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ExtJS Basic--function The method that can be executed at the time of definition Function () {...} ()

The function () of the method that can be executed when the function is defined in Ext.js () {...} () JS Code /** * Part Two function: The function of the method that can be executed at the time of definition () {...} (); Note that after the

On the difference between inline function and macro definition _c language

Replace macros with inline: 1. Inline functions can be debugged at run time, while macro definitions are not possible;2. The compiler will do security checks or automatic type conversions (with normal functions) on the parameter types of the

Learning notes-inline function (add inline before declaration or add inline before definition)

(1) inline function (from the third edition of C ++ primer) In the function declaration or definition, add the keyword inline before the function return type to specify min () as inline. Inline int min (INT first, int secend ){/****/}; The inline

Chapter 2nd variables and basic Types 2--the difference between declaration and definition

The difference between a variable declaration and a definitionWe are in the program design, always use the definition of variables and the declaration of variables, but sometimes we are not very clear about the concept, know how it is used, but do

clojure-basic syntax-function definition

clojure-basic syntax-function definitionJuly 21:12 PM1. Create function 1.fn anonymous functionExamples are as follows:"hello")#413e8>"hello"))"hello""hello") ; 带参数"hello"user=>The short function can use # (),% to indicate the unique parameter;% 1,%2

The definition method of JS function, and the understanding of function object.

Nonsense article:Today I saw the prototype chain of JavaScript, various points, all kinds of objects have wood, all kinds of halo, all kinds of confusion have wood. Part-time is a challenge to the limits of a person's brain warp. However, the

JavaScript Basic Series (vii) function (definition and allocation function)

A function is a statement that can be run at any time, simply by saying that a function is a set of statements that completes a function that accepts 0 or more parameters.The basic syntax for a function is as followsfunction function Name ([arg0,arg1

[Java Learning note]java the definition and use of functions in the basic overview of language & function transfer problems

1. Functions 1. What is a function? A separate applet defined in a class that has a specific function. Functions are also called methods 2. Format of functions Modifier returns a value type function

Python-day3 knowledge points--depth copy, function basic definition, built-in function

A. Depth copyImport copy# Shallow copy n1={' K1 ': ' Wu ', ' K2 ': 123, ' K3 ': [' Carl ', 852]}n2=n1n3=copy.copy (n1) print (ID (n1)) ' Print (ID (n2)) ' Print (ID (n3)) Print (ID (n1[' K3 '))) print (ID (n3[' K3 ')) #深拷贝n4 =copy.deepcopy (n1)

Python-day3 knowledge points--depth copy, function basic definition, built-in function

A. Depth copy1 ImportCopy2 #Shallow Copy3n1={'K1':'Wu','K2': 123,'K3':['Carl', 852]}4N2=N15n3=copy.copy (N1)6 Print(ID (N1))7 Print(ID (n2))8 Print(ID (n3))9 Print(ID (n1['K3']))Ten Print(ID (n3['K3'])) One #Deep Copy An4=copy.deepcopy (N1) -

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