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Clever use of marketing design so that users do not hesitate to "buy and buy"

-O-R mode: Consumers are stimulated by various factors inside and outside, produce a series of psychological decision-making activities, make purchase decision and implement purchase behavior. The stimulating factor can be understood as "can cause the consumer to buy the demand or the motive" the factor, unifies the scholar's research and own experience experience, has summed up these factors to the following several aspects: 1, the prod

Preparing to use the Office 365 China Edition-buy

Office 365 China supports two ways to buy, Web Direct (online purchase) and CSP (reseller purchase). If the customer's business is small (dozens of users, less than 100 users) or is a personal/family purchase, you can directly choose the online purchase method. Large and medium-sized enterprise customers, choose Agents to purchase can enjoy a certain discount (depending on the circumstances).For

(original) North American credit card personal use experience and summary (Personal Finance Edition) [Essence]

claim. American Express 's SPG Hida Huaca is recommended by many people on the web. It's very good indeed. It's a good fit for anyone who sits in a cheaper airline. If you have been using an airline that can claim the company's frequently sky program. such as Delta and AA all have. American Express other very good features are the extended warranty period, free enroll car rental insurance, travel insurance, baggage insurance fees (every time you use

How to use Aliyun to build a personal website

, money and other costs. The purchase of the domain name recommended tens of thousands of nets, the current million network has been Aliyun merged. Can buy the domain name directly on the Ali Cloud. Enter the domain name you want, the query is not registered with others, you can join the shopping cart or directly use Taobao account login to buy.

Use SEO blog can build personal brand

advantage is that you can use SEO to bring the flow of their blog, but to create personal brand is not only by traffic on the line, said the popular point: This requires you on the Internet, especially in the SEO industry more "face". Let more people know your name, and the easiest way is to write a soft text. SEO friends are aware of the importance of soft text, if in Baidu news can often see your article

How to use Hugo to build a personal blog (iii): How to add follow and modify share

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. How to use Hugo to build a personal blog (i)How do I use Hugo to build a personal blog? Follow the steps to create a: 1. Using Hugo on Win7, you can preview it locally (this is the article) 2. Modified theme: color, font, layou

Personalized personal main site-use the Hexo framework and main site hexo

Personalized personal main site-use the Hexo framework and main site hexo We have talked about using Github to build a free personal blog site, so as to get rid of the restrictions of existing blog providers and implement full customization of Blog content. Today, we use the Hexo framework to build a site. For more in

In my personal use, I think Debian is better than Ubuntu.

In my personal use, I think Debian is better than Ubuntu -- the Linux Release Technology-Debian information. The following is a detailed description. I have always been a fan of Debian. Before installing 4.0, I heard that Google employees use Ubuntu, which is quite popular at home and abroad. Previously installed once, because the irqpoll parameter of startup can

Develop a personal website using python. paste it as evidence and use python as evidence.

Develop a personal website using python. paste it as evidence and use python as evidence. First of all, I want to say that although I have learned java... In fact, my java is also very bad. But I think python is quite fun and I want to learn it. Previously, python was used as a simple crawler to get started with python. However, you still have a lot to learn. All the materials I have learned are found on

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