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21 Free UI design tools and resource sites, whether it's a web,js,android

online tool for user interface design and collaborative layout tools. Serena Prototype Composer official address: Serena Prototype Composer is the process of making flowcharts, simulating program processes and user interface design programs. CACOO Official Address: Http:// is a user-friendly online drawing tool that allows you to c

Recommended website design materials-30 exquisite Free vector backgrounds

Website DesignUse Vector background andVector ElementIs a new trend in web design. More and more web designers adopt this design style. UseConcentric heart circle, rainbow color, flickering stars, dots, arrows and a cloud shape.The vector effect of the matched website is very good, Find the appropriateFree vector ba

Seven Awesome single-page website design templates are recommended. The key is free!

We have previously recommended Bootstrap practical development tutorials and 8 special effects and applications implemented by HTML5. the response is very strong. many front-end enthusiasts have asked to share more similar tutorials and templates. The seven single-page website design templates we recommend today are not only    We have previously recommended Bootstrap practical development tutorials and

10 of the best free online tools for website design and development

, including pictures, Css,javascript,rss,flash, and frames, load visual comparison functions for each object.9. Markup Validation ServiceThe Markup Validation Service is a free tool tag validator, in other words, it examines the syntax of the document, such as HTML format and so on. The validator will mark a syntax that does not conform to the definition.10, PIXLRPIXLR is a reliable image editor that offers free

20 free and best website design Fonts

20 Best Free Fonts For Web Design Are you looking for something fresh, concise, decent, but cool? I believe that the following 20 free and concise fonts are exactly what you want. Even better, you can not only use these free fonts for project design, but also display them t

Very good free open-source website prototype design tools

The software is named penpencil. It is a completely free and open-source website prototype design tool. It also has hand-drawn elements that can be used to create multiple pages. pages can be connected through links to design The results can be exported as PNG images for the reference of the artist and developers. .

Share 20 copyright-free HD image library sites,

personal website updates 7 images every Thursday. There are plenty of images available for you to enjoy. DesignersPics. Com A high-quality image library website is well classified. Raumrot The website features that all images are manually selected, saving the designer effort. However, credits must be given to creators. If the payment is inconvenient, refer to

10 Free online learning sites for web designers

covers more than 100 courses, covering a variety of content from embedded to design JS, and some courses even teach you how to do app. If your needs are just as unique, you might be able to find what you need here.   10–the New Boston This is a Web application development site, with 53 videos, mainly for HTML5 and CSS3. These videos detail the relevant specifications of HTML5 and CSS3, and analyze the meaning and usage of each of the fe

8 Free Learning Sites Conscience recommendation

understand some of the basic principles of HTML or JavaScript, and more importantly, use Codecademy to learn programming is full of fun. Web Site Learning Wizard is very powerful, so that users such as playing customs clearance game to solve problems, guide users to complete the corresponding teaching tasks.General class:⑦ NetEase Open ClassLinks: Open Class is committed to the dissemination of the knowledge and wisdom of all mankind, is a large, comprehensive, focus

Summary of excellent Chinese website navigation sites

from other websites, such as 265, when these sites require the homepage advertisement location to be 1 W1 month, isn't it worth yuan to go to hao123 to buy one month. Now it is very difficult to make free of charge, but as long as your website can achieve 1st million in the industry, there is still a chance to put it on Level 2 pages. Some old website

14 Web sites that provide free commercial picture materials

Most of the images on these sites are not copyrighted or copyrighted, and can be reproduced, modified, or forwarded at will, or even for commercial use. Some of these may require a copyright notice, but they are all free!   Public Domain archive--100% New Gallery Link Address:   02.IM free--

Is there any good plan to implement password-free login for Web sites now?

Is there any good plan to implement password-free login for Web sites now? Background: The company operates more personnel, and third-party cooperation is also more, many operators have a third-party website account password, but if the operator leaves, this password may be lost or leaked. Therefore, an account management system is required to manage the account

10 Web sites that offer free PHP script downloads

This article will focus on the 10 php script free resource download station. In addition to PHP scripts, these sites include JavaScript, Java, Perl, ASP, and other scripts. If you're a scripting-code craftsman, it's a lucrative way to put your good scripts on the Code Canyon website, especially when wages are rising. 1.PHP Junkyard

10 Best Free Book sites

10 best free book sites 1. Public domain books of the Gutenberg program The Gutenberg program is the earliest free ebook website on the Internet. They have a large number of volunteers and currently have over 20,000 of their holdings. The vast books, find a good book is not easy, and Gutenberg book download leaderbo

Recommended 10 _php Examples of Web sites offering free PHP script downloads

This article will focus on the 10 php script free resource download station. Previously recommended "16 Hot sites to download cool scripts," such as PHP script, JavaScript, Java, Perl, ASP and other scripts. If you're a scripting-code craftsman, it's a lucrative way to put your good scripts on the Code Canyon website, especially when wages are rising. 1.PHP Ju

10 top-level Web sites offering free CSS tutorials

CSS can be said to be the best base of HTML friends, (Hello!) you make JS love why Ah! JavaScript wipe tears drift over) believe that a lot of students HTML and CSS are written well, but JS has been difficult to tackle, so we do not mention this pot here. Now, there are a lot of CSS tutorials available, including examples, small test, reference options, and online editors) site, today share the 10 sites, you can get some small and beautiful CSS tutor

Dropbox + farbox high-speed creation of free blog sites

Provider (dnspod resolution domain name, resolution takes effect quickly). For more details about Domain Name setting methods, click to view the documentation. After the domain name resolution takes effect, you can use your bound domain name to ask the site. Generally, domain name resolution takes more than two hours to take effect (dnspod is 0-10 minutes ), please wait for a while and refresh the domain name. If you still cannot renew your account after 24 hours, please try clearing the browse

Designers must! Free download PSD footage of 32 sites

Today I want to share with you a group of the best websites that can download PSD graphics footage for free. PSD files are very useful resources because you can see all the layers and what techniques are used to create these works and effects. Some of the listed sites may already be well known, but you will be surprised to find that they also offer free PSD files

Find 21 free commercially available gallery sites at once

, and you can also choose to search for one of the sites. Step 2 Click on the image you want to download, use the picture, will open and link to the original site, you only need to select Download or save the picture a new file, you can use these free gallery content. Attach Benefits: Last month Bootstrap official released 4.0 beta version, optimized a lot of details. Today we ma

Design Resource Sites

Document directory Paid Fonts Landscape and vector Images Free photo and vector image downloads Website template Inspiration Excellent tutorial site Download free photoshop Resources Design blog Color palette Tips and tricks Code Designer enthusiast Free font

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