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For embedded beginners suggested reading book

Just joined a few embedded groups, the most question in the group is how to get started quickly. For this question, 1000 individuals may have 1000 answers. I also mixed in the embedded industry for a few years, although the technology is very water, after Not much, but there is still some experience compared to the small white that does not have the entry. Thinking about sorting out the books I've read, Also is to give oneself a summary, hope 2017, oneself can have new harvest. For embedded lear

Which book is suitable for beginners of PHP?

Which book is suitable for beginners of PHP? I read a lot of books about PHP on Amazon. I don't know what to buy ?, I have never read a paper book. I have a good tutorial on the internet. at least I can copy and test the examples directly. php nbsp; Bible, for beginners ~, I have never read any beginner PHP books. At

We recommend the typical Android programming examples and project development book to all android beginners!

After studying Android for half a year, books in the library have almost been borrowed. The final conclusion is that only the typical Android programming examples and project development book is the best. The author is published by Wu Yafeng, du huamei, Su yaguang, and the Electronic Industry Publishing House. Where is this book ?? Let's talk about other books in two ways. One is the implementation of an ex

A PHP classic tutorial book recommended by PHP Beginners _php Tutorial

Recently often have netizens through this site QQ contact me, asked me how to get started PHP, how to learn what, as a work for more than three years of Phper, although the technology is also mediocre, but also has always been blunt self-learning PHP programming some experience. For some beginners who want to learn PHP programming, I have always recommended "PHP and MySQL development" This book, because I m

For beginners of PHP scholars, buy that book is more appropriate

For beginners of PHP scholar, buy that book more suitable? I read a lot of PHP books on Amazon, do not know how to buy that good ah? ------Solution-------------------- Have not read the paper book, online tutorial Well, at least the example can be directly copy test ------Solution-------------------- PHP Bible, entry-specific ~ ------Solution--------------------

Php implements address book collection. My first php is suitable for beginners.

Php implements address book collection. My first php is suitable for beginners. It originated from sorting out the address book. I used file surveys. now I have learned php and I will try it myself.The program is short and concise and suitable for learning.There are two files. bj.html is used to display and collect form information. bj. php is used to pr

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