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"Machine learning" prior probability, posteriori probability, Bayesian formula, likelihood function

Original URL: first, transcendental probability, posterior probability, Bayesian formula, likelihood function In machine learning, these concepts are always involved, but never really understand the connection between them. Here's a good idea to start with the basics

cs281:advanced Machine Learning second section probability theory probability theory

some examples of beta functions:It is of the following nature:Pareto DistributionThe Pareto principle must have heard it, is the famous long tail theory, Pareto distribution expression is as follows:Here are some examples: the left image shows the Pareto distribution under different parameter configurations.Some of the properties are as follows:ReferenceprmlmlapCopyright NOTICE: This article for Bo Master original article, without Bo Master permission not reproduced. cs281:advanced

Bayesian, probability distribution and machine learning

) = P (A, B)/P (B), which can be P (, b) = P (A | B) * P (B ). the Bayesian formula is introduced in this way. A general idea of this article: First, let's talk about a basic Bayesian learning framework that I have summarized, and then give a few simple examples to illustrate these frameworks, finally, I would like to give a more complex example, which is explained by the modules in the Bayesian machine

Today, we will start learning pattern recognition and machine learning (PRML), Chapter 1.2, probability theory (I)

: Variance: Variance can be used to estimate the intensity of change of a function f near his expectation. It is defined If the variable X itself is considered, the variance of X is also available: Note: (skipped in the book) This equation is actually derived from the definition of variance: In addition, we define two random variables.Covariance: X, YDegree of change together, if XAnd yIndependent of each other, the covaria

Today I will start learning pattern recognition and machine learning (PRML), Chapter 1.2, probability theory (I)

estimate the intensity of change of a function f near his expectation. It is defined If the variable X itself is considered, the variance of X is also available: Note: (skipped in the book) This equation is actually derived from the definition of variance: In addition, we define two random variables.Covariance: It indicates the degree to which x and y change together. If X and Y are independent of each other, the covariance is 0.

Professor Zhang Zhihua: machine learning--a love of statistics and computation

Sciences, by Avrim Blum, John Hopcroft, and Ravindran Kannan," one of the authors of John Hopcroft is a Turing Award winner. In the frontier of this book, it is mentioned that the development of computer science can be divided into three stages: early, middle and present. The early days were for computers to work, focusing on developing programming languages, compiling principles, operating systems, and studying mathematical theories that supported t

Talk about machine learning 1. Error small vs probability probability max (3)

Encounter a new problem So far, at least a few issues need to be addressed: What to do if the analytic solution cannot be solved. The answer is: Iterative Search solver (optimization problem) If the number of samples is particularly large, how to deal with it. The answer is: recursive solver (online learning optimization problem) What if the error is not a normal distribution? The answer is: generalized linear regression If the dimension of this

"Mathematics in machine learning" probability distribution of two-yuan discrete random variables under Bayesian framework

foundation of mathematics, so that students can not be brought into the right path. At least as a class student, I feel that way. The result is a sense that the course is independent of one area and is very isolated. From some foreign books can be seen, machine learning is actually a multi-disciplinary derivative, and a lot of engineering field theory has a close connection, so that at least let us this be

Machine Learning Theory and Practice (13) probability graph model 01

scope of this model, such as medical diagnosis and most machine learning. However, it also has some controversy. When it comes to this, it will go back to the topic of debate between the Bayesian School and the frequency School for several hundred years, because the Bayesian school assumes some prior probabilities, in contrast, the frequency school thinks that this anterior is somewhat subjective, and the

Machine learning--Probability map model (learning: incomplete data)

obtained for all possible combinations x,u. Complete data is the complete probability, and incomplete data is the probability of its marginal missing variable. In M-step, the system parameter theta is updated with sufficient statistics.For example, in the Bayesian classifier, we only have data and no class value for the data. (It really can be lost .....) At this point, if the EM algorithm is used, the Bay

Machine learning--Probability map model (learning: a review)

Today, Google's robot Alphago won the second game against Li Shishi, and I also entered the stage of the probability map model learning module. Machine learning fascinating and daunting.--Preface1. Learning based on PGMThe topological structure of Ann Networks is often simil

Summary of probability theory knowledge in Machine Learning

I. Introduction Recently I have written many learning notes about machine learning, which often involves the knowledge of probability theory. Here I will summarize and review all the knowledge about probability theory for your convenience and share it with many bloggers, I h

Machine learning and Data Mining recommendation book list

provides an in-depth explanation from a large number of unstructured web The technique of extracting and generating knowledge in data. The first chapter of the book deals with web web web indexing mechanism and keyword-based or similarity-based search mechanism, and then systematically describe the basics of web mining , focusing on hypertext-based machine le

Machine Learning & Statistics Related Books _ machine learning

1. The complete course of statistics all of statistics Carnegie Kimelon Wosseman 2. Fourth edition, "Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics" Morris. Heidegger, Morris H.degroot, and Mark. Schevish (Mark j.shervish) 3. Introduction to Linear algebra, Gilbert. Strong--Online video tutorials are classic 4. "Num

Machine learning--Probability map model (HOMEWORK:MCMC)

distribution, in accordance with the joint distribution of the query, we can obtain pi.Q's design is said to be a value of 60W knife annual salary job, dare not to speculate. Here we assume that Q is given (UNIFORM/SW) **********************************************The MH sampling process is as follows:1, given assignment, according to the F to find Pi (Assignment)2, according to the above formula to calculate the acceptance probability a3, decide whe

Machine learning four--a classification method based on probability theory: Naive Bayes

Probability-based classification method: Naive BayesianBayesian decision theoryNaive Bayes is part of the Bayesian decision theory, so let's take a quick and easy look at Bayesian decision theory before we talk about naive Bayes.The core idea of Bayesian decision-making theory : Choose the decision with the highest probability. For example, we graduate to choose the direction of employment, the

A new machine learning book: "Machine Learning: A Probabilistic Perspective"

Author kevin p Murphy Home Page: /~ Murphyk /; ML: app homepage: /~ Murphyk/mlbook/index.html; This book provides a toolbox for Matlab/python, veryGood. Download csdn: The reasoning in this book is based on "probability and mathematical

Application of maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) and maximum posteriori probability (MAP) in machine learning

is:Which indicates the number of heads facing up. As you can see here, the difference between MLE and map is that the result of the map is more than a priori distributed parameter.Supplemental Knowledge: Beta distributionBeat distribution is a common prior distribution, its shape is controlled by two parameters, the domain is defined as [0,1]The maximum value of the beta distribution is when x equals:So in a coin toss, if the prior knowledge is that the coin is symmetrical, then let. But it is

The probability theory of machine learning preparatory knowledge (bottom)

to approximate a two-item distribution when the number of experiments is very large, or to approximate the Poisson distribution at high average incidence, and also to the large number theorem. The Gaussian distribution is determined by two parameters: the desired μ and variance σ2, with the following formula:As an example of a Gaussian distribution, it is known from this graph that the desired decision determines the central position of the normal curve, and the variance determines the steep or

[Book]awesome-machine-learning Books

prediction Naturual Language Processing Coursera Course Book on NLP NLTK NLP W/python Foundations of statistical Language processing Probability Statistics Thinking Stats-book + Python Code From algorithms to Z-scores-book The Ar

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