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Build a mini Linux from scratch (5)

Tag: Build Linux from scratch build Linux20. Edit the/etc/fstab file to further refine the rc.sysinit and Inittab files21. The first Test starts22. Compile kernel use to support network function (directly compile as core)23. Ninth Test start24. Compile the kernel to enable it to support network functions (compile as module)25. Tenth Test Start20. Edit/etc/fstab, perfect Rc.sysinit, Inittab[[Emailprotected]s

Detailed explanation of how to build the WeChat mini-program development environment

This article mainly introduces the detailed information about the setup of the mini-program development environment. For more information about how to build the mini-program development environment, see the following article, for more information, see Applets are one of the most popular terms today. once they appear, they really bomb the entire developer. of c

Xiaomi Router Mini to build a personal static website method

circle out of the paragraph I added myself. root/extdisks/sda1; After this line is added is the path of the website, I was placed on the root of the USB flash drive, so it is/extdisks/sda1. To make changes according to your own situation. Then restart the web, load the new configurationFinally in the browser inside the test open, you can see their new website.After it is set up, you also need to modify the firewall to access the external network. Also note that the family network upload broad

TODO: build a mini-program development environment

This article introduces TODO: build a small program development environment 1. the first step is to register the applet first. 2. log on to the applet A) complete the applet information, such as name, icon, and description. 3. bind a developer 7. https and wss encryption protocols. each major ECS platform has its own free CA certificate service, which can be applied for or paid. 8. this simple mini

Install and build an SFTP Server in WINDOWS (OpenSSH; Core FTP Mini-Sftp Server; Core

Because customers in a recent project need to use SFTP to send files to me, the company's servers are WINDOWS 2003 or WINDOWS 2008, and I have to find a free one (this is important ), easy to use and stable SFTP server software. After some painstaking efforts, I found the following: 1. OpenSSH Reference article: "using sftp to Build Secure Transmission in Windows": OpenSSH installation is very fast, and

Build a mini Linux from scratch (4)

16. Compiling BusyBox17. Provide Inittab file18. Provide initialization scripts19. Seventh Test Start16. Compiling BusyBoxBusyBox Introduction BusyBox is a software that integrates more than 100 of the most commonly used Linux commands and tools.BusyBox includes simple tools such as LS, Cat, Echo, and more, and includes larger, more complex tools such as grep, find, Mount, and Telnet. Some people call BusyBox the Swiss Army Knife in the Linux tool.Simply speaking, BusyBox is like a big toolbox,

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