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1. Chapter 1 of Unity 3D Game Development by Example Beginner's Guide is an incredible hammer.

Technology is a tool. It can help us achieve incredible things. Compared to the absence of tools, tools can make things faster, simpler, easier, and more incredible. Before we use the latest Steam Driver to build a machine, we use a hammer. Before we had a hammer, we had to pin the nail into the hull by hand. Tools make our lives better, easier, and less painful. Introduction to Unity 3D

Unity 3D is in the revolutionary Game Development Market

performance is increasingly unable to meet the players' requirements. The small and medium-sized game's revenue model lacks assurance for a long time. The lower the investment, the worse the quality. [Unity]At the beginning of its development, unity3d positioned itself mainly for the development of small and medium-

Ebook download: Unity 3D Game Development by example: Beginner's Guide

Book DescriptionBeginner game developers are wonderfully optimistic, passionate, and ambitious. But that ambition is often dangerous! Too often, budding indie developers and hobbyists bite off more than they can chew. some of the most popular games in recent memory-dow.jump, paper toss, and canabalt, to name a few-have been fun, simple games that have delighted players and delivered big profits to their creators. this is the perfect climate for new

Unity 3D Game Development Mecanim Animation System explained

" in their plot and Bo master of the Basic agreement, perhaps this is the "Chinese Paladin Biography" series of games so that bloggers have been willing to optimistic, and strive to go down the reason, we are ordinary people, but we are not because of ordinary and ordinary, but we chose not to act. Before Bo Master heard of a game launched by the Paladin player "Paladin four: Back to the beginning", at that

The game engine Unity is easy to master the beginning of the difficult to show where? Why?

also has a reply mentioned.3, the underlying code is not open source, especially the asset store to sell things that help developers also used to get a DLL encapsulation, therefore, some of the underlying modification needs can not be changed, sometimes very headache.4, C # GC problem, this can not be said Unity's fault, C + + developers will be in long-term work to become memory-sensitive, and C # developers will be much weaker, but the game happens

[Unity 3D] Study Notes forty-five: Game instances-kill the wall, unity Study Notes

resources available for download in the unity store, and it is also very convenient to make 2d games.You can also export your own game to your mobile phone. If you are narcissistic, you will feel satisfied. You can combine art and programming very well. There are very few talents in this field. It is not difficult to learn about unity. As long as you complete se

[Unity 3D] study notes 26: Unity game script (6)

In the 3D game world, any game object is created with a transform component, which cannot be deleted or deleted. In unity, the transform panel has three attributes: Position) Rotation) Scale) These three values are used to adjust the location, status, and other parameters of the

[Unity 3D] Study Notes 27: Unity game script (7)

difficult to learn C # With Java learning experience. I remember the teacher once said: since the development of computer programming languages, most languages are actually used for mutual reference, so they are very similar. As long as you have learned one of them, other languages are easy to use. Communication between JS and C # scripts In the official unity documents, the JavaScript or C # script func

The beginning of Unity game programming

of the file in the definition of the same names, must inherit Monobehaviour. The component is created by: gameobject.addcomponent or get the Component object from the game object: Gameobject. Getcomponent, not in new waysThe game objects add different components can become a model in the scene, here are some examples of simple classification and model: Abstract object: Gameobject can be represented as an i

"Unity 3D" Learning Note 30: Game elements--game terrain

can see that there is no terrain map in the textures list at the moment. In the lower right corner, click Edit---textures (editing map). A selection list will pop up.In the select list. Select the Add Textures option. The left form appears.First, we briefly explain the significance of the following parameters:Texture: Select a terrain map in the resource directoryNormal map: Select a regular terrain map in the resource directorySize x: Map X-axis widthSize y: Map y-axis widthOffset x: Map x-axi

[Unity 3D] Study Notes: game elements-game Light Source

Game Light Source In 3D games, light sources are a distinctive game component. Used to improve the texture of the game. If no light source is added, the game scenario may become very dark. Three different types of light sources are provided in

[Unity 3D] Study Notes thirty: game elements-game terrain

Game terrain In the gaming world, there must be a variety of game elements integrated. They are diverse and have little effect. Generally, game elements can be divided into two types: Frequently used and not commonly used. Common elements are important elements in the game. You generally need to use scripts to implemen

Mathematics and Physics in Unity game development 4 (adding gravity to object motion), unity Game Development

Mathematics and Physics in Unity game development 4 (adding gravity to object motion), unity Game Development Adding gravity to object motion Note: Use the series superposition algorithm y + = vy Acceleration on location vy

"Unity 3D" Learning Note 35: Game example--camera switch lens

Camera Switch LensIn the game often switch the camera to observe a certain game object, can say. In 3D game development, camera switching is essential.This time we learn to summarize how the camera switches the lens.Code:private Var camera0:gameobject;private var camera1:gam

Unity 3D Web Game Product Display

Since its start-up in May, team members have completed the first playable version of "excellent dog" Day and night. Based on the unity engine, udog is designed for browsers and mobile device platforms. It is designed to provide a convenient and casual 3D game experience. The current version not only completes the construction of the basic framework of the cli

Unity 3D Cool running game scene loop

Unity 3D Cool running game scene loop2015/07/05/////////////by xbw////////////////////Environmental unity4.6.1//////After a morning of study and experiment, finally realized the 3D cool running game scene cycle. Exultation. Then share the exchange and learn together.In the s

Unity 3D Game opening screen fade implementation

texturelend:texture; Left side of Full texture (non stretching part) var Offsetlend:vector2; Left side of the full texture (non stretching part) Start position var texturecenter:texture; Center of timer ('ll be stretched across width) var offsetcenter:vector2; var texturerend:texture; var Offsetrend:vector2; var timerperct:float = 1; Percentage (0 to 1) This stretches the center var desiredwidth:float = 403; Max width of the timer in pixels function settime (newtime:float) {timerperct

Unity vs UE4, how to choose virtual reality development engine? _ Body Sense 3D Games

 The VR wave swept through, relative to the mania of capital, the real need is the strength of VR hardware research and development team and professional content production team. For entry-level developers, the choice of the game engine has become a major challenge. At present, there are many kinds of virtual reality game

Unity 2D Game Development QuickStart 1th creating a simple 2D game

Unity 2D Game Development QuickStart 1th creating a simple 2D gameEven now, many novice game developers, when it comes to unity, still think unity can only be used to make 3D games. In

The relationship between Intantiate Transform empty objects and ontologies in the process of creating new game objects in Unity 3D

we use an example experiment to draw a conclusion (many times, it's a great way to experiment with unity in order to remember deeply). , we've created a new two-object blue cylinder. We call it the cannon-red ball. Our goal is to achieve a simple launch of the Shell's demo request is that the shells appear at the top of the cylinder and are automatically generated and emittedIn the face of such a request, the first thought is to use instantiateThe

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