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Boutique software recommended Kaspersky Internet Security I have used one of the best anti-virus software yo

Introduction to Kaspersky Internet Security software 2015 softwareKaspersky Internet Security 2015 in 2014 just over 3 ushered in his birth, it seems that Kabbah's engineers are not idle. Kaspersky Internet

Internet Explorer 10: blocking malicious websites to maintain network security

IE 10 Browser with SmartScreen Filter, can help users blocked malicious Web site maintenance network security. In addition, IE10 supports XSS cross-site scripting filtering, reputation applications, privacy browsing, tracking protection, and detection and repair. IE10 allows users to run personal labels, blocking the presence of cached data in browsers, including historical records and cookies, which greatl

Xfocus Windows Internet Server Security Configuration

of McAfee 8iThis version can be updated in a timely manner for many malicious codes and Trojans in China.For example, the top 2006 of Haiyang is detected.Besides, it can remove the mime-encoded virus files in the queues used by SMTP software such as IMail.Many people prefer to install the Norton Enterprise Edition, while Norton Enterprise Edition does not respond to webshell.In addition, mime-encoded files cannot be antivirus.In McAfee.We can also ad

Graphics and text tutorials to improve security of Windows XP systems by turning off 10 of services-security settings

Improving system security involves many aspects, one of the important steps is to turn off unnecessary services. Although Microsoft Windows XP is not a network operating system, the default is that many of its services are open. For a sober Microsoft user, shutting down some unwanted services is an important aspect of security. Of course, each version of

After three years of closed R & D, the cutting-edge internet security software "Fireworks" was officially launched.

10 MB of memory is occupied during running, far smaller than other products. After the installation of fireworks, whether it is Boot speed or playing a large game, you can maintain the maximum smoothness, no card, no interruption.Top technical teams build professional products"We have the best security technical team in China", Liu Gang is very proud of the high level of the fireworks technical team. He is

Top 10 vulnerability cracking Internet cafe management software (1)

every Internet cafe administrator. I. IE menu Vulnerability Easy menu Retrieval The patches of the boss of Microsoft are getting more and more. This doesn't mean that Uncle Bill has more and more vulnerabilities, but is responding to the sentence "there are policies and countermeasures ", the vulnerabilities in the file and tool menu of the old version of the web management software used to block IE are v

10 personal internet security guidelines for PC users in China

1. if not required, do not enter your personal information.Leave it blank in the allowed places.2. if not required, you do not need to fill in your real information.If you can, enter a virtual information. If you are afraid to forget it later, you can enter a fixed Virtual Information and save it in a place, such as your mailbox. 3. Do not publish the Email or mobile phone number directly in the public display area. As long as the Email is published, it is in a location that can be crawled by s

Windows Internet Server Security Configuration _ server

Windows Internet Server Security Configuration Principle article We're going to make a response from every step of the intruder. Step-by-step reinforcement of the Windows system. strengthen the Windows system. In a few ways. 1. Port Restrictions 2. Set ACL permissions 3. C

China PC user Personal Internet 10 Network Security Guide

security. 7. Do not have a nickname through the world. Think of MOP's human flesh search, you should know, if in multiple sites, forums using the same nickname, if others need, it is easy to track. 8. Do not have a password to pass the world. At the very least, when you use a service, your service password and the email password you leave in the service are not the same. If you have an account stolen, you retrieve the password to the mailbox, fou

How to set the security level of Internet Explorer 10

Steps for setting the security level of the IE10 Browser: 1. Open IE10 and click "Tools" to find "internet Options. If no tool is available, press the ALT key on the keyboard to bring up the menu bar. 2. You can set internet, local intranet, trusted sites, and Restricted Sites in security settings, you can change the

Server security Software--Server security dog Windows V4.2 wolfberry Edition released

process, new revision style 2, Optimized password protection, support cloud authentication 3, Optimize security policy, support batch increase protection port 4, optimize the Web firewall, support batch increase the protection port 5. Optimize super black and white list, support batch increase rule 6, optimize the ARP firewall, intelligent detection of Gateway changes 7, optimized DDoS firewall, smooth FTP upload operation 8, opti

How to disable hardware acceleration for Internet Explorer 10 to improve software compatibility

Open IE and click the Tools menu in the upper right corner, as shown in the following figure:2. Select the Internet option.1. Select advanced from Internet options.2. In "settings", find "accelerated graphics", as shown in the following figure:3. Click "use software rendering instead of GPU rendering" at the bottom of the page, and t

How to maximize the enterprise-level security features of Windows 10

How to maximize the enterprise-level security features of Windows 10 Windows Defender provides basic protection capabilities, but you still need to download other third-party anti-malicious software packages-free or paid-as an alternative. Although the regression of the St

Introduction to the Flash Player that comes with Windows 8 system Internet Explorer 10

Windows 8 comes with a Flash player for Internet Explorer 10, which I believe is something you've noticed. However, this comes with a "special" Flash Player. This own Flash player, a touch-optimized flash Player developed by Microsoft in collaboration with Adobe, is indeed different from the Flash player downloaded from the Adobe website. I remember reading an a

Enable or disable Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration in Windows Server 2012

When you open IE browser in Windows Sever 2012, IE10 will receive a prompt for " Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration enabled ." How do I set the security level to " High security " If I want to turn off the enhanced securit

Windows 10 launches four major security improvements today

highlights of Windows 10 in terms of security: I. Hardware virtualization-based security isolation Windows 10 introduces the Credential Guard and Device Guard security functions, and u

Windows Internet Server Security Configuration Guide principle 1th/2 page _win server

We are now starting with the first step of the intruder. The corresponding start to strengthen the existing Windows system. 1. Scan This is the first step that intruders have to take at the beginning. Search for vulnerable services, for example. Corresponding measures: Port restrictions All of the following rules. You need to select a mirror or you will not be able to connect All we need to do is open the port that the service needs. And all the oth

Principles of Windows Internet Server Security Configuration Guide page 1/2

grant all permissions to administratorsInstall anti-virus software. Remove uploaded malicious code in real time.Personal recommendations for MCAFEE or KasperskyIf MCAFEE is used, all files added and modified in the WINDOWS directory will be blocked. 4. WebShellAfter an attacker uploads a file, the attacker needs to use WebShell to execute executable programs or use WebShell to perform more convenient file

Windows Internet Server Security Configuration principle article

We will step by step to strengthen the Windows system from the various aspects of intruder intrusion, which are attributed to the following: 1. Port Restrictions 2. Set ACL permissions 3. Close a service or component 4. Packet filter 5. The Audit We are now starting with the first step of the intruder, the corresponding start to strengthen the existing Windows system: 1. Scan This is the first step for intr

Windows 12 Closes the Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration prompt

If we are a local computer, the current use of more should be WIN10 system version, but the VPS, servers, some of our user's projects may be useful to Windows 12 or other version. The default Internet browser is a hassle, and we're always prompted to "Enable Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration" when we wa

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