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Dynamic conversion and difference between Oracle sharing and dedicated mode

 I haven't figured out the swap dedicated for sharing, found this article , Let me practice, indeed understand a lot. Most of the following links are converted from this link. You

DEDICATED and SHARE modes for Oracle)

Oracle is a profound technology. Oracle, which has been playing for two years, still has many unknown knowledge points. Yesterday, my friends in the group mentioned the DEDICATED and SHARE modes. I don't know. I am quietly doing my homework. I

Best Practices for managed threading

Best Practices for managed threadingMsdnMultithreaded programming requires more attention when programming. For most tasks, you can reduce complexity by queuing execution requests as thread-pool threads. This topic explores more complex scenarios,

Best practices for managed thread processing

Multi-threaded programming requires additional attention during programming. For most tasks, you can reduce complexity by queuing execution requests in the thread pool thread mode. This topic will explore more complex situations, such as

Explanation of server processes of Oracle Database Processes

We know that,Oracle DatabaseEach process in to complete a specific task or a group of tasks, each process will allocate internal memory PGA memory) to complete its tasks. Oracle instances mainly have three types of processes:Server processBackground

Management method and function analysis of Serv-u server _win server

Serv-u's management is much more powerful than IIS, and it's easy to set up. The special note is that every time you make any settings or changes, you have to click on the upper left corner of the toolbar "save" button to be effective. 1. Account

Analysis of the use of IIS FTP and serv-u _ftp server

Administration of IIS FTP server Although the installation of IIS is simple, but the management function is not strong, only simple account management, directory permissions settings, message settings, connection user management. 1. Account

Detailed description of Oracle WebLogic Server service framework

In order to fully understand how the WebLogic Server works and to show it the best performance, we need to understand several concepts. The most important concepts are discussed in the following content. Execution thread and queue This section

Management Method and Function Analysis of Serv-U Server

Compared with IIS, Serv-U has much more powerful management functions and is easy to set. Note that you must click the "save" button in the toolbar in the upper-left corner of the interface to make any settings or changes take effect. 1. Account

How to build a mail server how to select a server

When selecting a server, the generalIDCoperators will make several suggestions: buyVPS(Virtual Private server), after the server is purchased, and managed toIDCroom, directly withIDCThe carrier hires the server or chooses to purchase a cloud server.

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