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Beaglebone Black Tutorial Beaglebone Black device Connection

Beaglebone Black Tutorial Beaglebone black device Connection Beaglebone Black The material to be prepared before developmentAfter the above introduction, I believe you have a general understanding of beaglebone, you need to notice that the completion of one thing may have many different ways. Therefore, depending on th

Why use the advantages of Beaglebone Beaglebone

Why use the advantages of Beaglebone BeagleboneCurrently, a typical microcontroller-based board is priced at about 120 yuan, while Beaglebone Black is priced at about 330 yuan. What else did you get for the extra money besides the more powerful processors?1.2.1 Built-in networkThe built-in network is not just the onboard Ethernet interface, but also all the available network toolkits in Linux. With these to

Beaglebone black project training manual (university overlord internal materials)

Beaglebone black project training manual (university overlord internal materials) Introduction: This tutorial is a follow-up tutorial of beaglebone black quick start tutorial. This tutorial focuses on project operations, describes led projects, sound projects, sensor projects, and display projects, and describes beaglebone black gpio, PWM, I2C, and other special

Beaglebone Black Project Training Manual (University bully Internal information)

Beaglebone Black Project Training Manual (University bully Internal information)Introduction: This tutorial is a follow-up tutorial to the Beaglebone Black Quick Start tutorial. This tutorial focuses on project operations, explains led projects, sound projects, sensor projects, and display projects, and gives a detailed explanation of Beaglebone Black's special i

Beaglebone Black Development Board parameter introduction

Beaglebone Black (Rev C) is a AM3358 processor-based development kit from Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. The processor integrates an arm cortex™-a8 core of up to 4GHz and provides a rich peripheral interface. element14 beaglebone Black (Rev C) expansion interface includes the network port, USB Host, USB OTG, TF card interface, serial port, JTAG interface (default not welded), HDMI D type interface, EMMC, ADC

LCD and LED LCD screen difference between LCD and LED which is better?

Often see someone on the Internet to ask the difference between LCD and LED display, small knitting is here a more comprehensive explanation of LCD and led differences in the end what is it? Manufacturers to promote the LED backlight energy-saving, environmental protection is a gimmick Mody? LED LCD difference is it really that big? Together for you to unlock the

Beaglebone Black Development Board installation driver

Beaglebone Black Development Board installation driverBeaglebone Black Development Board installation driver, before using Beaglebone Black Development Board to do anything before the first need to install the driver. The following content shows how the Beaglebone black Board driver is installed under Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems.

The--PWM of Beaglebone learning

Opening first to spit the trough beaglebone .... Version of all kinds of chaos, drive all kinds of disorderly =.=1. About the driving disorder, the author wants to use the PWM module, although Beaglebone comes with, but did not give a description of the document AH. All by groping! And some places are not right.2. About the version ... Beaglebone is not backwards

Duanxx's Beaglebone Learning: Installing a Gpio python library

First step: Upgrade DTC Comiler ro enable SPIWget-c +x URL: Https:// Two: Install Adafruit ' s beaglebone IO Python Librarysudo ntpdate pool.ntp.orgsudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get install build-essential python-dev p

Linux system porting for Beaglebone Development Board

I am the first contact with embedded system porting, say my learning process.Baidu has a lot of beaglebone information about the Beaglebone parameters, cross-compiler tool chain, as well as the buildroot system porting and other information.This buildroot system is really ... I do not know how to describe the download took a long time, but learned a lot.In fact, Beagleb

Beaglebone-asterisk Application Note

Preface Ask what is the use of this system. Previously said to do a SIP system server to test IP recorder applications. Before using the Raspberry Pi has been able to run smoothly. Next use Beaglebone-black to realize this function. Prepare a beaglebone-black board; a 4G MICRO-SD card; cable network or USB card installation system Download Beaglebone-asterisk im

