0] = "Aunt";FAMILY[1] = "two aunts";FAMILY[2] = "three aunts";Family[3] = "Aunt";Console.WriteLine ("This is my circle of friends: 1.friends,2.classmate,,4.c

Hidden objects and 4 scope objects in JSP page 9 __js

()//To IE print, add line wrap in source code Out.write ()//to IE print, usually user print constant 5, Application Type: Javax.servlet.ServletContext Method: Application.getinitparameter ("name"); Application.setattribute (String, Object) Application.getattribute (String) Application.removeattribute (String) 6, page Type: Java.lang.Object Represents the current JSP page, can be understood as this,jsp is a special servlet class, generate JSP page also generates the corresponding servlet instanc

[C #] 4-9-square lattice Algorithms

[C #] 4-9-square lattice Algorithms The netizens in the group threw out such a question.My algorithms: Static void Main (string [] args) {/** a + B-9 = 4 * +--* c-d * e = 4 */*-* f + g-h = 4 * | | *

2018-2-26 9 weeks 4 lessons LAMP, MySQL installation

:::22 :::* listen922/sshdtcp6 00::1:25 :::* listen1031/mastertcp60 0:::3306 :::* listen1667/mysqld If the template/etc/my.cnf is not configured, use the command line method:[[Emailprotected]mysql]#servicemysqldstopshuttingdownmysql]. success! [[Emailprotected]mysql]#/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqld_safe--defaults-file=/etc/my.cnf --user=mysql--datadir=/data/mysql[1]1848[[emailprotected]mysql]# 18013122:45:06mysqld_safeLoggingto '/data/mysql/localhost.localdomain.err '. 18013122:45:06mysqld_safest

Question 2: f = 1-2 + 3-4 +... + 9

/*************************************** ************************Computer report 1: accumulated (c)AUTHOR: liuyongshuiDATE :********Source of**************************************** ***********************//*Question 1: f = 1-2 + 3-4 +... + 9 */ # Include # Define N 9 Void f (int m); // original function de

Python day 9 (4) enumeration and metadata, python metadata

Python day 9 (4) enumeration and metadata, python metadata I. Enumeration See the great god link: Ii. Metadata The biggest difference between a dynamic language and a static language is the definition of functions and classes, instead of at compile time, but dynamic creation at runtime. 1 type () type()A function can return the type of an object and create a new ty

Learning notes for ASP. net mvc 4 practice 9: routing (I ),

Learning notes for ASP. net mvc 4 practice 9: routing (I ), In chapter 1 of this book, "security" is a relatively biased theory. It seems boring, so it should not affect the subsequent study... Okay, I want to be lazy... 1. URL routing introduction: 1. Default route: When creating a new MVC 5 application, the default Project template creates a default route in the RouteConfig. cs file and registers the rout

[9] Learn about basic cases of Bootstrap raster System (4), bootstrap raster

[9] Learn about basic cases of Bootstrap raster System (4), bootstrap raster Next let's look at the nested columns: To use the built-in raster system to nest the content again, you can add a new one. row Element and a series. the col-sm-* element already exists. in the col-sm-* element. The number of columns contained in the nested row cannot exceed 12 (in fact, you are not required to occupy 12 columns ).

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 = 110, fill in the plus sign or minus sign between the numbers (you can leave it blank, but cannot enter other symbols) to make the equation true.

There are 3 ^ 8 possibilities. Answer: Success: 12 + 34 + 56 + 7-8 + 9 = 110 Success: 12 + 3 + 45 + 67-8-9 = 110 Success: 12-3 + 4-5 + 6 + 7 + 89 = 110 Success: 1 + 2 + 34 + 5 + 67-8 + 9 = 110 Success: 1-2 + 3 + 45-6 + 78-9 = 110 Success: 123 +

In layman's Java Concurrency (9): Lock mechanism part 4[turn]

); } private void Dosignalall (Node first) { lastwaiter = firstwaiter = null; do { Node next = first.nextwaiter; first.nextwaiter = null; transferforsignal (first); first = next; } while (first! = NULL); } The above code is easy to see,signal is to wake up the first non-cancelled node thread in the Condition queue, and Signalall is to wake up all non-cancelled node threads. Of course, encountering a cancelled thread requires that it be removed from the FIFO queue.

9 degree OJ Question 4: Fibonacci Series

[Cpp]/********************************* Date: * Author: SJF0115 * question: 9 degrees OJ Title 4: Fibonacci series * Source: Cid = 1039 pid = 3 * result: AC * Source: He Haitao: offoffoffer: famous enterprise interviewers explain typical programming issues. * conclusion: the following Fibonacci series have exceeded the representation range of int and long ******************

2015/4/9 HTML Basic Learning

HTML is a language used to describe a Web page. Hypertext Markup Language1.html Document relatedHTML title tags are smaller from h1 to H6HTML links are defined by the The paragraph of the HTML is defined by the HTML images are defined by tags.To set word wrappingAdd a different horizontal effectformatting text2. Set the colorSet the text color of a pageSet the background color of a pageSet the background image for a pageSet the color of a linked fontLink: The text color of the linked part that

Introductory article: 9. Component 4:contentprovider (content provider)

); Valuse.clear (); //Insert Person NameValuse.put (contactscontract.commondatakinds.structuredname.raw_contact_id,raw_contact_id); Valuse.put (ContactsContract.CommonDataKinds.StructuredName.DISPLAY_NAME,"Android Entry Step"); Valuse.put (ContactsContract.CommonDataKinds.StructuredName.MIMETYPE, ContactsContract.CommonDataKinds.StructuredName.CONTENT_ITEM_TYPE); URI=Cr.insert (,valuse); //Inserting phone informationvaluse.clear (); Valuse.pu

9-4 Eraser/Background color eraser/Magic Eraser

Http:// eraser in Photoshop is used to erase pixels, and the erased area will be transparent.You can choose to erase with a brush or pencil brush in the pattern, except that the brush's edge is soft with feathering and the pencil brush has noReview the course #07: Using the history brush.The background Color eraser tool uses the same effect as the normal eraser, all of which are erased pixels, can be used directly on the background layer, and the backgr

Chapter 9 input/output stream 1-4

Code: Package ch09; Import java. Io. bufferedreader; Import java. Io. bufferedwriter; Import java. Io. chararrayreader; Import java. Io. chararraywriter; Import java. Io. file; Import java. Io. fileinputstream; Import java. Io. filenotfoundexception; Import java. Io. filereader; Import java. Io. filewriter; Import java. Io. ioexception; Import java. util. collections; Class homeworkch09 { Public homeworkch09 (){ System. Out. println ("Chapter

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