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Simple moving average, weighted moving average, exponential smoothed moving average

Types of moving AveragesThe moving average can be divided into "arithmetic moving average", "weighted moving average", "exponential smoothed moving average" three kinds.1. Arithmetic moving average (MA)The arithmetic

BCB ultimate DLL Manual

Many netizens are asking questions about how to compile DLL in BCB. 1. Write DLLFile/New/DLL to generate the DLL wizard, and then you can add the export function and export classExport function: extern "C" _ declspec (dllexport) exporttype functionname (parameter)Export class: Class _ declspec (dllexport) exporttype classname {...}Example: (Note: Only a DLL. dll is generated) # Include "dllform. H" // tdllfrm Definition Useres ("DLL. Res ");Useform (

The second big reason: moving, moving, or moving

You can call it "intuition", but I think mobile technology will become more popular. I know, there are some very crazy guesses, some may you also think of –mobile is a fashion! Mobile devices will occupy the world. More acceptance of mobile devices will grow very quickly. This means that more users will choose to use mobile devices to access websites or web apps. HTML5 is the most mobile development tool. As Adobe announces the abandonment of mobile flash development, you will consider using HTM

BCB daily use of small collection

If you have any questions, please contact xuchao@orient-it.com The following is my daily notes, sorted out, for you to share. 1, BCB edit shortcut keys Move block code left/right Check Block code 1 Ctrl + Shift+ I is the whole piece moving to the right, 2 Ctrl + Shift+ U is the whole piece of text moving to the left 2, get the execution of the program's cu

Gossip BCB (II)

Mutual Translation between Delphi and BCB I drank too much with my friends this evening. What do I say? Let's just make it simple: P I also hope my friends don't laugh. No way, man, maybe it's me :) To put it bluntly, there are really few BCB books on the market. What's the solution? It seems that we are a second-class citizen studying BCB, but there is no way

Implementation of code reuse with sender parameters in BCB

One of the characteristics of object-oriented programming tools is to improve code reusability (reuse), Baolan BCB Of course can achieve this function. As we all know, in BCB, most program code directly or indirectly corresponds to an event, this program is called the event handling handle, it is actually a process. From application Engineering to Windows, components, and programs,

Optimization code test of VC and BCB (1)

Tools:VC 7.0BCB 6.0Compilation options: Maximum Speed Optimization (VC 7.0 turns off the automatic inline function option)Decompilation tool: w32dasm Benchmark Test procedure:Void test (){Int A = 0, B = 1, C = 4;For (INT I = 0; I ++;}} Int main (){_ ASM {MoV edX, EDXNOP};Test ();} Purpose: To test the program's ability to optimize useless functions. Because test does not return any value or modify any external variables,Therefore, for programs, this is an invalid function, and a good compiler ca

How to use DirectX in BCB

This is a brief guide to how you can use the DirectX SDK in BCB. I'm here to assume that your BCB installation path is: C:\borland\cbuilder\,directx SDK in C:\dx5sdk\ Set up Borland C + + Builder #include This is a problem for many people, Borland BCB's \include path provides the header file for DirectX, and if you just add c:\dx5sdk\sdk\inc\ to BCB's include path, it does the following: Find C:\Borlan

Deep VCL understanding of BCB message mechanism 3

Method 3 method from Tapplication Needless to my nonsense, we all know the importance of tapplication in the BCB. In BCB's help: Tapplication, Tscreen and Tform form the backbone of all BCB-style Win32 GUI programs that control the behavior of your programs. The Tapplication class provides properties and methods that encapsulate the behavior of standard Windows programs. Tapplication shows the rationale fo

Use BCB to change the form system menu

I wrote an article two years ago to fill the facade. ---------------------- Use BCB to change the form system menu (Author: mikespook | Release Date: | views: 133) Keywords: BCB, system menu, message ing table When we use some software, we will find that the system menus of these software are not standard, there may be a few fewer, there may be several more, or the default system menus hav

