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"Go" JS gzip encrypt string and base64 output encountered some problems in development, about JS how to give a string to the byte stream encryption. The following is a detailed approach,First introduce pako_deflate.min.js

Java Gzip Class-Base64 compression and decompression

Public final class ziputil{public static string CompressToBase64 (String string) {try {BYTEARRAYOUTP Utstream OS = new Bytearrayoutputstream (String.Length ()); Gzipoutputstream Gos = new Gzipoutputstream (OS);

Html5 converts an image to a base64 instance code,

Html5 converts an image to a base64 instance code, Base64 encodingBase64 is a commonly used 8-bit code encoding method on the network. base64 can be used to transmit long identification information in the http environment and can be used in URLs

HTML5 converting a picture to a Base64 instance code

This article introduces how to use HTML5 to convert images into Base64, which is described in detail through the sample code, which can be used for reference by friends who need them.Base64 Coding IntroductionBase64 is a commonly used on the network

Use of Base64 and gzip in JavaScript

Transcoding and decoding of base64/** * UTF16 and UTF8 conversion table * u+00000000–u+0000007f 0xxxxxxx* u+00000080–u+000007ff 110xxxxx 10xxxxxx* u+00000800–u+00 00FFFF 1110xxxx 10xxxxxx 10xxxxxx* u+00010000–u+001fffff 11110xxx 10xxxxxx 10xxxxxx

Small Tip:base64:URL background picture and Web page performance optimization--Zhang Xin Xu

First, Base64 EncyclopediaBase64 is one of the most common encoding methods for transmitting 8Bit bytes of code on the network, and can be used to pass longer identity information in an HTTP environment.someone : Alas, I completely waste firewood,

GZIP Compression Decompression---pako compression decompression

One, gzip compression decompression Package Java call JS; Import; Import; Import; Import; Import; Import

Data URI usage in javascript

Data URI, not a URLURL is the abbreviation of uniform resource locator. Each accessible resource in the web has a URL address, such as an image, HTML file, js file, and style sheet file, we can use this address to download this resource.In fact, the

8th: Shell script Archiving and compression

Tag: One put BSP compresses rect permissions. GZ mnt gzip8th: Shell script Archiving and compressionRegular backups are not trivial, and we can automate backup through shell scripting. Where data backup is generally used to archive and compression, upload and compress, plug-in impersonation request

Gzip Gzip A compression method, or file form, that is used primarily for the compression of network transmission data gzip Compression not good Browser: Network speed must be. The smaller the content. Request a response faster

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