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Horse ass determines the fate of people

"The standard distance between the two rails of an American railway is 4 feet. This standard is strange. In fact, it is a British railway standard because the American railway was originally built by the British. British railways are designed by people who build tram tracks and use tram standards. The first person to build a tram used to build a carriage. It follows the carriage width standard. While the width of the old track in Britain is 4 feet and 8.5 inch, it is not easy for the carriage to

PHP error Useofundefinedconstantprop_values-ass.

PHP errors Useofundefinedconstantprop_values-ass... The problem is as follows: what is the cause of the following errors in the PHP program. Notice: Useofundefinedconstantmulti-assumedmultiinwwwusers ***. comtbedittbgoods. p PHP reports error Use of undefined constant prop_values-ass... The problem is as follows: What is the cause of the following error in the PHP program.Notice: Use of undefined constan

Kick ass games

Remember the previous JavaScript code entered in the web site on IE's open web page, you will find that all the image elements on this page are moved: (only in IE browser, chrome and Firefox are invalid) Javascript: r = 0; A guy named Erik rothoff andresson is playing another kick ass game. The Code is as follows: (a js file is used, so it is not that complicated, but it can only be used in chrome and Firefox) Javascript: var S = document. createele

Ass2srt.vbs (Ass/ssa Batch Conversion srt script) _vbs

The OPlayer in the ipad only supports subtitles in the SRT format, and animations generally use subtitles in ass/ssa format, so you need to convert Ass/ssa batch srt. Google a bit, in the "Ass2srt[ass/ssa batch conversion SRT]" found a ass2srt.wsf script, which reads as follows: A Windows script (. wsf) file is a text document containing Extensible Mark

What file is ass?

Ass is a video caption file, a subtitle file is divided into soft subtitles and hard subtitles. Ass is an advanced subtitle format, a more advanced caption than a SSA (Substation Alpha (or Sub station Alpha)), which is technically a SSA v4+ that contains all the characteristics of all SSA, It can turn any simple text into a karaoke subtitle style, and several projects are designed to create these scripts.

Monkey's red ass

The monkey's ass is red. Of course, no one cares when it crawls underground.When you are underground, you should pay attention to its head and big round eyes.When it began to climb high, it slowly showed its ass in front of everyone's eyes.One day, everyone could only see its red ass. The monkey's red ass already exis

The ass decides another meaning of the head: Walking Management Head

The ass decides another meaning of the head: Walking Management Head Author: Yang Zheng | reprinted. The original source and author information of the article must be indicated in hyperlink form during reprinting.Web: "Ass determines the head" usually refers to the Opinion determined by the position. But I think it also has another meaning, that is

Subtitle ass format

Ass subtitle format [Script info]; This is an advanced Sub Station Alpha V4 + script.; For Sub Station Alpha info and downloads,; Go to; Or email;; Advanced Sub Station Alpha script format developed by # anime-Fansubs @ EFnetHttp://;; For additional info and downloads go to; Or email;; Note: This file was saved by subresync.;S

Tooth washing, nasal washing, ass washing

Tooth washing, nasal washing, ass washing Zuo zhiquan The hospital's nose and throat washing business is booming. The process of nasal cleansing is as follows: first pour the saline into the sausage bag, hanging in the height, a small tube will be down. The nose-washing person sat down, leaning forward, put the tube into a nostrils in one hand, with a basin in one hand to pick up the water. Brine flows in from one side of the nostrils and from th

Oracle uses the ass. awk tool to view system state dump instructions

If the Oracle database hang crashes, system dump or hang analyze is performed on Oracle, which is an effective way to study and solve the problem. If you can connect to the database and perform operations, using oradebug is a simple and quick way. Oraclehanganalyze function to diagnose dbhanging Http:// Oracleoradebug command instructions Http:// Sys @ anqing1 (Rac1)> oradebug setmypid Sta

Windows's oncreate-Tiger's ass cannot be touched

1. If you want to write your own general information manager, write a system tray, 2. For future convenience, the shell_policyicon API is encapsulated in a class and a hidden window is added to receive the callback message of the tray, I didn't want to generate a custom window. A class inherited from cwnd cannot be used as its create function. It is an encapsulation of sub-Windows, so createex is used, but this requires the system to register wndclass for the window class, I wanted to use the

PHP error use of undefined constant prop_values-ass.