Use Sender parameters in BCB for code reuse

One of the features of object-oriented programming tools is to improve code reusability. BCB of Boran can certainly implement this function. We all know that in BCB, most program code directly or indirectly corresponds to an event. This program is called an event processing handle, which is actually a process. From the project of an application to the window, components, and programs,

Ansistring methods in BCB

The ansistring class is one of the most common classes in BCB. It will help you to learn more about this class in the future. It is summarized as follows. With my personal experience, I have made up an introduction to the most common method attributes of this class. I hope it will be helpful to you. Common Methods:1. char * c_str ()Returns a string pointer pointing to the same content as the content of the string contained in ansistring (

Use VCL control array in BCB

Use the VCL control array in BCB (1) Ixue Last night, I chatted with Yan Yanhua, a netizen, on OICQ. He was editing a game menu for his friend. A group of buttons were dynamically created, but they could not be released. The implementation method is as follows: For (INT I = 1; I {Tspeedbutton * spdbtn = new tspeedbutton (this );Spdbtn-> parent = scrollbox; // specify the parent ControlSpdbtn-> caption = inttostr (I );Spdbtn-> width = 80;Spdbtn-> Heig

Use the PAS file in BCB

In the past, we used Delphi for development. Recently, we need to use C ++ builder to develop some small software. BCB can use the Delphi source code, so we can add it directly, because some raize controls are used in Delphi's pas source code, raize needs to be installed in BCB. After several twists and turns, raize is finally installed in BCB, but it is compiled

BCB direct access to hardware ports and physical memory-Winio applications

BCB direct access to hardware ports and physical memory-Winio applications(Read hard disk parameters and motherboard BIOS information, support win9x/nt/2k/xp/2003)On the direct access port, there are many sites have been discussed in many articles, but there is no ideal way to find.I'm using Yariv Kaplan's Winio 2.0. Although Winio is flawed, it is the best I have ever used.Winio is free and open source, can be downloaded directly to his homepage, or

[Program] opencv learning tips 02: How to Use opencv in C ++ Builder (BCB)

Http://blog.finalevil.com/2008/03/opencv02c-builderbcbopencv.html -------------------------------------------------- Because opencv is an open and release source code of VC ++, the types used are provided by VC ++,If you want to use it in BCB, you must first convert the library libraries of opencv into BCB.Follow these steps: Go to unzip opencv under Open Computer Vision Library Project of sourceforge.net.Hidden area under opencvAfter completing

Universal Rights Management tool, all the ADO (including ODBC) supported databases, whatever programming, Vc/bcb/vb/pb/delphi

many database backstage, support as much as possible foreground development tools, to the greatest extent possible to facilitate the design and maintenance of software workers and end-user use, of course, but also to ensure the advancement of the Rights management technology, that is, focus on the security of flexibility. Based on this assumption, I have consulted a variety of rights management systems, the design of the implementation of this universal Rights management tool. I do not dare to

Deep VCL understanding of BCB message mechanism 2

WndProc method of heavy Tcontrol Let's talk about VCL's inheritance strategy first. The top part of the inheritance chain in VCL is the TObject base class. All the VCL components and objects are inherited from TObject. Open BCB to help view Tcontrol inheritance relationships: Tobject->tpersistent->tcomponent->tcontrol Oh, originally Tcontrol from Tpersistent class subclass Tcomponent class inherits from. Tpersistent Abstract base classes have the

Commission Scheme of VC, BCB, C #, Delphi, and Java

The delegate has two instances: The delegate receiver and the delegate sender. The delegate receiver needs to have a function implementation, and then "please" someone else calls it. The delegate sender must have a "waiter" to accept the "delegate" request from the delegate receiver, and record the call entry. function pointers are used in non-object-oriented scenarios. In object-oriented mode, you need to save this before calling it. Therefore, different languages use different implementation m

Using vectors in BCB to implement control Arrays

Someone asked this question a few days ago in BCB of csdn: "The onclick event of the five buttons changes the name of the five labels." BCB has no control array, so most of the answers at that time were based on rtti. When I was reading C ++ primer yesterday, I suddenly remembered the vector type in the standard library, we can also use this type to implement the control array. I tried it today and wrote th

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