basic server commands

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Git uses basic articles (some common commands and principles) _ Server Other

Git is a distributed version Control tool, this article starts with the introduction of Git, focusing on the basic commands and use of git, let you try to use Git at the same time, experience the original version control tool can have so much impact

Common commands of Samba Server

The Samba server must install three packages: samba, samba-common, and samba-client:Samba ----- all files of the Samba server program samba-common ----- provides public files that must be used by both the Samba server and the client samba-client ----

Linux basic commands

Linux basic commands1. What is the symbolic representation of the absolute path? What is the current directory and top level directory used for? What does the home directory say? What are the commands for switching directories?2. How do I view the

Linux basic commands

Here we introduce the common Basic command one, log off shutdown restart logoff system logout Command 1Logout logoff is the relative operation of the landing system to leave the system users as long as the direct release of the logout command:

LINUX6 basic Commands

Shut down the system's Firewall: (1) Close iptables chkconfig iptables off(2) Close selinux:vim/etc/sysconfig/selinux Modify ' selinx=disabled ', save and exit.(3) Reboot system: Reboot or Init 6The PID number corresponding to the INIT process is

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Beginners may feel inconvenience when they touch Linux, but there is no connection, there is a process of contact with new things, after you have used Linux for some time, you will gradually understand that Linux is as easy to master as Windows.Due

Distributed memcached Learning (2) & mdash; Basic memcached commands and basic memcached commands

Distributed memcached Learning (2) -- Basic memcached commands and basic memcached commands The above section describes how to compile and log on to memcahed in linux. The following describes how to use the basic memcahed commands. Add

(Translation) learnvsxnow! #13-Vs menus and commands in IDE

Almost all vspackage users interact with each other. You can click the menu or toolbar in Visual Studio to activate the vspackage function or display related interfaces. In this articleArticleTo see how Visual Studio menus and toolbar are defined,

MySQL basic commands and the use of MYSQLADMIN commands

Mysql--user,-U--host,-H--password,-P--port--protocol--database database,-DMySQL Batch processing mode[Email protected] ~]# Vim/test.sqlCreate DATABASE TestDB;CREATE TABLE testdb.tb1 (ID int,name CHAR (20))[[email protected] ~]# MySQLmysql> \.

JSP basic syntax, 3 Compilation commands, 7 Action commands, 9 built-in objects

JSP basic syntax, 3 Compilation commands, 7 Action commands, 9 built-in objectsI. jsp Overview JSPIs the abbreviation of java server page, which is essentially a simplified servlet and a dynamic web page technical standard. Jsp pages are embedded

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