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Hand in hand to teach you to write Dockerfile, with a gift of MongoDB and Nginx Dockerfile writing examples

Tags: centos dockerfile mongodb NginxHand in hand to teach you to write Dockerfile, with a gift of MongoDB and Nginx Dockerfile writing examplesThe base image can be used to create Docker containers. The image can be very basic, only contains the operating system, can also be very rich, including smart application stac

Dockerfile Best Practices

Path/usr/local/nginx/bin: $PATH can ensure that cmd ["Nginx"] is running properly. Env can also provide the environment variables required by the program, such as Postgres's PGDATA. Env can set information such as version. Make version information easier to maintain. Env pg_major 9.3 env pg_version 9.3.4 RUN curl-sl$PG _version.tar.xz | tar-xjc/usr /src/postgress ... ENV path/usr/local/postgres-$PG _major/bin: $PATH ADD or COPY Although ADD is similar to copy, i

Dockerfile using Dockerfile to create a CentOS Docker image with Apache service

List of files prepared on the host: Dockerfile #启动ssh和apache服务的角本 run.sh1 2 3 1 2 3 The above files are placed in the/root/apache_centos directory Mkdir-p/root/apache_centos Cd/root/apache_centos1 2 1 2 Base Image: An image of an open SSH service based on a mirrored CentOS [Root@localhost apache_centos]# Docker images REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID CREATED VIRTUAL SIZE sshd

Dockerfile maven Plugin and extensions

package stage; By default, the process of releasing Dockerfile is included in the MVN deploy phase; can also be directly implemented: MVN Dockerfile:buildMVN Dockerfile:tagMVN Dockerfile:push You can also support the Dockerfile file that references another Docker project in one Docker project. 3. Dockerfile maven Pre-use Java 7+ Maven 4.

Dockerfile Simple edition of the encyclopedia, with the gift of writing examples _docker

The underlying mirror can be used to create Docker containers. Mirroring can be very basic, contains only the operating system, and can be very rich, including smart application stacks, ready to release. When you build a mirror using Docker, each command will form a new layer based on the previous command. These base mirrors can be used to create a new container. This article will take you step-by-step through the process of building a container from

Dockerfile instruction Detailed _docker

at the beginning of the dockerfile, although theoretically it can be placed anywhere in the dockerfile. This command is used to declare the author and should be placed behind from. # maintainer [name] [email]Maintainer Authors_name "" From The from command may be the most important dockerfile command. The change command defines which underly

Dockerfile How to use

Dockerfile is a text-formatted configuration file that allows users to quickly create custom images using Dockerfile. I. BASIC structure of dockerfileDockerfile consists of a row of line command statements and supports comment lines that begin with #.In general, Dockerfile is divided into four parts base image informat

Dockerfile command summary and parsing

Address: is dockerfile? Dockerfile is a script composed of a series of commands and parameters. These commands are applied to the basic image and finally create a new image. They simplify the process from start to end and greatly simplify the deployment.

Docker Learning Notes (iii)-Dockerfile create a local mirror

Dockerfile Create a local mirror This blog post will describe how to create a local mirror in Docker. The content includes writing dockerfile files, creating mirrors from the written dockerfile, mirroring the created process, and running the mirrors created. Dockerfile is used to create custom image, containing instru

Docker Configuration Guide (iii): Dockerfile (i)

be added):Docker build-t shykes/myapp:1.0.2-t shykes/myapp:latest.The Docker build operation is done by the Docker daemon, not the CLI (command-line operation). The order of construction is that the context information is first sent to the process, and then the Docker daemon executes the instructions inside the dockerfile into the new mirror, and the context information is automatically cleared after the end. To improve Docker performance, you can al

Docker Basics Tutorial--dockerfile

Original source: Dockerfile is a text-formatted configuration file that we can use to quickly create a custom image using the Dockerfile file. Many of the instructions supported by Dockerfile are the main things to be covered in this article, followed by a basic examp

Dockerfile: Building a base ubuntu14.04 image

We can download the image from the official repository from the Docker hub, and I downloaded the Ubuntu image myself, just 188M about, very small. But looked down, the inside of the software source is still official, and is not installed vim , so it is intended to write one Dockerfile , use it to build a suitable for their own Ubuntu base image. deb trusty main restricteddeb-src

Dockerfile Build apache, SSH Service

,DockerfileThis obvious script is more easily accepted by the user, and it clearly indicatesImageHow It's Produced. with Dockerfile, when we need to customize our own additional requirements, simply Add or modify instructions on the Dockerfile to regenerate the image , eliminating the hassle of knocking COMMANDS. Dockerfile consists of a row of line command stat

Dockerfile self-made image

1. dockerfile command description: Dockerfile commands are case-insensitive. We recommend that you use uppercase letters and # As annotations. Each line supports only one command, and each command can carry multiple parameters.Dockerfile commands can be divided into two types based on their functions: Build commands and set commands.The build command is used to build an image. The specified operation is not

Customizing LNMP environment Images with Dockerfile

/dockerfile/├── nginx│?? ├── Dockerfile│?? ├── nginx-1.15.5.tar.gz│?? └── nginx.conf└── php ├── Dockerfile └── php-7.2.11.tar.gzII. installation and deployment of the Docker environmentThe installation of the Docker environment can be referenced in one of my other posts, "Centos 7 Deployment Docker environment, Basic

Dockerfile: create an image Template

Dockerfile: create an image Template Dockerfile is a configuration file in text format. You can use Dockfile to quickly create a custom image. Dockerfile is composed of a line of command statements, and supports comment lines starting. # Generally, Dockerfile is divided into four parts:

Use Dockerfile to build an image

Use Dockerfile to build an imageCreate a directory and initialize Dockerfile .~ Mkdir static_web? ~ Cd static_web? Static_web touch Dockerfile? Static_web vim Dockerfile we create a directory named static_web to save the Dockerfile. This directory is our build environment, a

Dockerfile configuration tutorial generates Docker image and implements Docker deployment

is made by our dockerfile.This time we'll create the container without adding so many parameters. The code is as follows Copy Code root@dev-ops:~# Docker run-d-P Rui116b30b056493237caca158849ae687c9beb4f8656be485c2a3cc71a27d8e951root@dev-ops:~#root@dev-ops:~#root@dev-ops:~# Docker Ps-aCONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES116b30b05649 rui:latest redis-server/etc/redis/redis.conf 4 seconds ago up 3 seconds>6379/tcp Nostalgic_lumiere

Dockerfile command Summary

Format:ONBUILD [INSTRUCTION]. Configure the operation commands executed when the created image is used as the basic image of another newly created image. For example, dockerfile creates an image using the following content:image-A. [...]ONBUILD ADD . /app/srcONBUILD RUN /usr/local/bin/python-build --dir /app/src[...] If a new image is created based onFROM image-AWhen the

COPY and ADD commands in Dockerfile

Dockerfile provides two very similar commands to COPY and ADD, this article attempts to explain the basic functions of the two commands, as well as their similarities and differences, and then summarizes their respective appropriate application scenarios. concept of Build context When you create a mirror from Dockerfile using the Docker Build command, a build con

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