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ASP. NET bbcode

Bbcode is the abbreviation of bulletin board code.CodeLightweight Markup Language (lightweight Markup Language), as literally displayed, is mainly used in BBS, forum, blog and other network applications. The bbcode syntax is usually in the form of

Bbcode parsing [code] problems

Bbcode resolution [code] problem This post was last edited by sky94132003 from 2014-10-3016: 41: 28. you have asked related questions. the moderator has initially solved bbs. csdn. nettopics390900798 but later found... it is impossible to add a css

User operation manual for site collectors

Source: Visual mining website collector1. Product Introduction DM visual mining website collector is a visual data mining software, it can be used for website collection, Forum collection, article collection, blog collection, dedecms collection,

How does mysql-Rich Text Editor work with php Background Development?

The rich text editor I know is what I see on the DZ forum. 1: But I keep wondering, isn't it because the data submitted by the client needs to be filtered? Otherwise, isn't it XXS? Is DZ processed in UBB? 2: After those rich text editors are

How is MySQL-rich text editor used in conjunction with PHP background development?

I know the rich text editor is like the DZ Forum, as seen in the resulting. 1: But I always have a question, not to say that the data submitted by the client to filter it, or is not XXS, DZ is UBB way to deal with it? 2: Those rich text editor,

Use uilabel to present images and text in different formats

1. You can use the bbcode flag. [B] Bold [/B] Bold[I] italic [/I] Italic[U] underline [/u] underline[S] strikethrough [/S] strikethrough[Sub] sub [/sub] subscript[Sup] Sup [/sup] superscript[00ff00] Set color [-] Set display color [Url =

Discuz Forum details

Turn: of thousands of Discuz! Learn more about Discuz! I am familiar with Discuz! In the process, I will write my personal experience to you by the way. The content of this post

DZ directory structure.

a) discuz! file system directory Note: To engage in DZ development, you have to understand the function of each file in DZ. A) Admin: Background management function Module B) API:DZ system and other systems Interface program C) Archiver:dz, for

Discuz Forum Structure

Tens of thousands of Discuz! Learn more about Discuz! I am familiar with Discuz! In the process, I will write my personal experience to you by the way. The content of this post is updated on a regular basis. This post only describes Discuz! Some

FLASH application security Attack and Defense

Adobe Flash technology has become increasingly popular. Now it is used not only to create animations and advertisements, but also to develop complex Internet applications. Flash applications (SWF files) not only can be distributed through the Web

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