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[Ccna Study Notes] VTP

links between switches are trunk links 2. Configure The VTP Client ● Configure VTP client Mode ● Configure trunk ● Verify the VTP status ● Configure the access port. When a vswitch works in VTP client mode, a new VLAN cannot be added, but a port can be allocated to an existing VLAN. 1.2.2 VTP Configuration 1. Restore factory Configuration Switch # erase startup-config Delete STARTUP configuration file switch # Delete VLAN. dat Delete VLAN configuration file 2. configure all trunk links 3. Confi

CCNA Study Notes 08-13

CCNA Study notes 08-13First, the router boot process :1, power-on self-test2. Find and load iOS from flash3. Find and load boot configuration files from NVRAM (startup-config)second, physical cable:1. Network cable (twisted pair)Straight line (568B-568B): Different devices connected (R-SW/SW-PC/HUB-PC)Crossover Line (568A-568B): connected to the same device (r-r/sw-sw/r-pc/sw-hub)Full Reverse line (1-8/8-1)

Ccna Study Notes

to switches. The difference is that bridges only has two to four ports, while switches can have up to hundreds of ports, but in the same place, they can all split up a large number of conflicting domains, but they are still in a large broadcast domain. The task of dividing broadcast domains can be completed by routers. Internetworking Models In the early days, each network vendor had a private network, which was not easy to communicate with other manufacturers' networks. As a result, at

CCNA Study Notes 2 --- Ethernet

CCNA Study Notes 2 --- EthernetEthernet ◆ type: 1, EthernetII; 2, 100 standard Ethernet (10 Mbps) Fast Ethernet (1000 Mbps 10 Gbps 40 Gbps, using CSMA/CD access control, all are in line with 802.3 ◆ L2 network Classification 1, point-to-point: WAN network serial port 2, multi-point} ---- Ethernet broadcast} ---- Frame Relay does not support broadcast ◆ collision over Ethernet, when the two nodes transmit da

CCNA Study Notes 4 --- vro Startup Process and register value

CCNA Study Notes 4 --- vro Startup Process and register value◆ Role of the vro register value (after understanding, used to adjust the optimization of the vro switch work) power-on self-check (post) load and run boot guide microcode to search for IOS image) file loading IOS image file search configuration file loading configuration file normal operation hex 2102 two Bytes 8 bits, sixth adjustable process: ◎

CCNA Study Notes (ii)--CISCO equipment initial Contact

CCNA Study Notes (ii)--Initial knowledge of Cisco devicesIn the previous chapter we recognized the fundamentals of networking, and now we are formally exposed to Cisco devices.1, first we first understand the main components of a Cisco device:ROM (read-only memory): mainly save the post software, save the router boot boot program.RAM (random memory): loss of data, can store configuration files. >>> equivale

CCNA Study Notes 12-NAT

CCNA Study Notes 12-NATInside local-> inside group private IP address translation to public IP address, using the internet ◆ NAT term inside outside refers to the physical location (local PC Access to Baidu server, PC is inside Baidu server is outside) inside local: private IP address, cannot be directly used inside Internet inside group Global: Used to replace internal local IP address, on the Internet, it

CCNA Study Notes 13-WAN ppp

CCNA Study Notes 13-WAN pppWAN is a type of data communication network over the LAN geographic range. Enterprises must purchase services from WAN service providers. However, a LAN is generally classified as a company goods organization that uses a LAN to connect devices across the WAN to a wider range of geographical areas than a LAN. When you select a cross-region wan network, we recommend that you select

CCNA Study Notes 3 --- back up and upgrade IOS

CCNA Study Notes 3 --- back up and upgrade IOS1. Backup configuration to TFTP2, COPY from TFTP to run3, back up IOS4, and upgrade IOS5. If the upgrade fails, solution ◆ 1. Backup and Restore configuration 1, ensure that the network IP address of the router and computer (tftp Server) can be reached (direct connection, same network segment) 2. The computer runs tftp software 3, when hostname test1 is set on t

CCNA Study Notes 6-routing principle, Static Routing

CCNA Study Notes 6-routing principle, Static RoutingThe router works on the third layer. The device that provides the IP packet forwarding function generally refers to the routing information. The routing information is a piece of information to the destination, indicating the direction to the destination, A route can also represent a path. It refers to the process in which a router searches for its route i

