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PMP certification knowledge popularization: How long does it take to learn PMP?

collected:The following are the discounts for registered members of the PMP certification exams. Are PMI members willing to renew in the next year on a voluntary basis? (the fee for registered PMI members is not provided by the us pmi, if the company reimburses trainees, please pay attention to or consult us) Annual Fee of PMI members First exam Retake PMI Member $139 2100

About the project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam 5P personal experience

failure. Three: Laying the groundwork and consolidating knowledge pointsWhether it is the test room or the application of skills, if there is no solid foundation, are castles in the castle. A solid foundation comes from the usual efforts, hard work and smarter.hard work, the direct embodiment is to ensure the input of learning time. Some experience mentioned: "The full investment time of more than ten hours, book reading five to six times above, the

Hot recruitment in pre-exam training course for PMP certification in September 2014 and October

Organizer Project Manager alliance, 11-year PMP training experience, leading organization of PMP training in China The PMP certification training service, founded in 2003, is currently the most well-known PMP organization in the PMP

Authoritative release: project management certification (PMP) exam schedule for 2015

The PMP certification examination time of the 2015 Project Management Association was issued by the consortium of international project managers. Co-creation International-the project management Alliance is one of the earliest professional institutions in China (founded in 2001) to provide project management services. It is the global rep of the American Project Management Association) authorized trainin

Successfully passed the PMP Certification Examination in June 2014

. Therefore, we recommend that you first read Chinese and quickly divide it into good ones) We recommend a tutorial book, PMP in three steps. 4. A training course is recommended. There are multiple benefits to attending the training course. First, the training course will help you with administrative tasks such as registration, preliminary review, and payment. Then, many trainees in the training class will

"Book review" Rhcsa/rhce Red Hat Linux Certification Learning Guide (6th edition) EX200 & Ex300__linux

This time to attend the reading activities held by CSDN, is catching up with the project busy, see is also intermittent, dragged for 2 weeks, to write this book review. First of all, I'll be sure to tell you, whether you're a professional Linux system administrator, a software developer in a Linux environment, or a Linux user, this book is worth reading. When Michael was writing this

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