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Python Full Stack learning Note (ii) Subnetting of Network Foundation

Read Catalogue I. IP Address Basics 1.1 IP Address structure and classification 1.2 special IP address 1.3 subnet mask 1.4 IP address request two. subnetting 2.1 subnetting Concept 2.2 Class C sub-network Division 2.3 subnetting Step 2.4 subnetting Case 2.5 sub-division Network considerations 2.6 Why

Subnetting subnets with subnet masks

IP addresses are classified into five categories--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------the meaning of the subnet mask and subnetting according to the subnet maskThe subnet mask is used to divide subnets. For example, a Class A network can hold 16777214 hosts. However, in practice, it is impossible to use a class A network only f

Network configuration management and subnetting of 9.2_linux network management

11111111Example of subnetting:1, a company to apply to a class C IP address, but to connect 6 subsidiaries, the largest one sub-The company has 26 computers, each subsidiary in a network segment, the subnet mask should be set to?A: Assume that the C network address is,6 subsidiary, namely Divide 8 subnets, two not, each subnet can hold 30 IP192.168.0.0-

Two examples of subnetting

addresses: ","Broadcast address: ""quickly divide subnets to determine IPLet's take example 2 for example:The topic requires that we divide the network address into subnets that can accommodate 101/54/2 hosts. Therefore, we need to determine the host location, and then determine the network bit based on the host bit, and finally determine the detailed IP address.① determining the host bitSet the number of hosts that you need to be

CCNA Cisco subnetting (compute and assign addresses using VLSM)

LAN.WANThe last network segment is a WAN connection and requires 2 host addresses. Support WAN links with just 2 primary seats. 2^2-2 = 2.This leaves 8 bits to define the local subnet address. The next available address block is representation:10101100.00010000.0000010.11000000Mask: 30 bits in binary:11111111.11111111.1111111.11111100The IPV4 host address range provided is: to, broadcast address is 17

IP address partitioning type and subnetting

application, a company applied for a public network, such as, but the company has two groups, a group of the number of hosts is 6, the number of hosts in the other group is 4, and do not want the two groups of hosts to communicate with each other, if you apply for a public network , the cost is too high, so it is necessary to divide this network into multiple subnets. The subnet is divided by the first m bits in the host bit in the network address and the network address bits as th

Subnetting with CIDR (slash plus number representation vs. IP) (improved)

mask calculation. Network ID Results We all know that the network ID part is unchanged, the host ID portion becomes 0, then in the calculation of the network ID, first look at how many bits in the subnet mask to represent the network, corresponding to the IP address conversion to binary only the previous few, such as 19, the network ID altogether 19 bits, then the network ID the first two bytes is 192.168.x.0 to change the third byte. So how do you quickly calculate the value o

Understanding of computer network address, host address, subnet mask, network segment, subnetting

subnets will need to occupy 1 bits of the original host identity bit. At this point the network number bit becomes 22 bits and the host label becomes 7 bits. Similarly borrowing 2 host bits can divide a class C network into 4 subnets ... How did the computer know if the network was divided into subnets? This can be seen from the subnet mask. The subnet mask is as 32bit as the IP address, and the subnet mask is determined by using "1" for all corresponding bits that identify the network number i

"IP layer Packet Forwarding process" in the case of subnetting, packet forwarding algorithm.

First, a sample from a Shehiren teacher's book is referenced:Host H1 the process of sending packets to H2:First, with the subnet mask in the subnet: and target host H2 IP address: and get network number: Obviously this does not match the network number of Subnet 1: datagram is then forwarded by the default route R1 Subnet 1. At this point, R1 will look for its own routing table. Think of the host address and subnet mask of the H2, and whe

This article is about testing technical guidance and payment for Christmas crazy, Christmas benefits, Christmas benefits, and technical guidance.

