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"Video codec • Learning note" 7. Entropy Coding algorithm: basic knowledge & Huffman coding

First, the concept of entropy coding:The bigger the entropy, the more chaotic.Entropy in Informatics: Used to measure the entropy of messages, and the uncertainty of information The more random and irrelevant information, the higher the entropy Source code theorem: This shows the relationship between the entropy of Shannon and the probability of the source sign. Entropy of information is the lower limit of average code length after lossless

Coding (Code city) basic configuration tutorial, coding tutorial

Coding (Code city) basic configuration tutorial, coding tutorial Coding was first recognized as a new company. The predecessors said that we use coding. As a git configuration, we should refer to the tutorial. For example, configuring c

Basic audio knowledge and coding principles

. 2. Midi, short for Musical Instrument Digital Interface, is also known as the digital interface of musical instruments. It is a unified international standard for digital music/electronic synthesis instruments. It defines how computer music programs, digital synthesizer, and other electronic devices exchange Music signals, it specifies the protocol for data transmission between cables and hardware and equipment connected by different manufacturers of electronic instruments and computers, and

[Be a Coding Plasterer] Components 1: get Basic Things, codingplasterer

[Be a Coding Plasterer] Components 1: get Basic Things, codingplasterer Writer: BYSocket) Weibo: BYSocket Douban: BYSocket Reprint it anywhere u want. Written In The Font I am writing at home. Today it is windy, but I am feeling isuitable and warm. Why the title is called 'Be a Coding Plasterer '? I think that a good computer programmer shold know something about

"Video codec • Learning note" 8. Entropy Coding algorithm: Basic algorithm Enumeration & index Columbus Code

The basic method of entropy coding in the first and H: Entropy coding has the function of eliminating statistical redundancy between data, and the syntax element is written to the output code stream as the last operation in the coded end. Entropy decoding, as the first step in decoding process, parses the code stream into grammatical elements for sub

Go: Learn the basic coding rules for C language from an open source project

learn the basic coding rules of C language from open source projectsEach project has its own style guide: a set of coding conventions for that project. Some managers choose basic coding rules, others prefer very advanced rules, there are no specific

VBScript Basic tutorial Ten VBScript coding conventions

vbscript| Coding | Basic Tutorials Coding Conventions are some of the recommendations that help you write code using Microsoft Visual Basic scripting Edition. The encoding convention contains the following: • Naming conventions for objects, variables, and procedures • Annotation conventions • Text formatting and inden

Video codec: The first chapter of the basic coding and decoding

device 8. Video Coding StandardCoding Standard Effect: Compatible: Encoder-coded streams produced by different manufacturers can be decoded by codecs from different manufacturers Efficient: Standard codecs are available for mass production and cost savings The mainstream video coding standard: MPEG-2MPEG-4 Simple ProfileH.264/avcAvsVC-19. Video transmissionVideo transmission: The

Step-by-step Python (1) Basic logic Control examples and coding style specifications

(1) Basic logic Control Example and coding style specification1.while dead Loop2.for Cycle3.if,elif,else Branch Judgment4. Coding style (official recommendation)Version: Python3.41.while dead LoopImport time >>> i = 0 while 1: ... + = 1 ... Print (i) ... Time.sleep (3123^ctraceback (most recent) :" " in keyboardinterrupt2.for Cycle for in range (3)

Basic tutorial for SQL coding Optimization for IBM DB2 database: classic edition!

The following articles mainly introduce the basic tutorial of SQL coding optimization for the IBM DB2 database. The importance of such a specific query is that the more important the query is, you may need to optimize indexes by creating indexes. If you are coding the query that the CIO is running every day, make sure it provides the best performance. Therefore,

Understanding the basic thread mechanism of java-18.2 from the ground up (6)-using constructors or internal classes to implement multi-thread coding variations

Understanding the basic thread mechanism of java-18.2 from the ground up (6)-using constructors or internal classes to implement multi-thread coding variations In this section, we will discuss how to use constructors or internal classes to implement multi-threaded coding variations. 1. Basic implementation package com.

