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Computer Science and technology learning methods

existing theoretical knowledge to deduce a number of inferences, But one: The problem is not entirely likely to be a false inference, and the other: his inference in real life can not find a prototype, can not guide the practice. Strictly speaking, I am not an idealist, the theory of political science and practice has always been to guide me to learn scientific and cultural knowledge of the beacon (at least I think that

How can world-class universities cultivate programmers?

[Turing Book recommendation] Andrew Appel's famous tiger book Negative attention: A strange article from the Turing rooster finally mentioned a new book on computational complexity, from Princeton. He also found a similar book written by a second author of Sloan fellowship. By the way, I took a look at the course of computer science at Princeton University. What is a

Computer science and technology learning experience

University has published a book titled basic set theory. Mathematical logic: Lu zhongwanjiao, Institute of software, Chinese Emy of SciencesThe "mathematical logic for computer science" is good. Now we can find the lecture video from Professor Lu zhongwan,Visit In generalIt is not difficult to get started with logic. Ordinary High School Students can under

Analysis of the characteristics of computer speciality in 15 famous universities __ Database

With the advent of the IT era, almost all colleges and universities have established computer systems. A lot of computer professional fields, although for undergraduates, is basically a wide range of comprehensive training, but because there are the characteristics of various schools, students tend to have more in the field of strong gains. Tsinghua University: A

Ranking and introduction of computer majors in American universities

Convention: cs = computer science (department ). In general, the first 20 cs can be divided into three waves: One or four of the best CS program: Stanford, UC. Berkeley, MIT, CMU 2. The first 10 of the six others: uiuc, Cornell, U. of Washington, Princeton, U.Texas-Austin and U. of Wisconsin-Madison, among which uiuc, Cornell, U.Washington and UW-Madison almost never made the top 10. 3. Other excellent Cs:

A ramble on computer science

knowledge, theory and algorithm of mastering different disciplines ' own fields. such as an application how to design, how to provide a user interface, how to translate into machine language, how to run on the computer hardware, until the application is running to change the computer hardware of each gate circuit status.III. Basic DisciplinesWe often neglect the significance of non-professional disciplines

Why is computer science?

, computer programming, software engineering, and computer engineering, but it is often confused, although there are different degrees of crossover and coverage between these disciplines .""Computer Science, rooted in electronic engineering, mathematics, and linguistics, is the crystallization of

Ebook download: classic book of computer science (41 books in total) (Part 1)

world.----------------------------------------------------------------4. Concrete mathematics a foundation for computer science (second edition) Author: Donald. E. knuth Ronald L. GrahamWeb site: /~ Knuth/gkp.htmlAmazon reviews: Amazon.comIt is excited that the main author of this book is tdoount Donald. e. knuth and his coll

Thoughts on Computer Science

administrative management, but may cause confusion. This is another reason why I do not like the word "computer science. The work of some "computer scientists" may also be called computer experimental science. However, mathematicians and hackers at both ends are not doing

Self-developed computer-the essence of Computer Science

What is a computer? Is computer science very advanced? You may think of integrated circuits, assembly languages, operating systems, and so on. However, a real computer is essentially very simple, and you can do it yourself, the so-called integrated circuit is only one way to implement a

Statistics on the research direction of Computer Science

Computer science is generally called Computer Science and Technology in Chinese universities. Although it is often referred to as CS (computer science), in a sense, CS outside China sho

Personal views on the difference between software engineering and computer science

The core courses of software engineering are mainly related to the development of softwares, such as software requirement analysis, UML modeling language, software architecture, software project management, software testing and so on. In contrast, the course of professional science is more of the breath of science and technology courses, among which software does not include: assembly language, digital circ

Ebook download: classic book of computer science (41 books in total) (Part 2)

upgraded to a new version, Introduction to MS-DOS and how to coordinate with your computer hardwareA complete guidance on understanding and using MS-DOSA command Manual contains definitions, examples, and tables to help you quickly find information!----------------------------------------------------------------18. Computer Graphics C version 2nd ed Author: Donald heam, M. Pauline BakerPublisher: Prentice

There is no way ahead: the Way Out for computer science graduates

line, and the lines pass through Rome. Indeed, people have their own strengths. Remember that the East is not bright, the West is bright, and the South has the north. Never be dispelled by the current setbacks. This is just a start for life. China's IT industry has been in its infancy for ten years and is very young. Fresh things and sunrise industries are always attracting much attention. This is the reason why computer majors have quickly become po

Academic Search-How to find academic papers in computer science

academic research trends. Also reflects its academic influence to a certain extent. The author's personal page has also recently added personalization features, such as the author's research interests, embedding the author's list of papers in other pages such as personal pages, RSS feeds, and the latest information about the author. Homepage update the most popular authors and papers in real time A Visual view page that gives a diagram of the collaborators associated with an author,

Do software engineers need a computer science degree?

This article is from my translation on infoq Chinese siteArticle, Original address is: The role of a software engineer does not necessarily require a computer science degree. However, the recent resignation of Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson due to a computer science degr

The difference between software engineering and computer science and technology

My understanding is that the course of software orientation is more focused on application as technology and computer science courses are more focused on science or academia. Although the two in essence there is no good or bad points, but in the teaching of software engineering can be found in the course of "virtual", lack of practice, after all, colleges and

Recommended bibliography for Computer Science and Technology Majors

) mathematical logicMo zongjian, mathematical logicMathematical Logic for computer science: Lu zhongwan, Institute of software, Chinese Emy of SciencesMathematical Logic tutorial Zhu WuIntroduction to the basics of MathematicsIntroduction to axiomatic set theory World Book Publishing HouseA course of mathematical logic World

What you have to do for four years in college-those that learn computer science and four years in college

What you have to do for four years in college-those that learn computer science and four years in college Kai-fu Lee mentioned in "the world is different from you" that Google's requirements for undergraduates were: The University has compiled at least 0.1 million program lines in four years; High emotional intelligence, team spirit, and willingness to cooper

Talking about the views of trained and non-trained in the view of computer science

some front-end things have a lot of experience of things. Here I want to say is that no matter what we do is that part of the work, but at least we should also know what other things are doing, do not blindly worship, think what is NB. AJAX, JQuery, bootstrap these things as long as you understand the basics, you will know that these tools, just tools for them, like humans invented machines instead of manual, or digging, but the tools make us live more comfortable and more efficient.SummarizeWh

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