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TeamLab TeamLab is a free and open-source platform for commercial collaboration and project management. Main functions of TeamLab include project management, milestone management, tasks, reports, events, blogs, forums, bookmarks, Wiki, and instant messaging. ZenTao PMS Zentao is the first domestic outstanding open source p

5 Free project management software for 2015

5 free project management software for 2015 years A mention of project management software , everyone may be concerned about, is not free? It's all full of functions, isn't it? Okay, good?Today small series to you recommend 5

GNU M4-gnu Project-free Software Foundation (FSF)

images. The stable version of the development branch can also be checked out from git using the following:git clone git:// 或 git clone checkout -b branch-1.6 origin/branch-1.6Document:GNU M4 documentation can be found in You can also find more information about the GNU M4 by locating a local document. For example, you can view /usr/share/doc/m4/, or use i

Software classification (free software, open source software, public software ......)

we use it. Copyleft is a general concept. In fact, it is also a program. You need a set of specific terms of distribution. There are many ways to write free distribution terms.Non-copylefted Free Software) Non-Copyleft Free Software refers to the

"Software project Management" Course Knowledge summary _ software project management

Quality Management (Quality): Ensure that the project meets the needs of all parties.(2). 5 Standardization process of PMBOKProject 9 large areas of knowledge and 5 major standardization processes are interrelated. At the same time, in the software project management will often encounter the demand is not clear, more changes, lower workload, low team level, inad

(Excerpt) _ Database Design entry classic: planning and preparation through analysis _ 9.4 Project Management

." --The existing structure usually provides us with more information about the company. However, if you are replacing a system, it is likely to conflict with the old system, so this approach is risky.● "Don't try to re-invent tires "--When planning to build software or a new database model, you can use the appropriate ideas put forward by others. Of course, you need to watch out for outdated ideas. Thorou

F-free DIY Tour (Dynamic planning)

This problem can also use deep search to do, can deep search is not familiar, long time did not do early forget, tomorrow to see how to doDescriptionWeiwei is a software engineer of Shiningsoft. He has just excellently fulfilled a software project with his fellow workers. His boss was so satisfied with their job, that he decide to provide them a

"I can also do CTO programmer career planning" and ". NET software design new thinking-building software like building blocks" new book release Review

Yang Zong, director of the computer book module of the Electronics Industry Publishing House, gave a welcome speech. In the young man's field, he felt a lot happier: Mr Yang and Mr. Hu Demin, Microsoft's senior market manager in China, unveiled the secrets of "I can also be a CTO programmer career plan" and ". NET software design new thinking-building software like building blocks: Mr Hu Demin, Microsoft'

Oracle DBA Database Senior Engineer Career Learning guide and career Planning Video Course (free)

Career Learning guide and career Planning Video Course (free)Http:// Oracle Employment High-paying courses:Oracle DBA Database Engineer Training Roadmap Upper (foundation depth + project implementation + Backup recovery)Package Purchase Address:Http:// route Map:Http://edu.51cto

Project Development Management Technology: Project version control, software modeling, software testing, and Project Document Management

1. version control technology and toolsVersion control is an essential tool for Program Development and Management. Especially in a collaborative team, appropriate version control tools can improve development efficiency and eliminate many problems caused by code versions. By using version control technology and tools, you can ensure that the same document involved by Different developers in software project

Project Management Checklist-project planning

Number Check items 1 Do you know what the customer (Information Center and business Room) expects of the project? 2 Have you developed a project management plan (Project master plan)? 3 Are the first drafts of the software requirements written in accordance

CMM (Project Planning and Tracking Project Management)

Simple planning and tracking are only part of project management. Here we will start with project management to sort out daily management experiences and methods.I. Basic responsibilities and methods:A. Evaluate the project.B. Plan the project:Including:The selection and cropping of this software process (specifically,

Software Testing engineer career planning for the next ten years

test standard, software test technology and method, software test project management) 4. Basic knowledge of software development (engineering knowledge, understanding software development methods and processes) Technical category 1. Program language C/c++,vb,vc,java,.net,a

Software Engineer Career Planning

Software Engineer career planning Release Date: Contribute to the career planning of software engineers: Well plan your own path and do not follow your feelings! According to the ideal decision-making arrangement of individuals, most people do not expect to become an Academician or professor, but want to live a bit mor

Software Testing development Planning

developing project, can provide support and demonstration to users ;Learning Direction: Performance testing, testing skillsFifth stage: Senior director of Test/programming ( Senior safety or performance Test engineer )Self-condition: A test engineer or programmer with 6-10 years of experience.Specific work: Responsible for the management of 8~10 technical staff. Performance testing of the overall scheme design, s

Importance of preliminary planning for Java software development

various job platforms, as well as a variety of development tools, API suites and execution environments, choose from a wide range of resources including commercial, free, and open source code.   Process is related to project budget and time control "Program" refers to a software development process or a project proc

Flexible and effective data warehouse solutions: Part 1: customer interaction and Project Planning

, multi-layer process iterations, and more end users. Shows the main interactions you have with customers during a successful project as a data warehouse solution provider. Figure 2. customer interaction process of data warehouse solution Solution start up: in the initial step of customer interaction, you and your customers will decide to start the data warehouse project and start establishing the protocol

94 free software better than paid Software

scanning and removal Software Aim fix is designed to clear all known aim viruses with a powerful cleanup tool, the aim fix: Best phone software These software allows you to talk to others for free. All you need is a headset and a microphone. Skype has powerful encryption tech

Cmme for development Reading Notes-Project Planning (PP)

2. Project Planning (PP) 2.1. Build estimated value Estimated project scope First, we will give a general description of the work project, and then establish a work splitting structure (WBS ). WBS is a term composed of three key elements: Work, a task that can generate tangible results, and breakdown, a hierarchical

Test Architect: 1 career planning for software test engineers

Test Architect: 1 career planning for software test engineers2016-08-111 Professional Development direction of software testing 1.1 managementTable 1 Administrative level differentiation Management level Position Working years Under Test object Duty Junior

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