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12-inch MacBook Notebook midrange model running off furnace

Prior to the running data released by Geekbench, the entry-level 12-inch MacBook (1.1 GHz Intel Core M) had the same CPU performance as the MacBook Air. With the launch of the product, Geekbench has tested the product more and found that the midrange 1.2GHz version has a significantly higher performance compared to entry-level levels. Geekbench test showed that the 1.2GHz version of the 64-bit single cor

2015 new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro detailed evaluation

reason.   MacBook Air 11 inches and 13 inches Since Apple began to promote the MacBook Air on many television commercials, iphone users have turned their eyes to the MacBook Air when considering upgrading their PCs. The 2015-year new MacBook Air uses a 1.6GHz Broadwell processor. The highest frequency can reach 2.7

10 reasons to choose an apple 12-inch MacBook

this. If you want to run Final cut Pro, I am afraid to handle more threads at the same time, high with the MacBook Pro is laborious, must be used to deal with the imac, so the MacBook is certainly not omnipotent, first of all to think about their own needs. For me, the main thing is to surf the internet, typing, simple picture processing as well as basic audio-visual entertainment, I think this is also a

New MacBook Air Detailed test

New Apple MacBook Air evaluation Apple has officially released the new MacBook Air in its recent WWDC 2013, although it has almost no change in appearance compared to the old model, but the intrinsic improvement is not small. The new MacBook Air uses a new generation of intel® Haswell processors, faster, smaller drive

What's the best deal for a new MacBook compared to an old MacBook?

The Apple MacBook product line was fully updated at the recent spring release, with a new MacBook in addition to the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro getting a processor update. So the question is, what's the best deal for a new MacBook in contrast to the old

Comparative analysis of the difference between MacBook air2015 and MacBook air2014

The new MacBook Air 2015 has been released, I believe many friends are impatient, but the problem comes, 2015 new MacBook Air and 2014 old MacBook Air which is better, who is more worthy to buy, below and small set together to see. MacBook Air 2015 and MacBook Air 2014 dist

What's good about the MacBook series?

128GB version. The author also found that Jingdong Mall's price compared to the official website of the same discount of about 400 yuan, interested friends can pay attention to. Suitable for the crowd: a certain performance needs, mainly used for daily learning, office use of the group. Big screen Almighty: Reitna MacBook Pro 15 Compared to a 13-inch model, the Reitna

The difference between a new MacBook and air

accustomed to the chocolate keyboard of a regular notebook, it may take some time to adapt. The MacBook Air keyboard is unchanged and still feels good.   Battery Endurance The average battery life of a MacBook is about 9-10 hours, while the MacBook Air (13 inches) is about 12-13 hours slightly.   Price There is no doubt that the new molds, new designs a

The MacBook font is not clear how to do the MacBook font is not clear solution

What about the MacBook fonts? Some MacBook users feel that the MacBook fonts are not as bright and clear as Microsoft's fonts, but this is because there is no retina screen! Below the small Lego to bring you a MacBook font is not clear solution, No need to retina screen can also Oh!

MacBook dual system Multi-partition is actually very simple, you just need to make the MacBook as a normal PC on it!

MacBook dual system Multi-partition is actually very simple, you just need to make the MacBook as a normal PC on it!Ignore Apple's official website warning, the Apple official website warns you can only use Bootcamp installs and cannot be many partitions, the person is frightened not lightly. In fact, do not worry too much, it is a common computer, even though it is a Mac.As my personal experience tells you

Where is the MacBook Ctrl key in the MacBook Ctrl key position

A MacBook's CTRL key Command key, a space around each one. There are no home and end keys on the MacBook keyboard, the home and end keys use shortcut keys in the MacBook, home is the fn+ left arrow, end is the fn+ right arrow, the top page is the fn+ up arrow, and Down is the fn+ down arrow. more MacBook's corresponding Windows keyboard: The MacBook Command k

How does the MacBook force the background program to be closed? How the MacBook forces the background program to be closed

Sometimes our MacBook computer runs a program card where it takes a long time, the program itself may provide a Cancel button, point and no response, at this time we would like to forcibly shut it down, then how the MacBook forced to shut down the program running in the background? The following perfect small series to bring you a few about how the MacBook shut d

Apple MacBook Pro How switch machine, macbook Pro switch tutorial

MacBook Pro how to switch machine The new MacBook Pro with Touch bar does not have a power button, and the switch is as follows: Now you just need to lift the MacBook Pro screen and it will turn on automatically, but when you shut down, you have to press the button on the rightmost touch ID fingerprint recognition Key instead of simply closing the screen.

What are the MacBook hidden features? Apple MacBook Hide function

what are the MacBook hidden features? You can learn about the Apple MacBook hidden function, Apple's MAC series can be said to be one of the best computer products on the market, but in fact this device is a lot of hidden features Oh ~ --Let the computer read it for you The dense text on the screen makes you dizzy? One of the replication capabilities of OS X is text reading aloud. Just select

MacBook air2015 and MacBook air2014 which is good

MacBook Air 2015 and MacBook Air 2014 distinguish between who is more worthy to start  MacBook Air 2015 New MacBook Air 2015 uses a 12-inch (diagonal) LED backlight Retina display, Thickness: 0.35–1.31 cm (0.14-0.52 in), 0.92 kg (2.03 lb)   13 inch 2014 M

How do you choose a 13-inch Apple MacBook?

If you are considering buying a 13-inch laptop, the Apple MacBook product line is no doubt a product that cannot be overlooked. Apple has a total of three 13-inch MacBook products, including MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro with Retina display, which is the best choi

Ten questions about the new 12-inch MacBook Apple Computer

enough. At the same price segment, today just upgraded 13-inch Retina screen MacBook Pro is also a good choice, it also joined the Force Touch trackpad, but this price storage space only 128GB, the processor although the high frequency but the model is older. ▌ Summary: The 12-inch new MacBook is a whole new product that can be carried around like an ipad, wi

2015 new Retina MacBook Pro Removal HD image Rewards

Apple released this month's 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro, in addition to upgrading the internal main configuration, but also added a new Force touch trackpad, so there is still a need to disassemble again, let everyone see the new Force touch under the hidden secrets. If you want to learn about the performance of the new 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro, you can view our review articles. Bu

Why does MacBook install Windows so hot?

usability, my next computer will not necessarily choose Apple.Zhang and Wensau are typical of the second class of Mac users, because Mac systems are not capable of working, so they switch to the Windows system to use when necessary. This is also the highest chance that a Mac can appear in Windows.Class III: Running Windows systems with virtual machines under MacThe author is a system Group editor, the figure of this 2010 15-inch MacBook Pro is the gr

What about 15-inch MacBook Pro?

Earlier this week, it was reported that Apple would release the new 15-inch Retina macbook Pro in Wednesday, all too suddenly, on the morning of May 19, when Apple suddenly updated its official website with a 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro, allowing all the fruit powder and media to intend No, there was no grand press conference like the 12-inch new MacBook, All quie

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