Python Road DAY02-Basic data types and coding

Basic articleThis chapter outlines:character encoding and interpreter codingVariable naming rules  base data type (i) intunderlying data type (b) stringunderlying data type (iii) BOOLbasic data type (iv) ListUnderlying data type (v) tuplebasic data Type (vi) dictBasic data Type (vii) Set supplemental iterative object loop connection and enumerate output character encoding and interpreter codingOne, the importance of encoding: 1.1 File encoding and cha

Basic coding and decoding process for Speex

regular read/write */ Speexbits bits; int I, TMP; Create a new encoding state in narrow width (narrowband) mode State = Speex_encoder_init (speex_nb_mode); Set Mass to 8 (15kbps) tmp=8; Speex_encoder_ctl (state, speex_set_quality, tmp); InFile = argv[1]; Fin = fopen (inFile, "R"); Initialize the structure so that they save the data Speex_bits_init (bits); while (1) { Read in a frame of 16bits sound Fread (in, sizeof (short), frame_

FFmpeg audio/video coding and decoding: basic learning method [recommended]

/details/15811977 7.5 xbmc Xbmc is an excellent Free and Open Source (GPL) Media Center Software. For xbmc source code analysis articles: Xbmc Source Code Analysis 1: Overall Structure and Compilation Method Xbmc Source Code Analysis 2: Addons (skin Skin) Xbmc Source Code Analysis 3: Core-Overview Xbmc source code analysis 4: Video Player (dvdplayer)-decoder (taking FFMPEG as an example) Xbmc source code analysis 5: Video Player (dvdplayer)-demultiplexing (taking FFMPEG as an example) Xbmc sour

FIG-PHPPSR specification series 1-basic coding specifications

FIG-PHPPSR specification series 1-basic code specification 1. Introduction to FIG-PHP and PSR The FIG-PHP has developed a series of PHP Development specifications, called the PSR, which is short for the Framework Interoperability Group, which is short for PHP Standard Recommendation. The FIG-PHP working group initially originated from the project representative's discussion of the commonalities between the two projects and found a way to work together

. Net coding agricultural Android-system architecture and Basic Concepts

At this point, you should have completed the following preparations: 1. Install JDK 2. Install the SDK (and update the relevant version in the Manager) 3. Related IDE (such as eclipse) 4. After installing ADT 5. Install AVD (if you simulate a real machine) The setup of the preliminary environment is basically complete, and the HelloWorld can be run according to the online tutorial to ensure that the process can go through. The so-called Summit, a small view of the mountains. When I learn new thi

Php-fig PSR-1 # Basic Coding Standard

}}namespace name and class nameThe namespace name and class name must follow the "autoloading" PSR: [PSR-0, PSR-4].This means that each file can contain only one class and at least one level of namespace: The top-level vendor name.The class name must be declared with the StudlyCaps (First Capital Hump).For PHP 5.3 and later versions of the code, you must use a formal namespace (5.3 before PHP does not support namespace).For example://PHP 5.3 and later:namespace Vendor\Model; class Foo{}code

Python Basic small knowledge point supplement and coding

)--->true string A word typeface multiply, out of the 20 range is the same two memory addresses: S1='h'* +S2='h'* +Print (S1 isS2)--->falseOther data typesThe list dic tuple set has no small data pool conceptTake list For example: L1=[1,]l2=[1,]print (L1 is L2)--- >falseCodingAsciiNo Chinese only English one byte (bytes) ==8 digit (bit)UnicodeEnglish: 32 bits 4 bytesEnglish: 32 bits 4 bytesUtf-8English: 8 bits 1 bytesEnglish: 24 bits 3 bytesGBKEnglish: 8 bits 1 bytesEnglish: 16 bits 2 bytes1.

Thrift Basic Course (ii) coding Chapter

;import Java.lang.runnable;public class demoserver{public static Demohandler handler; public static helloserve.processor Processor; public static void Main (string[] args) {try{handler = new Demohandler (); processor = new Helloserve.processor (handler); Simple (processor); }catch (Exception x) {x.printstacktrace (); }} public static void simple (Helloserve.processor Processor) {try {TservertransportServertransport = new Tserversocket (9090); Tse

"Swift" Learning Notes (i)--familiar with basic data types, coding styles, tuples, advocates

integer value of 123"can also be handled by implicitly parsing an optional type (determining that the variable will always have a value, otherwise it will go wrong)let assumedString: String! = "An implicitly unwrapped optional string."println(assumedString) // 不须要感叹号// 输出 "An implicitly unwrapped optional string."15. Assertion inference logic true continue to run false end appFor example, let A = 1;assert (a >= 0) will trigger Copyright notice: This article Bo Master original article. Blog, no

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