This article is about testing technical guidance and payment for Christmas crazy, Christmas benefits, Christmas benefits, and technical guidance. This article is about testing technical guidance and payment for Christmas crazy Christmas benefits reading this article is about testing technical guidance and payment for Christmas crazy Christmas welfare Christmas w

Exquisite jQuery plug-in and source code front-end development benefits, jquery benefits

Exquisite jQuery plug-in and source code front-end development benefits, jquery benefits JQuery is a very good javascript framework. Many front-end developers prefer jQuery because of its many plug-ins, we can apply these plug-ins to our own projects. The following exquisite jQuery plug-ins provide source code download and hope to help you.1. In the jQuery custom drop-down box, select the list of 5 cool sty

Cloud Resource Management Methods Based on maximization of benefits and differential pricing

In February 11, I read a paper on cloud resource management: flexible use of cloud resources through profit maximization and price discirmination (icde 2011). Take notes: This paper proposes a virtual machine allocation strategy based on marginal cost and marginal revenue. Each user sets a budget function, which specifies the hourly payment amount agreed by the user corresponding to the different response time (execution time) of the task. The task response time is related to the number of vir

Benefits that programmers should know

Source: Benefits that programmers should know Now is the prime time for Job hopping in the next year. After the Daniel and the calf in the blog Park Won the year-end award last year, some of them must want to increase their own salary. The big ox and calf in the blog garden are our elites in the Chinese software industry. When I quit, I must hold several offers in my hand and I don't kno

Benefits that every programmer should know !! -I don't know much about it.

Every programmer should know the benefits 2012-02-28 small tank blog I want to comment (7) font size: T | T HR focuses on salary. When we negotiate with HR, HR will introduce the company's benefits and avoid the benefits that the company does not have. As a programmer, we must be well aware of all the welfare details that are closely related to our interests. All

PHP documents do not end?> What are the benefits?

Php file does not end? Gt; what are the benefits? 1. Why does the php file have no ending? Gt; what are the benefits? 2. can I arbitrarily say that all my php files will not end in the future? (If not, which pages should end and which can not end ?) Php file does not end?> What are the benefits? 1. the php file does not end?> What are the

Windows 2003 Clustering Benefits (installation)

The window cluster feature is installed by default. You only need to start Cluster Administrator configuration cluster, or use Cluster.exe to write configuration scripts. In addition, you can install Third-party quorum resources beforehand, and then select them during the server cluster configuration, without using other resource-related steps. All server cluster configurations can be deployed in the same way. Benefits • Easier Management-you no long

Business Intelligence = Data + Analytics + Decision + Benefits

greatly increased so that the difficulty of finding historical data. For example, the traditional landlord's housekeeper carries on the family financial registration, the ledger is thick and heavy, the account is extremely troublesome, and perhaps the ledger may be damaged by the fire or various reasons, such as by the mouse bites rotten.With the advancement of technology, with computers, data is stored on tapes and then disks. The world has a division of labor and wonderful, everyone in their

Small functions: Nine benefits of shortening your Functions

Small Methods: Nine benefits of making your methods shorter Small functions: Nine benefits of shortening your Functions Note: The English version of this article is fromHttp:// Translation does not change the copyright of the original article. The Chinese version is copyrighted by myself. I 've espoused, on using occasions, making your methods short. the pa

Benefits of sunflower oil

Benefits of sunflower oilSunflower oil is a kind of edible oil, not only food people's taste is not the same, in fact, there is a difference in the edible oil. It is because of this market oil varieties will continue to increase, some people like eating vegetable oil, some people like to eat peanut butter, and some people like to eat olive oil. However, these different oils, human consumption are not the same amount of

Benefits of using WCF

Why do we use WCF to explain the benefits of using WCF? The benefits of WCF are that it supports both interoperable web services and WCF, while making service-oriented programming simpler and more unified. AD: Why should we use WCF for so many development languages? What's better about it and other technologies? I am using the WCF technology now. Here I will analyze the

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