bash function return array

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Zsh vs. bash is not completely contrasted, Zsh is a more powerful shell that becomes the "ultimate" | Zsh vs. Bash: Incomplete contrast resolution (1) 2014-10-07BdpqlxzWhat's the difference between zsh and bash?A lot of people have written about "why zsh is better than bash", "Why zsh is better than

Linux application Environment Practical 10:bash aesthetics and Philosophy in script programming language

Read Catalogue First, everything is a string Two, references and metacharacters Three, where does the string come from, where to go Four, plus a little bit of definition, you can push to export the entire Bash scripting language

bash colors, variables, arrays, related script examples

Here's what bash is about, including Bash's color code, Bash's four-class files, how variables are handled in bash, array variables, the shell's procedural programming language, and some simple scripting examples.One, bash color display rules (color

Bash Shell and bashshell

Bash Shell and bashshellI,Terminal Printing [Root @ cai ~] # Echo welcome to bash! Welcome to bash!   [Cairui @ cai ~] $ Echo 'Welcome to bash! ' Welcome to bash!   [Cairui @ cai ~] $ Echo "welcome to bash \! " Welcome to bash \! (Note: special

Basic analysis of Linux operating system (vii)--bash (Shell) Basics (5)

Xi. functionsThe shell function is defined by the description of the shell grammar above and holds a series of commands waiting to be executed later. When the shell function name is used as a simple command name, a series of commands associated with

Summary of important Linux knowledge points-understanding and learning bash

Summary of important Linux Knowledge & mdash; understand and learn about bash hardware, kernel, and shell. we must use shell to communicate the input commands with the kernel, so that the kernel can control the hardware to work correctly. The

Array and string handling for bash script programming

An array is a data structure that can be used to design algorithms more efficiently and easily for bash programming, which is described in detail in this chapter in the sections on arrays and strings.Array array definitionAn array is a contiguous

Linux system study notes: BASH programming

Linux system learning notes: BASH programming uses var (elementelement...) to create array variables. When referencing elements in an array, use $ {var [I]}, I as the subscript, subscript @ to copy the original array, and subscript * to copy the

Advanced bash Programming Guide (10)

1. debugging 1. Set options (1) bash-N scriptname does not actually run the script, but only checks the syntax error of the specimen, You can also add set-N or set-O noexec to the script. (2) bash-V scriptname prints the content of this

Advanced bash Script Programming Guide

Directory Part 1. Warm up Why use shell programming? Start with a sha-bang (Sha-bang refers #!) Call a script Preliminary exercises Part 2. Basics Special characters Introduction to variables and parameters Variable

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