CCNA Study Notes (11)--Frame Relay (FR)

This section lets us learn the next Frame RelayFrame Relay in CCNA's exams and daily work are seldom useful, but we still want to know, it is after all a CCNA in the focus.Frame Relay (Frames relay)Also referred to as FRFrame Relay is an important WAN technology, its main function is to connect two or more long-distance LAN. Frame Relay is mainly a packet switching technology, usually we just want to know how to connect LAN through Frame Relay and lon

Java self-study books recommend programmers to the architects must read the book _java

As a Java programmer, the most painful thing is to choose a range too wide, can read too many books, often easily confused. I'd like to pick out some of the technical books I've read and recommend them to you in the order of study, especially to the Java programmers who want to keep improving their skills. First, Java programming into categoriesfor programmers who do not have Java programming experience to get started, to read any introductory books

HTML5 Standard finally come, read what book study best??????

. Video player with subtitles 8, mobile phone location9, can drag and drop text reader 10, chat room11, queue processing orders 12, offline messages13, the new message reminds 14, WEBQQ's communication15, flowers and falling animation 16, MP3 player17, tracking User location 18, with the browser to take pictures and video19, Class iphone mouse Drag effect 20, file drag and drop upload21, Desktop Reminder tool 22, micro-blog information real-time push23, online Code Editor 24, preview the content

Linux Study Plan Book

Linux Study Plan BookMy name is frail, scholar after the old boy education operation class 5-6 months after the study I must achieve the salary goal is 12k/month. In order to achieve this goal, I will take the following action or plan1 Don't be late for class, absent from school.2 listen carefully in class and practice carefully3 Carefully preview positive Exchange discussion4 Finish the homework after the

Linux Study Plan Book

My name is Tao Jia, from a remote rural area in Jiangxi province, from a young age to eat as much as possible after graduation has done a lot of hard work at the bottom. Feel a lot of people's sarcasm, today the honor of the old boy's Linux full class hope to pass 6 months of study salary to reach 20K. To prove that I can do it. In order to achieve this goal I will pass as hard as down:1, serious classes do not leave early, innocent absence2, usually

Python Study Book 4th, chapter 13th while and for loops

iterate through the items in a sequence. For more efficient2. What is the difference between break and continue?Answer: Break jumps out of the current loopContinue jumps back to the top of the current loop3. When does the ELSE clause of a loop execute?A: The ELSE clause of while and for is executed once from the loop. If there is a break statement, it immediately leaves the loop and skips the Else section4. How to write a counter-based loop in Python?For: while x: Print (x) x-=1109876543215. Ho

Repeat the preface of the book "The Preliminary Study of Li's geometric structure"

From: MoD = viewthread tid = 2045 extra = Page % 3d42 Note:This is the preface to Mr. Wu hongxi's book the preliminary study of the LI Shi ry. Although it is about mathematics, I think our studyIt is very helpful, so I will spend some time posting it and share it with you.**************************************** **********************************To readers"Your Career sh

Support Vector Machine (SVM) algorithm analysis--Zhou Zhihua's Watermelon book Study

1. Linear can be divided intoFor a data set:If there is a hyper-planar x that can precisely divide the positive and negative samples in D into the sides of S, the hyper-plane is as follows:Then the data set D is linearly divided, otherwise, it is not possible to be divided.W is called the normal vector, which determines the direction of the super plane, and B is the displacement amount, which determines the distance between the super plane and the origin point.The distance from any point in the

Programmer interview written book study Record (iii) (database-related knowledge)

improve the performance of your system by using an optimized hidden device during the query process.B + trees are most commonly used, and performance is not bad, both for range queries and single-valued queries. In particular, the scope of the query, must use the B + tree in order to be able to.Hash if only for the single-valued query speed than the B + tree faster.The use of bitmaps is very limited, only a few cases can be used, it is important to determine the real appropriate use of this ind

My 2015-year study plan, and also every two weeks to finish reading a book!

, lent me, although I do not know what the book specifically to introduce what, read it again;Iii. bibliography to be read1. "Three bodies"2. "Dark Forest"3, "Death eternal Life"The above three book is rebels recommended three-body trilogy, online voice is good, must win;4, "Everyone is Product Manager", with my current work related, heard also good;5, "positioning", I recommended to me a small partner, he

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