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Enable Agile tools to play an effective role in agile development

Agile Software Development is no longer a term, but understanding is always biased. The first article in the Agile Manifesto, "individuals and interactions over processes and tools", was misread as "having communication, everything is resolved", and therefore spending a lot of effort to reorganize teamwork, but to belittle the

Simple agile tools are more favored by Agile development teams

Implementing agile does not require a certain or recommended use of tools. Ideally, looking at the requirements on the index card, the development can be done through the command line. However, a number of tools have emerged in recent years that have contributed to the successful completion of agile development. Migan

Agile Development Practices (5)-some tools have to be developed with agile

Do agile development, expensive in agile, how agile. We need a series of mature tools to help us be agile. This document is not about technology, it is simply a tool that describes the tools that play a key role in our implementat

The scrum tools, agile development tools that we use

through the feedback portal; Product managers prioritize matters by accessing to-dos , Project managers plan iterations (sprints) and track assignments, developers view the taskpad, and complete work, all without Visual Studio and TFS integration. ”7,rally Platform for Agile Lifecycle ManagementIt is a cloud-based Agile lifecycle management platform that can be extended to countless teams, with custom page

Use global survey reports (image and text) for agile methods and tools)

Some time ago, Pete Behring of trailridge consulting published a global survey (PDF file) on project management using agile methods ). The original intention of this survey was to understand the agile adoption trend of software organizations and the relationship between the market share and tool usage. The purpose of the survey is to determine: * What agile pro

Eight scrum agile development tools at your fingertips

Project managers for software development often need to weigh the key factors of what efficient tools to use, how to develop project process schedules, and so on. The appropriate selection of agile tools to the development of the project to contribute to the effectiveness of a multiplier effect! 1. LeangooWith a kanban-style collaboration, the Leangoo is sim

Agile planning tools in Visual Studio team System 2010

This article is based on a pre-release version of Visual Studio team System (VSTS) 2010. All information is subject to change. This article describes the following: Product and Iteration Planning Product Backlog Workbook Capacity Planning and reporting Iteration Backlog Workbook This article uses the following techniques: VSTS 2010, VSTS Process for Agile Software Development 1.0 Are there any semantic contradictions in the

. Net agile development and common tools

To do this, you must first sharpen your tools. tools are the biggest difference between humans and animals. However, most commercial tools are expensive and have been in the WTO for several years. using pirated tools will bring great uncertainty to enterprises, and more pirated too

Introduction to agile development tools scrum works (1)

Agile development is becoming more and more popular and more suitable for changing needs. There are also many agile development tools, such as versionone, mingle, and scrum works. I am using the scrum Works basic edition. Currently, it can basically meet the requirements. Scrum works pro is a commercial version with enhanced functionality. 1. Install scrum works

Agile development with tools-8

I have a rough idea about demand management, but I guess you will ask, after talking so much about it, how does it feel like it has nothing to do with agility? Well, as I have said before, although agile development is "AGILE", it will not bypass the entire software development process, just as Sun Wukong cannot escape. As a very important part of software development, we are absolutely unable to get around

Agile development with tools-7

original description. So how can I find the original description? Do you want to press Ctrl + Z like Microsoft Word? After you restart your computer many times, you cannot press Ctrl + Z for word, after you change your computer, word doesn't know what you want to recover. Fortunately, devspec has a function, that is, each change will save a copy, just like the Subversion we use during programming. A new version will be added once, this means that any changes you have made before are made and ca

Agile development with tools-12

needTime spentAndRemaining TimeUpdate the two fields andActual completion timeThe field is also updated. if the task is only completed today, you do not need to change the task status. You only need to update it.Time spentAndRemaining TimeThat's all. Continue tomorrow. After the development is complete, the rest is the test. In Agile development, both development and testing are required in a sprint. Therefore, when a sprint ends, this means that th

Agile development with tools-5

According to the basic theory of scrum, scrum is an iterative incremental agile development that includes a series of practices and pre-defined role process frameworks. The main roles in scrum include the scrum supervisor roles similar to the project manager responsible for maintenance processes and tasks. The product owner represents the stakeholder and the development team includes all developers. This can be found online. We will first extract som

Agile development with tools-9

translation into plan meeting. What does this mean? It mainly involves the following: 1. Determine which features need to be completed in this Sprint 2. estimate the time required for each function point The Project Manager, product manager, and even designer will give a brief introduction to what these functions do, and then the relevant developers will discuss how much time is required. In the end, we will come to the conclusion that a sprint cycle is fixed, so the time consumed due to the di

What exactly is agile testing?

implementation. Without a full-time tester role, these things have to be done, but only by the team. Although there is no division of labor, but there are tasks of division of labor.4) Acceptance test can be completed by automated testing tools, but in general, it is impossible to achieve a complete automated testing. Usability testing, for example, is difficult to accomplish by tools. Even though the perf

Agile development, English is agile, I understand the agile

The theoretical knowledge I don't see much, no very accurate concept, I think no matter which development method has its own theoretical basis, and the corresponding method steps, such as waterfall model, incremental model, iterative model, agile method, etc. And because the project is different, such as whether it is a new project, two development projects, or maintenance projects, the method used is not the same, there is no fixed, different compani

Agile Software Development-agile Declaration

Agile Software Development Declaration We are working with hands-on and help others to demonstrate better software development methods. Through this work, we think: Human and Interaction Over Processes and tools Software that can work Over all documents Customer cooperation Over contract negotiation Respond to changes at any time Over plan Although the right item is also valuable, we think

User story-driven agile development –2. Create Backlog_ Agile Development

The first "User Story driven Agile development –1" in this series. "To share with you the process of using user stories to help teams create requirements, in this article, let's look at how to use these user stories and feature points to form product backlog." The product backlog is a tool used in agile development to manage the list of requirements, prioritize, form iterations, and organize development/tes

Agile development Prajna agile Series 3: What is agile (below) (no living, no living, no empty execution, illegal, not illegal)

This is the third article in the agile development series. (One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine) After breaking the law enforcement, it is easy to fall into the empty hold, that is, there is no absolutely best method, so there is no need to pursue, willing to the status quo. It is very difficult to balance null and there is, this is the content of this article. Method and empty There has been a long history of the unification of la

Agile Software Testing--the initial

with the rhythm of development? How do I determine how many tests are required? Or maybe you're a functional test manager or a quality process manager, but you don't know how to position your role in an agile team, and no one knows the answer. Agile testers need the courage to find answers to these questions, but the reason for courage is not limited to that.SimplisticThe challenge for

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