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More than web 3D display (3D room/3d monitoring) middleware more than the Web 3D display (3D room/3d monitoring) Middleware free download purchase address

3D is a software development package to achieve 3D scene, can create a wide range of 3D applications, suitable for high-end manufacturing, energy, national defense industry, education and scientific research, urban planning and architectural ring art, biomedical and other fields of virtual simulation, applied to virtual display, virtual design, program review, vi

More than web 3D display (3D room/3d monitoring) middleware more than the Web 3D display (3D room/3d monitoring) Middleware free download purchase address

/5211/4.png "style=" white-space:normal; Background-color:rgb (255,255,255); Border:0px;color:rgb (102,102,102); font-family: ' Hiragino Sans GB ', ' Microsoft Yahei ', ' Helvetica Neue ', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;font-size:14px;line-height:24px;width:500px;height:400px; >3D is a software development package to achieve 3D scene, can create a wide range of 3D

What is desktop-level 3D printer, desktop-level 3D printer considerations [Hong Rui 3D Printer Manufacturers]

Desktop-grade 3D printer, as the name implies is small, can be placed on the desk to print three-dimensional physical printer. Desktop 3D Printer It is a kind of rapid prototyping technology, it is based on digital model files, the use of powder-like metal or plastic, such as adhesive materials, by layer-by-level printing method to construct the technology of the object. In the past, it has been used in mol

Study Notes on Cocos 3D functions (2) --- 3D genie, cocos --- 3d

Study Notes on Cocos 3D functions (2) --- 3D genie, cocos --- 3d Personal Original, welcome to reprint, reprint please note the address, column address In the 2D stage, the most commonly used drawing unit is undoubtedly the Genie. With the genie, we can draw images to the screen; In the 3d

3D voice Balloon (source code sharing)-create a rotated 3D ball and 3d voice

3D voice Balloon (source code sharing)-create a rotated 3D ball and 3d voice Opening nonsense: In May September, I participated in a website competition on the subject of creative works using services provided by a third-party platform. So I chose to use the voice service, weather service, Unity3D, and Android to create a 3D

Hentai Parkour 3D (endless run 3D) apple android free download |ios| Android|iphone version free download-Casual 3D Game Parkour game racing game

Hentai Parkour 3D (Endless Run 3D) released Hentai Parkour 3D is a very classic parkour mobile game, the game has a unique running cool gameplay, cool running cool features and exquisite game screen design. Interested partners come and join the endless Parkour 3D hand Tour Try it! This is a good game yo! Game Introduct

C # Programmer's Consolidation of Unity 3D notes (10): 3D mathematical model of displacement and rotation of unity3d

 Encountered a want to do the function, but can not achieve, the core reason is because the u3d 3D mathematical concept is not flexible thoroughly understand. So again system learning-the third time to learn 3D mathematics.This time, the features you want to implement are simple: As in the small map, you want to be able to dynamically draw the current position of the player, Z direction: With 3 l

Detailed tutorial on creating 3D 3D 3D images using Illustrator

To give you illustrator software users to detailed analysis of the production of 3D stereo text tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: 1, create a new canvas, use the word tool to knock out the words you want. It is recommended that you choose a thicker stroke, which is more effective. As shown in figure 2, the two separate, into independent individuals. 3, select two words, create contour 4, select the effect of -

Let Flash 3D animation more exciting! Swift 3D 4.0 new features Show

Swift 3D is a dedicated tool developed for Macromedia Flash designers, graphic artists and other designers who specialize in the 2D world. It provides a good user interface, even for 3D professionals, whose price is much lower than the standard 3D software. Swift 3D's powerful vector and bitmap rendering capabilities are a good choice for beginners and profession

CSS 3D transform (3D transform of CSS)

SRC1:OK, CSS3 3D transform transform, that's it! Evaluation: Explain the basic concepts and principles of CSS 3D transform, super easy to understand, read clairvoyant Ah!!! A humorous programmerNotes:First, 4 concepts1, Breach: three methodsThree methods in 3D transform:(1) Rotatex (angle): Front push down(2) Rotatey (angle): Turn Around(3) Rotatez (angle): Lying

3D pose estimation of a single image with self-occlusion: monocular image 3D Human pose estimation under self-occlusion (iccv 13)

Monocular image 3D Human pose estimationunder self-occlusion (iccv 13) 3D pose estimation of a single image under self occlusion Abstract: This paper proposes a method for automatic 3D pose reconstruction in a single image. The presence of human joints, body parts that are prone to illusion, and messy background will lead to ambiguity in human posture judgment.

