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Itil I understand-my experiences in Guide

, there are almost 40 processes (exaggerated by foreigners ).The Guide only describes ten core processes and one management function of itil. They are:A management function: the service desk.Ten core processes:Service Support: configuration, change, release, accident, ProblemService provision: service level, continuity, finance, capability, and availability. Service Desk ):A "front-end" (a centralized and

CSS design guide, Study Notes 1, css design guide

CSS design guide, Study Notes 1, css design guide This article is about some notes and Experiences after reading Charles Wyke-Smit's "CSS design guide" over the past few days. I seem to be getting started with web design when I was a freshman, because it is not a computer Major, all of them are self-taught. I remember

Golang Study notes-Environment Building guide

Recently, we've been working on Docker and Kubernetes, both in the go language, in order to get a deeper understanding of Docker and kubernetes, and to learn about the go language.In order to learn in detail, a directory is listed here, will be constantly updated Golang Study notes-Environment Building Guide (this article) Golang Study notes-ide selecti

Java Programmer interview Question, Study: Guide--Summary of each person

As a novice programmer interview or technical learning sometimes blind, no clue, in fact, look back, the general aspect is relatively clear.1. Java aspects(1) Java syntax(2) data structure, 8 kinds of basic data types, String, StringBuffer, Stringbuild,map, collection(3) Multithreading, lock, Singleton mode, thread pool(4) Message mechanism(5) agent, design mode(6) algorithm(7) database, MySQL, sub-Library sub-table, cluster, optimization---------------------------------------raising the Java ho

JavaScript Small white Study Guide 1---0

JSJavaScript is not the same as C JAVA C # He doesn't have his own block-level scope, and of course you can simulate it in some way, as we'll talk about later.for (var i =0; iAssuming Java then the variable I will be destroyed immediately, but in JS it! Still existsquery identifiers in JSvar color = "Blue"; function GetColor () { //var volor = "Red"; return color;} Alert (GetColor ()) //blue//assumes that the gaze removed from the GetColor () is returned by the redYes, in JS, the iden

Golang Study Notes-ide Installation Guide

Introduction Golang Study notes-environment building Guide has explained how to build Golang development environment, and wrote a go program "Hello,world", but write code does not have a good IDE, no syntax highlighting, automatic completion, format adjustment, find functions and other functions, It's going to make everyone crazy, I used to do Java and. NET development, often with the IDE has eclipse, I

Angularjs Study Notes--guide Tutorials series Articles Index

A long time ago, a predecessor recommended Angularjs to me. But I didn't study hard at the time, just to read a document. Later awakened ... So determined to understand this series of documents, and free translation (English level is not enough ... Can not be said to be translated, some really do not understand, I hope everyone in the process of the visit pointed out the mistakes therein. After 1 months of intermittent efforts, finally the

Software Test Self-Study Guide-from entry to entry

statements and focus on addition, deletion, modification, and query. Ability to test: 2. Programming Language Java is recommended here. After all, Java is more popular today than runtime. It is also very easy to learn other languages. Objective: To understand the logic and object-oriented thinking of programming. Master a language. There are a lot of videos in this area. You can find them for yourself. 3. UML UML must be able to understand at

Software Test Self-Study Guide-from entry to entry

statements and focus on addition, deletion, modification, and query. Ability to test: 2. Programming Language Java is recommended here. After all, Java is more popular today than runtime. It is also very easy to learn other languages. Objective: To understand the logic and object-oriented thinking of programming. Master a language. There are a lot of videos in this area. You can find them for yourself. 3. UML UML must be able to understand at

To learn LTE, be sure to read the "LTE Self-study guide" first

LTE beginners, if you also for the LTE self-study and confused;LTE scholars, if you're still worried about the effectiveness of LTE learning,If you want to learn LTE well instead of simply learning about LTE,To make LTE learning more effective than to save money,So, watch the video version of the LTE self-study guide so you can win over LTE.From then on, learn lt

