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Using treewalk to rack DNS in three steps is that simple

Self-made local DNS servers accelerate bandwidth When we install a broadband network, the ISP (Internet Service Provider) usually provides several DNS server addresses and then sets them in the Internet TCP/IP protocol settings window. At present,

Build a local DNS server to speed up the network

When we install a broadband network, the ISP (Internet Service Provider) usually provides several DNS server addresses and then sets them in the Internet TCP/IP protocol settings window. At present, I believe everyone has encountered network

Several security questions about DNS

Several security questions about DNS Author: demonalex In the TCP/IP architecture, the most insecure is the data security at the application layer.Program/The remote buffer overflow and Script Injection of the operating system occur at this

Uncover DNS background files: DNS series of five

In the previous blog, we introduced the architecture of DNS, the common records, also introduced the configuration of the secondary server, today we will introduce some of the files behind the DNS server. In fact, the work of the DNS server relies

Use DNS benchmark tools to optimize Domain Name Server Performance

Generally, the performance and timing problems of dns are caused by suspicious query results. In this case, no matter whether the dns is parsed or not, the consequences are the same. What should we do for actual problems such as long response time,

What about the DNS one-key setup tool?

DNS One-key setting tool how to: Alibaba recently officially released its public dns-alidns, this time the introduction of a key DNS settings tool for Taobao users to launch, but also to meet the user to play game Brush Weibo and other online needs.

DNS resolution acceleration for website URLs under Ubuntu10.10

It is actually very simple. That is, dnsmasq. However, the default Ubuntu10.10livecdi386 is only installed with-base, and the dnsmasq program is not installed. After using the url, the translation speed of the url into an ipv4 address is almost

How to select the most bull x DNS

As a network worker, I feel that the most troubling problem for me is not that the user told me that the net was broken, but instead told me that he was slow. What's slow? Slow to download things, open the web slowly, open some sites fast, open some

Learn 12 DNS configurations with me in linux (I)

I learned 12 DNS configuration (I) together with linux-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. The following is a detailed description. Dns Server Setup 1 In the past two days, the company's own movie server crashed, so it

Reproduced Linux series: Ubuntu virtual machine Set fixed IP internet (configure IP, gateway, DNS, prevent resolv.conf from being rewritten)

It is most convenient to set up the Internet in the virtual machine, because there is no need to manually set up the Internet, but Nat's Internet mode by default is DHCP dynamically assigned IP, which means that every time you restart the virtual

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