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ERP application in the apparel manufacturing industry-ERP must solve ten key problems)

solution for quick entry and Automatic Generation of clothing BOM The BOM of ERP in the apparel industry is a neural component. It must be on the same interface. By inputting information such as a bill consumption table and a color table, the BOM of multi-color and multi-size manufacturing will be generated automatically immediately, at the same time, the same variant Bom, the same color and code materia

MES project import-import notes-discrete manufacturing enterprises import ERP

Discrete Manufacturing products are often composed of multiple parts that are finally assembled after a series of non-continuous processes. When imported into the ERP system, several problems should be paid attention. ERP development originated from discrete manufacturing Manufactu

Manufacturing enterprises have ERP, why do we need MES?

today, manufacturing companies face tight economic and competitive pressures: less profit, more tight delivery times, shorter production cycles, and more complex products. Most companies are already using ERP systems, they will think: I have used the ERP, why also need MES (manufacturing execution system)? `In fact,

Father of ERP process talking about the future of ERP software

more complicated is that sometimes the cost of implementation will become a runaway project. The question is whether you have an appropriate scope, appropriate expectations, and appropriate project management ." To eliminate the risk of implementing ERP software, he said his company had created custom templates for specific vertical industries to control implementation costs and

Soft exchange-five major talent guides you to determine whether ERP software is applicable

required to be fast, which is the basic work for the ERP system to be launched. After ERP is launched, as data and information increases, the amount of data is growing. Can the ERP software system meet the needs of increasing data information, it has become a key issue for CIOs to select

Enterprise Solution Resource Planning management software C/s architecture, support 64-bit system, enterprise comprehensive application integration, manufacturing informatization

be analyzed according to the engineering data provided by the customer, the processing process is made and the average price of each process is calculated. Installation Environment Implementation steps Stage On-line module Implementation cycle 1 Engineering Sales Procurement Warehouse Around 2 Material Control Workshop Control production plan Eight weeks 3 Payables Accounts receivable Ledg

Core differences between software development and Mechanical Manufacturing

My personal experience is a little special. I did not study software, but I joined this industry in the context of software popularity. Since many of my colleagues are still in the original industry, Communication from time to time has made me reflect on the differences between software development and machinery manufacturing

Deskpro.v3.0.0.enterprise.php.null 1CD (3-dimensional modeling CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) software to build 3-D stereoscopic models as quickly as possible and transform them into data that can be used by CNC machines)

calculation, Alloy system diffusion control calculation) Trane Products:trane.trace.700.v4.1 1CD (building simulation software, including heating and ventilation systems (HVAC), to facilitate user evaluation of the value of a building) Ilight 1CD (CFD universal post processing)Ilight Fieldview v10.0 for LiNUX 1CDIlight Fieldview v10.0 for SOLARiS 1CDFieldview v8.0 Instructions for use Fuel Tech Products:Acuitiv

ERP Software database overwrite data recovery success/Reload database system software, resulting in file overwrite with same name

Tags: ERP software database repair Database overwrite repair data mistakenly deleted repair consistency fixERP Software database overwrite data recovery success/Reload database system software, resulting in file overwrite with same name"Data Recovery failure description"a hotel in Shanghai

Software on the enterprise, choose ERP or ERC

. Completely rewrite the history of the past independent account sets design mode, intelligently realize the same enterprise, unified control, unified management, independent accounting problems. 2. order control and production and sales demand coordination system. Through the production and sales demand system, fine control from orders, inventory operations, production planning, material procurement, process flow to the final delivery of the whole process. 3. production Process Control and inte

Five major mistakes to avoid when purchasing ERP software

The informatization process of enterprises in China is moving forward. In order to win the favor of customers in the competition, various ERP manufacturers often make every effort to blow their own products. So, how can customers stay clear about the selection of ERP systems and find the appropriate ERP system? The following are the five errors that are frequentl

ERP Software database overwrite data recovery success/Reload database system software, resulting in file overwrite with same name

ERP Software database overwrite data recovery success/Reload database system software, resulting in file overwrite with same name"Data Recovery failure description"A hotel in Shanghai ERP software was originally installed on the C drive, the user mistakenly operation to unin

Differences between ERP and invoicing Software

international giants) are daunting to purchase, sell, and sell goods! ERP improves the internal management capability of the enterprise, while invoicing improves the "dominance" capability of the enterprise's external resources. The management capability (ERP effect) is proportional to the quality of the solution used (or the total it cost), while the governance capability (invoicing) the price is invers

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of UF ERP software system and the advantage of integrated business software system

data and financial data to a single platform, enabling companies to quickly expand their multi-organization, multi-location and multi-channel sales channels. Because of increased visibility, companies can more effectively upsell and cross-sell their existing customer base.User-driven Innovation:With rapid implementation of process changes, terminals can apply the business domain expertise they specialize in developing tailor-made systems to improve their productivity. At the same time, it resou

ERP Supplier-Enterprise resource planning software supplier

ERP Provider-ERP system integrates and automates all business processes to make the company more efficient, more profitable activities, using ERP software, which is basically multi-module applications. There are many ERP vendors in the market and choosing one is not a simple

How can we determine whether ERP software is used together?

relationship in ERP is a lot of complicated, if it is written one by oneProgramWhen the customer wants to change, they need to find a software company to change the program. This kind of software lacks flexibility, and the implementation will face the endless new demands of the customer. Therefore, when selecting a model and conducting technical research, you

How to make traditional ERP software SaaS?

with the advent of the Internet era, more and more traditional enterprises have to transform, step by step Internet, informatization, which makes traditional ERP software more difficult to meet the needs of enterprises, traditional the CRM system is not only SaaS but also PAAS , the traditional ERP software must be Sa

Huawei hires ERP implementation, Oracle development, software developers

In order to support the rapid development of the company's business, Huawei it to introduce a large number of talent. The basic requirements for the current recruitment are as follows: 1. Vacant Posts: ERP Implementation, Oracle development, software development, etc.2, the basic conditions: more than 3 years of work experience, Master's degree of 2 years of work experience, related graduate, degree, Engli

ERP software sales methodology-spin sales method (spin selling)

Many people have been selling ERP software products and have received many trainings on sales methods, including c139, yongyou's "Strategy 9 q" and other methods, but in fact, some pioneers in the industry have created related sales methods, that is, the spin sales method. They have always known only the concept of spin, I did not have a clear understanding and learning experience. In the past few days, I h

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