PHP error use of undefined constant prop_values-ass ...

Better than the 315 gala! Touch your ass to steal information from your bank card

Better than the 315 gala! Touch your ass to steal information from your bank card Yesterday, the CCTV 315 gala revealed a vulnerability on the POSS. Criminals can use the funds on the user card without the bank card or password. Today, I will introduce a superb way to steal credit card and debit card information: Touch your ass and you will be able to steal information from your bank card. Last month, Appl

Bilibili bullet screen to ass

following line. If there is overlap, select the next line (the lowest row loops to the top row). If there are no non-overlapping rows, rows with the least number of overlapping texts are selected. For a fixed bullet screen that is hidden from the current or the next, the rows that are closest to the top or bottom and do not overlap are selected. If no rows do not overlap, select the rows with the shortest overlap time and place subtitles in the center. The default font is. The default size is

Ass on fire-PM should be careful about game 6

One day, an emergency email from the company's big figures greeted you to the company. The email says, "Don't get that project. Let's get started !" It can be confirmed that if this happens once, it will be repeated multiple times. Both the project manager and the Team will be involved in several projects, or they will not stop switching between the two projects. Regardless of the situation, the project manager is stuck in the multi-project and multi-task switchover Quagmire, and the same is tru

MediaCoder How to turn code to suppress HD mp4+ inline ass Subtitles

Method/Step 1, Step 1 installation software Baidu Search Cable "The latest version of MediaCoder", into the official website download the latest version, download and follow the boot steps to install. 2, Step 2 put the video and ass subtitles in the same folder, and a video and its corresponding caption changed to the same name (except for. The extension that follows, all others remain the same) 3, Step 3 to o

Use the ass. awk script to analyze the trace file generated by systemstate

In the past, many customers and friends used to look for the ass109.awk script to analyze the trace file generated by systemstate.Because the ass109.awk file was originally written by a foreigner in Oracle, it was not a product of Oracle, and it was not supported by Oracle.In LTOM431, the ass109.awk script is provided:Sftp> lpwdE:/CRT-temp/tools/ltom431/ltom/tom_base/tom/srcSftp> pwd/RootworkSftp> llsAss109.awk dumptracebuffer. sh errorstack. shFlush. sh goiostat. sh govmstat. shHa. sh haLevel.

How do I use the KMPlayer player to display the SSA and ass subtitles effects?

How do I use the KMPlayer player to display the SSA and ass subtitles effects? KMPlayer Method One, use a codec package containing VSFilter.dll (directvobsub) (Codec pack), such as K-lite or perfect decoding 1. When installing Codec Pack (Codec pack), select Directvobsub (usually the default is selected); 2. KMPlayer parameter Options-Media | decoder | filter-do not select Disabled (DivXG400 | Directvobsub) subtitle Filter "; 3. KMPlayer parame

Clean your ass-clear intrusion logs

do not need to worry about these three cases. At the top of the critical, you can pay attention to it. Generally, other computers Do scan or intrude into your computer. Count indicates the number of times the intruder is the IP address of the other party. The way (Protocol) the event is scanned or the time to be intruded indicates the time. 5. ==========================================What does netstat-An mean?Use this command to view all connections to the local machine. PROTO local addr

HTML5, not just looks beautiful (second play: build the most beautiful 3D data center), html5 looks beautiful

HTML5, not just looks beautiful (second play: build the most beautiful 3D data center), html5 looks beautifulPreface Recently, project development tasks have come to an end, and we have time to sort out some of the results of the past six months. It was not long before html5 was used, and the knowledge of js was not deep enough. No way. I have been engaged in java before. Some language features and concepts

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