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Distributed Systems reading notes (eight)-----distributed objects and components

implemented a lot of Di (Dependency injection) control in the way of annotation annotations. By injecting, you can intercept multiple calls, and you can do what you want to do, such as ACL access control, or log operations, and so on.3, fractal is a lightweight distributed Component Services, he can also support multiple languages. His core consists of 2 parts, a server-side interface and a client interface.4, fractal has a similar structure with EJB

Recently, I want to read the net distributed applications book and take study notes. I systematically studied distributed application development and design.

A few days ago, I browsed it roughly. It was quite good. It made me understand what a real distributed architecture is and what I used before.ProgramLayering is not the same thing. I used to write a "standalone version" program, so I don't feel the benefits of layering. The original layering came from distributed... This book introduces the following knowledge p

Distributed Systems Reading notes (17)-----Distributed transactions

transaction in the execution of the process of saving a temporary, the format of 3, loggingLog technology acts as a record of transaction history in the process of recovering transactions. Through the completion of the transaction commit, constantly at the end of the recovery file append content, to complete the record, in order to do the recovery operation, from the back to the forward recovery.4, shadow versionsShadow versions technology uses an adjustable way to organize a recovery file. Bec

Distributed Systems reading notes (20)-----Distributed Multimedia system

IntroductionToday's distributed systems have become more and more to the application of distributed multimedia systems to go on the trend. The application of multimedia is essentially a consumption of continuous data flow. Audio and video are composed of audio sample and video frame. Sometimes because of the network co

Zookeeper: a distributed collaboration service program for Distributed Systems

failedReliability To show the system behavior when a node fails, we run the same benchmark test on a ZooKeeper service consisting of seven machines as in the previous section, but this time we fixed the write operation percentage to 30%, which is a conservative estimate of the expected load ratio.There are several points worth looking. First, if the followers fail to quickly recover, ZooKeeper can maintain a high throughput. But more importantly, the leader's election algorithm allows the syste

Distributed Systems reading notes (12)-----Distributed File System

system is also a distributed file system. AFS's initial design goal was to serve large-scale users and nodes, and his high scalability was a major feature of the device. One of his most effective strategies is to cache hundreds of users ' most recently used files in the client.1, AFS includes 2 important components, Venus and Vice, the former client, the latter in the server. The file service is implemented in Vice, the directory is implemented in Ve

External zookeeper-based Glusterfs as a fully distributed HBase cluster Installation guide for Distributed file systems

(WJW) External zookeeper-based Glusterfs as a fully distributed HBase cluster Installation guide for Distributed file systems[X] Prerequisites Server list: hbase84#Hbase-master hbase85#Hbase-regionserver,zookeeper hbase86#Hbase-regionserver,zookeeper hbase87#Hbase-regionserver,

The principle of consistency of distributed systems __ distributed

For distributed systems, we must deeply understand and remember one thing: the unreliability of distributed systems. "Reliability" means that the system can run continuously without fault, and if a system is accidentally down or is not working properly, then he is an unreliable system, even if the downtime and unusable

Distributed (one)--characteristics of distributed systems

A: IntroductionCharacteristics of distributed SystemsConcurrentLack of global clocksFault IndependenceTwo: examplesWeb SearchMassively multiplayer Online gamesFinancial transactionsThree: Trends in distributed systemsUbiquitous networking and modern internetMobile and Ubiquitous ComputingDistributed multi-media systemTreat distributed computing as a public facili

Extensible Web architecture and distributed systems

Open source has become the basic principle of some large web sites. And as these sites grow, some of the best practices and rules appear in their structure. The purpose of this paper is to introduce some key problems in the design of large web sites and the basic work to achieve them.This article focuses on the introduction of network systems, although some of the guidelines are also applicable in other distribute

Distributed System IV: Indirect communication __ Distributed systems

is essentially a one-to-many communication paradigm. Application Scenario: 1. Financial Information Systems 2. Other areas of direct input to real time data (including RSS feeds) 3. Support for collaborative work where there is a need to inform many participants of events of common interest 4. Support is ubiquitous in computing, including managing time from ubiquitous infrastructure (e.g., location events) 5. A range of monitoring applications, inclu

Designing data-intensive applications: opportunities and challenges for distributed systems

attribute, the last one also requires the system to have fault tolerance (2pc can not satisfy this property) Single leader can guarantee consensus, but single leader election relies on consensus algorithms, common fault tolerant consensus algorithms include (viewstamped Replication (VSR), Paxos, Zab) The consensus algorithm relies on leader, but leader is not fixed: The protocols define an epoch number (called the ballot number in Paxos, view number in Viewstam PED Replication, and term numbe

Details about Distributed Systems

Distributed Software Systems (Distributed Software Systems) is a Software system that supports Distributed processing and executes tasks in a multi-processor architecture interconnected by a communication network. It includes distributed

Mnesia-a robust Distributed DBMS for telecommunication application systems

. Mnesia is a multi-user Distributed DBMS written in Erlang to implement industrial telecom application systems. Erlang is also an ideal language for mnesia operations. Mnesia tries to cover all the issues related to data management in telecommunications systems. It has many uncommon features in traditional databases. Telecom applications have many feature requir

In-depth analysis: transactional processing of distributed systems classic problems and models (reprint sharing)

In-depth analysis: transactional processing of distributed systems classic problems and models (reprint sharing)Summary:Distributed systems require a balance between data integrity, consistency, and performance. This paper introduces the technical model of distributed data consistency, such as: master-slave,master-mast

Distributed command mode-a scalable command mode for Interconnected Systems

The distributed command mode is a recommended mode for architecture design. Compared with the design of common applications, it should be considered more in the interconnected system. The goal of this model is to have the same design for both an independent system and an interconnected system. This mode allows developers to focus on designing a common application that follows the command mode without considering that the application will be connected

[Tibet] a deep understanding of computer systems _ book reviews

operating system. this part is also a well-written part. In chapter 2, we will talk about the links and make it very clear about the concepts in the links (such as the two target files and the Three Link methods. I am a beginner. I have never understood what a link is. But after reading this book, I feel much better. chapter 2 describes exception handling. The most important thing is to introduce an important concept in the computer field of process.

Introduction to Distributed File Systems

Introduction to Distributed File Systems 1. The origin of the story Or many years ago, I had a small system, a small system related to payment. Because it is a small system, everything is so simple. An application server and a database server. Files and images are stored on the application server. Everything is so plain that everything is taken for granted. Suddenly one day, payment became a fashionable top

"Book Notes" recommendation System (Recommender systems An Introduction) Nineth chapter on the attack of collaborative filtering recommendation system

injecting data. -Personally suspect, how did the previous five methods inject data? It is difficult to directly modify the background database of others?! Clickstream attacks usually affect the "many of the classmates who read the book read the book."Attack countermeasure 1. Increase data injection costs by 2. Automatic detection of abnormal data by different systems

[Original] experiences in microapplication of cache in Distributed Systems (iv) [interactive scenarios]

Introduction to cache micro-Application Experience in Distributed Systems (iv) [interactive scenarios] Preface I have been busy with things in recent months, and I have never been idle for almost years. Busy in the middle of the fall of 2018, I have to sigh that time is always blank, and I do not know what I have gained or lost. I recently took a break and bought two books unrelated to technology. One wa

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