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Frontend Learning HTTP Digest Authentication

Previous wordsThe basic certification described in the previous article is convenient and flexible, but extremely unsafe. The user name and password are transmitted in clear text, and no action is taken to prevent tampering with the message. The

HTTP: no authentication _ basic authentication and digest Authentication

No authentication method After a correct client request is sent to the server, the HTTP server returns the 200 status code and directly returns the content. Message example: Request: Get. http: // 8061/voiceobjects ..... Return

Http Authentication (BASIC, DIGEST)

Http authentication .... BASIC:In the context of an HTTP transaction, Basic access authentication are a method for a Web browser or other client Program to provide a user name and password when making a request. [1]Before transmission, the user name

HTTP Login Digest Authentication related knowledge

Digest access authenticationHttps:// Digest access authentication is one of the Agreed-upon methods a Web server can use to negotiate credentials, suc H as username or password, with a user '

HTTP-Digest Authentication

Basic authentication is convenient and flexible, but extremely unsafe. The user name and password are transmitted in clear text, and no action is taken to prevent tampering with the message. The only way to safely use Basic authentication is to use

[Transfer] Authority Authentication: Digest Authentication (Digest authentication)

This article transferred from: Certification Simple introductionAbstract authentication is the improvement of the basic authentication, that is, the use of abstract instead of account password,

ASP (c): Use Digest authentication for security Validation (Digest authentication)

In the previous article, we mainly discussed the use of HTTP Basic authentication method, because the way HTTP Basic authentication determines that it has a large security problem, so next look at another way to verify: Digest authentication, that

HTTP Authentication mode: Basic & Digest

A. Basic CertificationAfter the client connects the user name and password with ":", the ciphertext is sent to the server by BASE64 encryption via the authorization request header, and each request needs to be sent repeatedly. The Basic

HTTP Authentication and its implementation on the Web Platform

I. Preface HTTP authentication is a way for Web servers to authenticate client permissions, which can provide a certain degree of security protection for Web applications. At present, some Web application projects have put forward the need to adopt

Asp: Digest Authentication (digest Authentication)

Asp. NET permission Authentication seriesAsp: Forms AuthenticationAsp: HTTP Basic Authentication (http Base)NET rights authentication: Windows authenticationAsp: Digest Authentication (digest Authentication)First, The origin of the summary

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