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Five big Java Open Source Forum

First, Jforum1. IntroductionJforum is a powerful and stable forum system developed with Java. It provides an abstract interface, an efficient forum engine, and an easy-to-use management interface with full access control, multi-lingual support

The forum gathers the five great artifacts of popularity

In the early development of SEO, forum BBS should be the most common mode of seoer entrepreneurship. Most seoer have done forums, so most internet entrepreneurs are very familiar with the forum model. That being the case, we must all understand how

Tens recorded Discuz forum results in optimized notes for MySQL CPU 100%

Tens record of Discuz forum led to MySQL CPU 100% optimization Note In March 2007, I wrote an article on solving a MySQL server process CPU usage 100% Technical Note ( 20070307.htm), when it comes to resolving a MySQL

Tens records Discuz Forum leads to Mysql CPU 100% optimized notes _mysql

It was found that the host ran several Discuz forum programs, and several tables of the Discuz forum also had this problem. So smoothly together to solve, CPU occupancy down again. A few days ago, a friend through this article found me, said he is

Domestic and foreign best Java Development Forum and site [turn] forum is a lot of people, Master also many, but seems to be also very good, the article is very good, but is the commercial thick point. very systematic, and the

Summary of the best Web development resources in open source [Reproduced]

Wen/Chen Hao Source: Best "must know" open sources to build the new Web. I personally feel that this collection paste integration is quite complete. Learning HTML 5 programming and design ★HTML5 Rocks: Major Feature Groups: HTML5 resources

A few steps to do a forum (original)

Original Poorly written, we are more considerate, just write some of their own little experience, more criticism and more criticism. Do a forum I think the site is based on "material", and the Forum on the basis of "material", more to include

Use cookies to achieve the Lightning Login Forum Method _ Application Skills

Method One: Use cookies, once and for all Cookies through IE "file-import and Export" to the login information through cookies to save (AO This feature mobile MS can not be used), has seen someone wrote that "FALSE" space after the "10********"

Best Php open-source website building platform in foreign countries _ PHP Tutorial

The best Php open source website building platform in foreign countries. A large number of open source PHP (open source) applications have changed the world and the Internet, the following is a summary of the many types of Open Source PHP software

PHP source code network-open source program Daquan (Open Source)

PHP source code network-open source program Daquan (Open Source) PHP tutorial, PHP open source community, PHP Open Source Forum, PHP open source abroad, PHP Chinese site, PHP + MySQL, build the latest and most complete PHP open-source code library

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