Use StarterWare in Ubuntu to write bare metal programs for BeagleBone-Black

What StarterWare is, in simple words, is something like an STM32 library function. StarterWareforAM335X latest: Latest What StarterWare is, in simple words, is something like an STM32 library function. StarterWare for AM335X latest: Download registered ti account Linux Installer StarterWare for AM335X 35416 K Then download the patch for BeagleBone

Duanxx's Beaglebone Learning: Wireless network configuration

The system used here is the Debian system.In order to be beaglebone connected to the network, there are some configurations that need to be used.Wired connectionIf it is a wired connection, it is relatively simple, directly through the RJ45 network cable plug Beaglebone and routers can be, the default is the DHCP mode, can be directly assigned to the IP address.Wireless connectionIf it's a wireless connecti

Beaglebone Black make SD card system burn write EMMC

My Beaglebone black before installing the Ubuntu 14.04 System, the use of the process found in the Ubuntu system under the serial device TTYS1~TTYS5 can not be used, open the serial port will show input/output error, I guess there may be no driver or any other reason, younger brother compared vegetables, so did not find the reason, also did not solve.My solution is to brush back to the factory is the operating system Debian, to the

Beaglebone Black Quick Start Tutorial 1th Chapter embedded Linux for the maker

Beaglebone Black Quick Start Tutorial 1th Chapter embedded Linux for the makerMaker's Chinese meaning is similar to "maker". A creator is a group of people with a passion for technology and practice, sharing technology and exchanging ideas for pleasure. But in order to keep maker's original flavor, we use the English maker in unison here. Maker Culture is an extension of the DIY (do IT yourself) culture, which blends technical elements. This article i

LCD basics and S3C2410 LCD Controller

I. The era of ultra-thin flat display is approachingThe CRT (cathode ray tube) used by the TV has the disadvantages of large size, heavy weight, and limited size. With the development of electronic technology, there are more and more requirements for Mobile Display. the inherent limitations of CRT have hindered the miniaturization and mobility of CRT. This makes it more necessary to develop a new generation of display technology! The next generation of display focuses on a few points: the plane

Opencv+qt+beaglebone to get the camera data.

(pcapture); Mainlayout=Newqgridlayout; Mainlayout->addwidget (Buttonstart,0,0,1,1); Mainlayout->addwidget (Buttonstop,0,1,1,1); Mainlayout->addwidget (Picturecamera,1,0,5,5); Mainlayout->addwidget (Pictureprocess,1,5,5,5); MainWindow-setlayout (mainlayout); Qobject::connect (Buttonstart,signal (clicked ()), This, SLOT (Startvideo ())); Qobject::connect (Buttonstop,signal (clicked ()), This, SLOT (Stopvideo ())); This->setwindowtitle ("beaglebone Ope

Beaglebone black– Connection GY-91 mpu9250+bmp280 nine-axis sensor (2)

This time with SPI. BBB is available in two sets of SPI interfaces, both of which are default disable and need to be enabled in overlay mode, i.e.: echo bb-spidev0 >/sys/devices/bone_capemgr.9/slots My BBB current configuration is currently configured/opt/source/userspace-arduino/overlay/bb-spi0-01-00a0.dts/dts-v1/;/plugin/; / {compatible = "Ti,beaglebone", "Ti,beaglebone-black"; /* Identification */Part-n

Beaglebone Black Tutorial 1-ssh login and create a new account

Use the miniUSB line to link the board and the computer, and then under "My Computer" there will be a beaglebone getting started disk, under this directory found a folder named "Drivers", Under this folder to find the corresponding operating system of the program, installation. If there is a prompt to trust the manufacturer's driver of a kind of prompt box, all choose Trust (do not trust the words can not play ....) ) until the prompt driver installat

Android LCD (I): Basic LCD principles

Keywords: Android LCD tft LCD partial film color filter Backlight Platform information:Kernel: linux2.6/linux3.0System: Android/android4.0Platform: Samsung exynos 4210, exynos 4412, and exynos 5250 Author: xubin341719 (You are welcome to reprint it. Please note the author) Correct the mistakes and learn and make progress together !! Download link: LCD specifica

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