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Study log 1 (20141206) in the wireless communication network and 20141206 in the wireless communication network

Study log 1 (20141206) in the wireless communication network and 20141206 in the wireless communication network Disclaimer: the following content is self-taught online notes. Some content and images are imported from the Internet. If there are similarities, it is purely a coincidence to reference them. If there is any

The single-chip microcomputer is based on the wireless communication of the 4G wireless transceiver module nrf24l01 (basic test passed)

In wireless communication, the nrf24l01 wireless transceiver module produced by Nordic is the choice of many players. It is GHz ~ The single-chip wireless transceiver chip in the GHz ISM band has the advantages of strong functions, convenient control, and low price. One piece of nrf24l01 can receive data sent from six

Analysis of the UWB wireless protocol-the UWB wireless communication layer

The Protocol of the ultra-wideband wireless technology-the ultra-wideband wireless protocol. If you know about this technology, you must have some knowledge about this protocol. Next, this article mainly introduces the UWB wireless communication layer in the UWB wireless pro

"PLC Wireless communication expert" Free sharing-plc200 Communication program Daquan

This is the "PLC wireless communication expert" Team for users to organize the 20 Siemens PLC200 Communication program examples. Can save project time for PLC programmer.You just need to understand the s7-200 serial settings, and the basic knowledge of the Modbus protocol, reference to these programs can be completed between the PLC and PLC data exchange, can als

[Summ] mptcp-based wireless communication energy saving solution/mptcp-based energy saving techs in Wireless Networks

communication. Core Idea: there is a possibility neededNot recover lossIn order to sure QoS parameters, e.g. Delay, throughput. Many protocols are based on this concept, such as selective discarding, adaptive retransmission,Etc. The most famous PR application for sctp should belong to the PR-SCTP, which gives a possibility for the sender to have y the capacity er that certain packets shoshould be re-transmitted. 3. K. K. Lam, J. M. Chapin, and V. W.

Secret Book: Teach you how to speed up wireless Internet access

Secret Book: Teach you how to speed up wireless Internet access. Recently, wireless Internet access acceleration has attracted the attention of many friends. Let's get to know more about the charm of wireless Internet access acceleration today! Virtual Server simulation, data packet filtering, and so on. The CDMA or GP

Analysis of wireless communication technology in smart grid

I. Overview of Smart Grid is designed to ensure the safety and stability of power system. It is combined with the safety and stability control system of power system and dispatching automation system, which is called the three pillars of power system safe and stable operation. China's smart grid after several 10 years of construction, has begun to take shape, through the satellite, microwave, carrier, optical cable and other means of communication t

Tutorial: Wireless Communication Protocol

Presumably, mobile phones are no longer familiar to everyone. Its biggest feature is mobile and wireless. So do you know the protocol principle? This article will introduce you in detail the wireless communication protocol, that is, the meaning and related content of WAP. WAP Wireless

ZigBee Wireless Communication Technology and Its Application

ZigBee Wireless Communication Technology and Its Application [Date:] Source: Automated instrumentation by Zhou Yi Ling Zhihao Wu Qinqin [Font: large, medium, and small]   0 introduction the industrial field has improved labor productivity and reduced production costs by introducing various advanced technologies in the modernization process. Among these technologies, the most typical is

Use Visual Basic for wireless communication

dynamic connection library, you should declare API communication functions and define constants in the global variable definition before calling VB. In our practice, it is more convenient and convenient to use the VB control to implement communication than to call the sdk api to dynamically connect to the library, and the same function can be implemented with less code, this is the advantage of using the V

Short-range wireless communication technology detailed

With the continuous development of communication and information technology, the application of short-range wireless communication technology is accelerating, and it is becoming more and more mature. In general, as long as the communication between the two sides through radio waves transmission information and transmis

Diagram of wireless communication methods of PLC Networks

PLC (Programmable Controller) is widely used in the industrial control field, and its ease of use is self-evident for slightly knowledgeable people. However, the data communication and setting of PLC are both implemented through RS485 wired mode. For general users, the PLC equipment is designed and integrated in the transformation or improvement project, in this case, it is very troublesome to re-deploy the commun

On the Necessity of wireless communication network optimization

Invisible wireless networks are quietly laid around us, bringing more convenience to our lives. The mobile phones that everyone can't leave are also transmitted through wireless networks. As a result, more mobile phone users are under increasing network pressure. Therefore, it is particularly important to optimize the wireless

Wireless Communication: Technology Integration to create the future

Wireless Communication: Technology Integration to create the future Due to the application of close-range wireless communication (NFC), most of the applications involve personal privacy and financial security, including the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the International Electrotechnical Commis

A survey of short-range wireless communication technology

The current use of a wide range of short-range wireless communications technology is Bluetooth (Bluetooth), Wireless LAN 802.11 (Wi-Fi) and infrared data transfer (IrDA). There are also some development potential of short-range wireless technical standards, they are: ZigBee, UWB (ultrawideband), short distance Communication

Analysis: Wireless Communication and associated network coding technology

Network encoding is based on the storage and forwarding of network information flows at network relay nodes to improve network throughput and save network bandwidth. In wireless communication networks, network coding, as one of the key technologies, can reduce network resource consumption to a certain extent, improve spectrum resource utilization, and transmit as much data as possible in limited spectrum re

"Case Study" example of wireless Modbus communication between Siemens S7-200 and frequency converters

In the industrial field by the PLC remote control inverter application is very common, if the trench wiring inconvenience or frequency converter on the mobile device, then the use of wireless communication is the best solution.   The benefits of this program are: No operating costs, no card, autonomous group network, distance, can pass through obstacles, bypassing the barrier,

3G wireless communication networks allow us to breathe "Digital air"

Although, at present, 3G wireless communication networks have not been applied to every mobile user as expected. However, the author believes that this is only a matter of time, and does not prevent us from looking forward to the bright future of 3G wireless communication networks. 3G has set a new goal for itself-digi

Mimo technology for wireless broadband mobile communication systems

MIMO technology can be used as a bridge to connect old and new wireless technologies, so that the two can develop and integrate harmoniously. So it is already an important technology in the next generation of wireless broadband mobile communication systems. The following will give you an in-depth analysis of its development. MIMO technology has become one of the

TM-UWB Technology and Its Application in wireless communication)

Traditional communication systems are usually fixed-frequency communication systems. The information to be transmitted uses a fixed bandwidth, and the signal is modulated to a fixed frequency band and then transmitted over a channel (wireless or wired. Any other signal in this channel will interfere with useful signals. Therefore, a

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