3D camera fit in a fixed scene (Unity 3D camera Fit)

Sometimes we do fixed-plane 3D game, there are the needs of the lens adaptation, recently just met, temporarily made up a, take it out and share with you:Using unityengine;using System.collections;public class Screenunit:monobehaviour { private float height = 480; Private float width = 854; private float rate1 = 480/854.0f; private float Rate2; Use the This for Initializationvoid Start () { rate2 = screen.height/(float) screen.wi

PS CS5 3D function simple to make hollow color strip 3D ball Tutorial

You see this picture is very familiar with, in many after Effects and 3D Max Tutorial Common, with Photoshop to do seems to be very troublesome, in fact, Photoshop launched 3D This feature has been several editions of it, From the CS3, but because the work rarely to contact, only know NX, today for you to bring an example of this tutorial, the entry level is very convenient. Effect Chart: 1. Creat

WPF implements 3D models and 3D scenarios

1, the first point is that this is not true 3D, the model is exported to a series of single pictures, such as a 3D house chart, with a point of view to rotate 360 °, rendering a series of consecutive single picture files. 2, in the Image.mousemove event to add the appropriate code, according to the direction of the move (according to the current mouse point and the previous mouse point can be judged) to up

3D audio theory research (2)-3D Introduction) reny I. 3D sound effectsWith the continuous development of software and hardware, the traditional dual-channel single-layer stereo sound field cannot meet people's needs. In order to get a better three-dimensional feeling and space feeling, scientists use digital audio to generate a brand new sound-simulating 3D sound effects.In daily life, we use two ears to listen to things, obtain infor

3D Printing Special topic: 3D Printing Technical training

Advanced Technology Research Institute of China University of Science and Technology ABA 3D Education, has a strong educational resources advantage. Core team, mainly by the Chinese science and technology professor and excellent doctor, Master's degree composition. The team members have long been engaged in 3D scanning, 3D modeling,

3D printing shining in the Expo, "Hunan Zhi-made" re-exhibition new style-Farsoon high-tech launches the world's first open source customizable metal 3D printer

"2015 China Central Investment and trade fair" May 18 opened the curtain in Wuhan, Hunan Province Business Department organization of our province on behalf of enterprises active participation . among them , farsoon High-Tech limited liability company as the domestic 3D printing industry leader in the exhibition released the world's first open source customizable metal 3D printer fs271m, Become a major hig

3D games and 3D movies

Well, I accidentally saw someone posting to ask this question. Then, I thought deeply and found that I couldn't understand it either. Therefore, sort out the information collected on the Internet. Thx to the authers Reference: Http:// Fr = qrl Index = 0 Http:// ========================================================== ================================

Electric rain swift 3D 6 and Zam 3D Chinese release

Electric rain Zam 3DElectric rain Zam 3D is a fully functional 3D modeling software that allows you to easily create, customize, and animation 3D interface elements based on Windows Vista applications. Once a 3D scenario is created, electric rain Zam 3D automatically generat

What are the latest 3D printing applications "Hong Rui 3D Printer manufacturers"

?3D printing technology, is based on the computer three-dimensional design model, through the software layered discrete and numerical control molding system, the use of laser beam, hot melt nozzle and other methods of metal powder, ceramic powder, plastic, cell tissue and other special materials to layer up bonding, the final superposition molding, to create a physical product. and traditional manufacturing through the touch, turn milling and other me

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