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Mobile audio and video development video chat app app

1. Preface with the development of mobile phone technology, the popularity of smartphones and Android phones is accelerating, more and more people choose to use the mobile terminalmakevariousVideo chat, video conferencing, telemedicine,IM, online account opening, etc.. In August 2011, Android and iOS devices controlled 71% of smartphone market share in the US, ac

Mobile Application (mobile app) Development IM chat program Solution

This solution has been customized for a long time and has been busy for some time. Recently, I am a little bit better and don't have to work overtime. So let's take the time to sum up and share it with you, which is a reference for everyone! Maybe this is not the best solution, but as long as the best solution can meet the current needs, it is also the best solution. Who said no! O (distinct _ distinct) O ~ The solution is as follows: First look at the figure The process is as follows: T

Mobile development-third-party chat service and third-party chat in mobile development

maintain the email account ID in the existing system. 2. When the APP creates a new user, it creates a mail account. 3. When the APP deletes a user, it deletes the email account. 4. The client uses the SDK to log on to the hichina mail. You only need to know the recipient's email ID to establish a chat window to communicate with each other. Rongyun: Rongyun inc

Simple implementation of WeChat mini-app chat rooms and Wechat mini-app chat rooms

Simple implementation of mini-program chat rooms Simple implementation of mini-program chat rooms The websoctet. js file in the utils folder Var url = 'ws: // address port '; function connect (user, func) {wx. connectSocket ({url: url, header: {"content-type": 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded '}); wx. onSocketOpen (function (res) {send ('{"type": "login", "client_name": "' + user. nickName + '"," room_id

"Reprint | Front-end Science" chat about the design differences between Web App, Hybrid app and native app

performance: the support of complex graphic styles, various dynamic effects, custom fonts, etc. is not strong.Therefore, based on the impact of network environment and rendering performance, the following points should be noted when designing H5 pages: Simplified animations/dynamic effects that are not important Simplify complex graphic text styles Reduce page rendering frequency and number of times From the mobile web version o

Mobile QQ Anonymous chat function in which mobile phone QQ anonymous Chat setup steps

We know that mobile phone QQ anonymous chat function must install the latest version of mobile phone QQ can be OH. 1. We open QQ Group chat in mobile phone after we click on the upper right corner of the "Avatar" logo 2. Then we find the "management group" into the de

Mobile QQ How to view group chat record? Mobile QQ view Group Chat record tutorial

1 we open the QQ in the phone "contact", select "Group" and then click Open. (pictured below) 2 after looking for a group to find records we click on "a group" into the chat interface, select the upper right corner of the "Human head." (pictured below) 3 then click "Chat Record", at this time will see all the chat records in the group Oh. (pictured below)

Mobile QQ chat record where to view? Mobile QQ Chat record View steps

First step Open mobile phone QQ, and then we find to see the chat record QQ friends. Second Step Then we click on the "People" icon in the upper right corner of the QQ chat interface and open into Third Step Select "Chat Log" to enter, details as shown in the following figure

Mobile QQ Hot chat function is what? Mobile QQ hot chat How to use?

1, we open mobile phone QQ and then find in place "dynamic" and then find "hot chat function" as shown in the following figure. 2, we open into the hot chat here after blue we found a hot chat near you, red is already connected to the WiFi. 3, then there will be a hint, we click into. 4, then we

Mobile QQ How to create group chat? Mobile QQ to create more than one chat

Specific steps 1 Login mobile phone QQ, and then click the "Message" icon, in the message panel we click on "Multiplayer Chat" 2 Click More people to chat after we need to choose to join group chat contact, here can choose QQ Friends, can also be found from the QQ group. 3 at the same time we can also use th

How do I erase my buddy chat record? Micro-shoot app Chat record deletion method

Micro-shoot App Chat record deletion method is actually to find a friend and then click to clear, but also can delete this friend, how to operate the specific you see the following tutorial. 1 in the mobile phone into the micro-beat, then find the interface of the "button", and then click the "Message Center";(the following image) 2 Click on "Friends", and

Vue2-based imitation mobile QQ single page application function (connected Chat Robot) and vue2 Chat Robot

learning Vue. This is the first independent write of a complete Vue project! Q. o and welcome to the discussion. This project will be constantly optimized during the use of my Vue and used to test the addition of some new interesting features. Technology Stack Vue-cli Vue2 Vue-router Vuex Axios Stylus Webpack2 Muse-ui Directory structure .── README. md── Build // build service and webpack configurations, forward chat robots and

Demand Analysis of mobile game chat system and demand analysis of game chat system

Demand Analysis of mobile game chat system and demand analysis of game chat system Demand Analysis of mobile game chat system Reprinted Please note: IT_xiao xiaowu Mobile development enthusiasts: 299402133 Planning requirement

Rice chat app How to bind bank card, meter chat bind bank card method

1 We click on the phone in the meter chat after we click on the interface of the "I" and then click on the interface "Millet wallet";(the following figure) 2) Click on "bank card"-"Add bank card";(the following figure) 3 Click the edit box to enter the bank card number, then click "Next", and then click the edit box to enter the bank card information and personal information, and finally click "Next" can be. (pictured below) Ric

Rice chat app How to change avatar, rice chat change Avatar method

1, click on the desktop "Rice chat" and then click on the "application" effect of the meter chat interface as shown below 2, then enter into the meter chat interface We click on my column, click on the personal icon 3, into the personal information interface we click "Avatar module" as shown below. 4, after the entry and then click "Persona

Micro-letter Chat record how to back up the micro-mail chat record to export other mobile methods

1. Using the "Migrate through cloud" backup We go into my chat log on the phone and then we can back up, the specific steps are: Open "micro-letter"-"I"-"Settings"-"chat"-"chat record backup and recovery"-"migration through the Cloud", click "Start Backup" so that the chat record can be backed up, very simple.

Mobile phone QQ Group Anonymous chat function how to use? QQ group Anonymous Chat method

Mobile QQ group Anonymous chat How to use-open method: 1 guarantee to upgrade the QQ after we click on "Contact" to find the inside of the "group" and then open. 2 Then we find our own group, that is, the administrator, and then click on the upper right corner of the "head sign" 3 after entering the "management group" we just have to "allow anonymous chat

Mobile QQ Chat Record Delete/export chat record method

Delete the QQ chat record on the phone 1. Open mobile phone QQ, login to their account, click on the bottom of the "Settings" button; 2. Find the "accessibility" option in the interface; 3. Go to the "Accessibility" page, click "Empty All Chats" and "clear the picture cache" on it! Delete/Export chat records 1. First, open the

20 lines of code add chat function to the App, and fast app

20 lines of code add chat function to the App, and fast app Now many apps need to integrate IM functions. Today we will share with you the steps for integrating IM basic functions. This document uses JMessage as an example.Aurora IM (JMessage) = Aurora push (JPush) + IM. This article only describes the IM Section, which provides a concise example for you to quick

Mobile phone QQ chat record where to clear? Chat Logging Cleanup method

1. We login in the mobile phone QQ, and then in the QQ panel we click "Settings" after we find "accessibility" click it to enter. 2. Then we then click "Empty All Chats" as shown in the following figure. 3. Then we click "Empty all Chat record", confirm clear all chat record is OK, go to see now, if roaming, we need to delete the line on the server. Frie

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