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Introduction to mobile application development platform, Mobile Application Development Platform

Introduction to mobile application development platform, Mobile Application Development Platform AppCan MEAP Enterprise

Front-End developer strategies and tools for Cross-platform mobile application development

Happy Friday, come home early, take a shower to care for the cat housework has finished more than nine points of appearance. Login blog backstage, into the editing page, just feel a little relaxed and comfortable. Not bad, in a day can have such a will immersed in this feeling, enough. In a previous article, we discussed the issues that need learning and attention for practitioners of interactive and visual design-related functions, from the traditional web industry to the

Introduction to mobile Application development platform

Appcan MEAP Enterprise Mobile application PlatformAppcan MEAP Enterprise Mobile application Platform is a platform-level product that provides standard technology support for enterprise mobile

Cross-platform mobile application Development Framework PHONEGAP 1.3 released to support Windows Phone app development

The mobile development Community's "Swiss Army Knife" PhoneGap released today in 1.3, bringing many new features (tools, controls) and improvements to this release, most notably the completion of support for Windows Phone. This also means that PHONEGAP has fully implemented support for all major mobile platforms.PhoneGap is an open-source, cross-

Imag Introductory tutorial on Cross-platform Mobile Web application Development Framework _android

Imag is a very concise and efficient mobile cross-platform development framework that can be used to develop a platform that is compatible with both Android and iOS, and a bit of web development basics. There are many frameworks for the current

HTML5 Mobile cross-platform Application Development Framework Analysis

Mobile Cross-platform application development is an interesting topic. Throughout this field, various developers offer a variety of solutions, broadly divided into three categories: Based on the HTML5 scenario. The program is represented by Phonegap/cordova. The basic idea is to address the current functional

Introduction to cross-platform mobile application development engine Crossapp

Crossapp is a fully open source, free, cross-platform mobile application development engine based on the most relaxed MIT open source protocol, so developers can use Crossapp to develop any commercial project completely free of charge and with no worries, and the official will provide a free 8-hour online page question

10 minutes development of a cross-platform mobile application using the Ionic framework

Ionic is a front-end framework that helps developers use HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to make native applications. Ionic's philosophy is similar to the bootstrap developed at the front end, with the goal of encapsulating best practices for HTML5 mobile cross-platform development, just as Twitter bootstrap does in front-end dev

Mobile development trend of enterprise application platform

as there is a network, sufficient power can be, by time and place restrictions greatly reduced. And more lightweight, you want toIt's more convenient to work with a laptop and work with a smartphone.In fact, our country's information development and the West to compare, that is far behind, but because of the development of mobile Internet, the personal feel that

Cross-platform mobile application development tool: phonegap 2.0 released!

Adobe phonegap team recently officially released version 2.0 on the annual phonegap day in Portland, USA.PhonegapIs a free and open-source development framework that allows web developers to familiarize themselvesHtml,CSSAndJavascriptBuild a cross-platform mobile local application. Provided by the phonegap frameworkJav

Application of meta tags in mobile platform development _ HTML/Xhtml _ webpage Creation

This article mainly introduces the application details of meta tags in mobile platform development. For more information about meta tags, see, it will always be inside the head element. It must have special feelings for SEO friends for meta. Today we will talk about the meta tag of the

Mobile application management of mobile management platform Mobileark platform products

) within the security sandbox, enterprise-related documents and content can be accessed and acquired externally through a limited policy.  Application SupermarketTo provide enterprises with independent application of supermarkets, mainly to help enterprises achieve:1) Multi-application type distribution: The application

C # Mobile cross-platform development (2) How does Xamarin mobile cross-platform solution work?

OverviewPrevious C # Mobile cross-platform development (1) The environment was ready to be released shortly after, coincidentally, Microsoft announced the opening. NET Framework source code and will develop a core runtime (core CLR) for Windows, Mac, and Linux, which is also open source! It media sites have been reproduced, the blog Park's C # developers are tear

Viewing the transformation of enterprise mobile Internet from the application of mobile platform

application or business migration to the mobile side, There is no way to meet the needs of enterprise mobility, with the increase of mobile applications, the attendant management problems are increasingly prominent.Over the years, the information practice of medium and large enterprises proves that platform is the new

The simplest introduction to personal mobile app development in history--jquery Mobile Edition cross-platform app development

Books are the ladder of human progress. --high-baseXI requires new people to have a Chinese dream and encourage students to start their own business when they graduate. What is the best way to start a business? is the app. "Building cross-platform App-jquery mobile app Combat" is a write to no money, no status, no seniority of the business small white look at the app book, after reading this book you can ha

t+ RAP (Rapid application Platform) Rapid Application development Platform

Rap overviewRAP (Rapid application Platform) Rapid Application development Platformis a b/s way to operate the platform data lightweight tools, easy to achieve the development of files, documents and reports, ordinary users withou

We recommend 15 excellent cross-platform mobile development tools and 15 development tools.

) directly in NativeScript projects, plus hundreds of NativeScript specific INS on npm.5. CloudRail CloudRail is an API library for Android, Java, and iOS that lets you integrate multiple services with just one API. it's completely free for both personal and other cial projects. cloudRail is behind integrations in apps used by millions of people every day. join CloudRail and take your API integrations to the next level.6. Kony The Kony Mobility Platform

SAP Enterprise Mobile platform development Exploration Series 8-use senchatouch to develop HTML5 cross-platform applications

use. Because the operating system is on Mac, the web server uses mamp and the development tool uses eclipse for Mac. My overall feelings: 1) it is really easy to develop a beautiful cross-platform UI 2) good support for JSON and powerful functions of the existing JavaScript library. The disadvantage is that the traditional coder, for example, is not suitable for JavaScript debugging. One of the two e

Enterprise-level agile software development platform based on DOTNET component technology-agileeas. NET platform development guide-Application Deployment

the Custom Level, enable "initialize and execute scripts for ActiveX controls that are not marked as secure scripts. So far, activexform's IE security settings have been completed. If you need to add one point, the big brother and sister of the win7 operating system choose to run as administrator when starting IE. Webform application subordinates Agileeas. NET provides a webform running container for pure webform. developers can modifyCod

Platform + application, can help mobile third-party forces rise?

positive move Paas+saas new Portfolio, not to exclude third-party developers. On the contrary, Li Hongge said:" many development teams have developed many good applications using our Appcan platform, and we have packaged some of the best applications from external development teams into our SaaS System. As a matter of fact, traditional enterprise

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