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Recommend a good book to programmers and programmers who are about to enter the work

I recently bought several classic It books. Among them, there is a "procedural ape cultivation: 33 skills required by professional programmers". This book is relatively thin, so I will read it first. This book is different from other technical books. In fact, it is not a technical book. It doesn't teach you how to impr

[to] recommended to programmers to read the book _ Programming

wall and door partition office. There is an answer in the book. Why do managers give their team so much leeway to complete the task. The answer is in the book. Why Microsoft has so many cohesive "home run" teams, they are clearly capable. The main reason is that Bill Gates has created a company full of managers who have read the human pieces. I can't recommend the book

Foreign programmers recommend: Every programmer should read the book _ Reading

Original link Editor's note: August 4, 2008, StackOverflow Netizen Bert F post questions: Which is the most influential book, is every programmer should read. "If you can go back to the past, as a developer, you can tell yourself which book you should read in the early part of your career, and which one you will choose." I hope this list is rich in content and can cover a lot of things. ” Many

Java self-study books recommend programmers to the architects must read the book _java

As a Java programmer, the most painful thing is to choose a range too wide, can read too many books, often easily confused. I'd like to pick out some of the technical books I've read and recommend them to you in the order of study, especially to the Java programmers who want to keep improving their skills. First, Java programming into categoriesfor programmers who do not have Java programming experience to

Which book is the most influential to programmers and every programmer should read? _ Books Overseas well-known website StackOverflow has a problem survey: Which book is the most influential to programmers, every programmer should read the book. , the survey has lasted two years, so far attracted 153,432 people to

12 Book of the most influential programmers (on)

12 Book of the most influential programmers (on) Many people ask me this question, especially those colleagues and friends who have just started their software engineering career. What books should I read in order to be a better developer? Do I really need to read? This is a very interesting question, and it is also a question I asked a lot of mentors when I became a software engineer. But the problem is th

12 Book of the most influential programmers (next)

12 Book of the most influential programmers (next) This issue is still for everyone to introduce programming related books, the last period of books you can go to search to see, electronic or physical books can look at Ah, the following continue to introduce the other books programming, I hope for the vast number of programmers to bring the gospel. 6. "Refactorin

I recommend a book that should be read by PHP programmers.

This article mainly introduces the recommendation of a book that should be read by PHP programmers. For more information, see This article mainly introduces the recommendation of a book that should be read by PHP programmers. For more information, see PHP has a poor reputation in recent years. There is a lot of

Software Transcript: programmer tribe chief: Joel talk about software (a blog book that affects millions of programmers around the world)

Software Transcript: programmer tribe chief: Joel talk about software (a blog book that affects millions of programmers around the world) [Author] (beauty) Joel Spolsky [same as the author's work] [Translator's introduction][Translated by] Ruan Yifeng [same translator's work][Book name] Turing programming Series[Release news agency] People's post and telecommunic

The ultimate shortcut for VB programmers to succeed -- industry insiders praise Zhang's new book!

for programmers who have just been familiar with VB. NET. This book can help them quickly improve their programming ideas, find ways to control the language, and solve problems in practical work. It is no exaggeration to say that this book is the ultimate shortcut for VB programmers to succeed.

Zen garden Zen of CSS before publishing-soliciting comments from designers and programmers of Chinese website companies on this book

We will present this fully-colored new book with one or two comments from designers and programmers of Chinese website companies. People's post and telecommunications Publishing House 07 Coming soon; Amazon computer bestsellers 2007 Popular books: Zen Garden Zen of CSS ------- A new CSS book that subverts traditional web design patterns is coming soon Title: Zen

An interview logic book tailored for programmers -- Analysis of programmer interview logic questions

question until I have answered the "warm-up question, I agree. However, since this book is intended for programmers, I guess this book focuses more on puzzles than some mathematical questions that readers expect. As you can imagine, it is difficult to parse the programming difficulties offered by the author. It is hard to imagine the workload during the course

< reprint > Free programming Book Resources recommended by foreign programmers

ReviewNASA Software Measurement HandbookNASA Manager Handbook for Software Development (PDF)Introduction to Functional Programming (classic course)How to Design ProgramsGuide to the software Engineering Body of knowledgeOnline Course MaterialsAlgorithms (draft)Data Structures and algorithmsEssential Skills for Agile developmentProgramming Languages:application and interpretationLearn to ProgramPatterns of Software:tales from the software Community (PDF)How to write unmaintainable CodeThe Art of

Life-saving teaching materials suitable for Chinese programmers-book reviews of programmer sheepskin exams (7)

Programmers in China are a group that lacks vocational education and career planning. Of course, this phenomenon is common in all walks of life in China. Obviously, there is a huge gap between education and future career development. Can education solve this problem? If the test is used as an evaluation method, the effect is obviously not obvious. The country has launched a soft exam, but it has not brought much improvement to this industry. Some peop

Which book is the most influential to programmers and should every programmer read?

There are a lotProgramThe book orders that Members must read are not very representative. I have no intention of seeing a book that is a good summary today. Sharing with friends. I have read a part of the books mentioned in the following book list, which makes me feel classic and classic. After reading it, I did get a lot of things, which may affect me. What I fe

The book of the most novice programmers of the 2016: The Growth Engineer's Guide

stream Continuous delivery Continuous integration Continuous Integration System Continuous integration process Continuous delivery Basic facilities Continuous deployment Continuous learning Continuous reading Continuous programming Continuous writing Legacy systems and code changes Legacy code Leg

Programmer's mathematics (a mathematical book written for programmers and Friends) (China-pub)

classic problems and algorithms such as the seven bridges in gonisburg, the juvenile Gaussian summation method, the Tower of Hanoi, And the Fibonacci series. Guides readers to deeply understand the mathematical methods and ideas in programming.The division of labor between programmers and computers is also discussed in mathematics of programmers. After reading this boo

Have the. NET programmers who have worked for many years established their own development knowledge bases? Share your e-book production experience

it to word, so I thought of using this software to download all their articles to the local disk. After you click StartProgramWill download their article to the G: \ document on the local disk. The MHT format is used to save images. MHT is also the mail format. If possible, you can save it as DOC/docx and PDF through the interoperability type. It is not difficult for programmers to do this. 2 power CHM debut, made into chm format The workfl

Book recommendation "Data Mining for Programmers Guide"

Trust me, you'll like him. This is a book for learning basic data mining knowledge. Most of the books on data mining focus on theoretical knowledge, which is difficult to understand and daunting. Don't get me wrong, these theoretical knowledge is still very important. But if you're a programmer and want to do some understanding of data mining, you'll need a primer for beginners. This is the purpose of writing this book.This guide is written in a "le

Book reviews, feelings, and quick reference to the "Practice of programmers"

In the "Praise" of "code Daquan", a student named John Robbins thought that "code Daquan" should be read every year. I think this suggestion also applies to this book. Many of the ideas and arguments in this book are based on the author's years of experience and practice. It is difficult to easily write such ideas in this book for your understanding, let alone ge

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