"Nodejs Development Guide" study notes

mechanism: a production of chicken legs factory, there is only one line, worker a at the top of this line, he is responsible for the chicken leg plastic packaging, and he can only operate a awuawu at the same time (an event queue, The NODEJS process will only handle one event at a time). Workers A is very efficient, often see the process has been perfect chicken legs will not hesitate to carry out packaging, but whenever he saw some have not completed the process of chicken legs into the assemb

Differences between data mining and Statistics (Guide to intelligent data analysis study notes)

When it comes to data mining, we tend to focus on algorithms during modeling while ignoring other steps. In real world data mining projects, other steps are the key to determining project success or failure. Guide to intelligent data analysis is the book recommended by the knime official website (, according to the CRISP-DM process describes the proce

R study Notes "five" R Language Beginner's Guide--Chapter Two summary

The second chapter learns the R function:1 sum calculation and sum (x,na.rm=true) calculated in Vector x, which excludes NA elements2 Median calculates the median to return the number of the middle of a sample data median (x,na.rm=true)3 Max COMPUTE Max Max (x,na.rm=true)4 min Compute min min (x,na.rm=true)5 c () Connect data connection data to form a vector. C (a)6 Cbind data cbind with column variables (x, y, z)7 Rbind data rbind with row variables (x, y, z)8 vectors in vector form with data v

R study Notes "six" R Language Beginner's guide--accessing variables, working with subsets of data

each 1 is replaced by M, 2 is replaced by FUsing the reclassify factor variableBoxPlot (GSI ~ fsex,data = Squid)M1 Summary (M1) call:lm (formula = GSI ~ Fsex + flocation, data = Squid) residuals: Min 1Q Median 3Q Max-3 .4137-1.3195-0.1593 1.2039 11.2159 coefficients: Estimate Std. Error t value Pr (>|t|) (Intercept) 1.35926 0.07068 19.230   (There is only one Insert script feature found)M2   The estimated parameters are consistent, but the second method oc

Lua Game Development Practice Guide Study Notes 2

, Table. getn (mytable) Do Print (mytable [Index]) End Table. Sort (mytable) This simple function traverses the entire table and rearrange it from small to large. 6.2. Table. insert (mytable, positon, value) Table. the insert function inserts a new value in Table China. The location parameter is optional. If no value is set, a new value is added to the end of table A. If this value is specified, it is inserted to the specified position. Table. insert (mttable, 25, "hello ") 6.3.

"DirectShow Development Guide" study notes

This book should be studied eight years ago, this is a wasting time tragedy. I hope you study well and take notes . The first chapter of the DirectShow Development Guide covers the following key points:(1) DirectShow compositionI would like to point out two points: one is the filter manager, that is, the filter Graph Manager, which is a filter container, responsible for creating, destroying all filters, fo

Typescript Study Guide--Catalogue Index

About Typescript:Typescript is a free and open source programming language developed by Microsoft. It is a superset of JavaScript and essentially adds optional static types and class-based object-oriented programming to the language. Typescript extends the syntax of JavaScript, so any existing JavaScript program can work without change in typescript. Typescript is designed for the development of large applications, and it generates JavaScript at compile time to ensure compatibility. TypeScript s


Today finally put SPRINGMVC study guide This book finished, write down this blog record.Paired with SPRINGMVC environmentStep one: Add Dispatcherservlet to the Web. xml file, which I understand is to dispatch the action allocator with @controller annotationsStep Two: Initialize the springmvc.xml pathStep three: Map all URLs to the servlet by configuring the Url-pattern elementFourth Step: Configure the path

Lua Game Development Practice Guide Study Notes 1

number of cycles is not affected. Second, the variable in the loop structure is a local variable. Once the loop ends, it will be clear. To save their values, you must use global variables or higher-level local variables. Break Control Structure The break statement can be forcibly exited from the loop control structure. The user cannot recycle it, and it must be at the end of the program block (usually the if-then statement ). See the following example: For Index = 1,100 do If Index = 52

Cilk User Guide Study Notes (7) cilk running system API and cilk Summary

Note: User Guide: T000077996o=as=lr(cilk_user_guide.pdf) This document provides some learning notes for this User Guide (Chinese version), simplifies the process, and gives you a better understanding of the code. You can refer to the original document for more details. 1. cilk running system API The header file cilk/cilk_api.h contains the declaration

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