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8 Best cross-platform editors for web development

1) Best Cross Platform ide-bracketsBrackets is one of the most popular open source ide/code editors among front-end Web developers and designers. It has some useful tools to push HTML and CSS to browse without having to save or reload the page. This

Cross-platform Mobile development tools: PhoneGap and titanium all-round competition

Both PhoneGap and Appcelerator Titanium are a very popular open source JavaScript framework for encapsulating and configuring mobile applications. This article is a comprehensive comparison of PhoneGap and Appcelerator Titanium by Kevin Whinnery,

The history of development of web development technology

The history of Web discussions on Web development technology, of course, is to start with the origins of the Web. As we all know, the most popular application architecture on the internet is invented by Tim Berners-lee. The web was formerly the

What are the main differences between PHP and Java? Which is the best language for Web development?

First, prefacePHP and Java are the two most popular programming languages now.For many novices, what kind of language should you learn when learning? The following article gives you the difference between the two and some of the options suggested,

Build a Cross-Industry mobile platform APP with Web technologies

 Fine-selection article-development tips Share to Plurk Share on FaceBook  Build a Cross-Industry mobile platform APP with Web technologies‧ Jun/Gao Yi Zhong 05:38:38 Due to the rapid popularization of Online mobile devices (such as smart phones

Summary of the best Web development resources in open source [Reproduced]

Wen/Chen Hao Source: Best "must know" open sources to build the new Web. I personally feel that this collection paste integration is quite complete. Learning HTML 5 programming and design ★HTML5 Rocks: Major Feature Groups: HTML5 resources

Node. js is the best choice for Web application development.

Node. js is the best choice for Web application development. The entry of a disruptive technology into the technology market is always a shock, but it is often abandoned. However, this is certainly not the case for Node. js. It is an open-source,

. NET Development Platform Research (II.)

The main benefit of class libraries is that they encapsulate the most common features of the core Win32 API and the functionality of the plug-in SDK into a unified package. Class libraries are grouped and described in a clear and methodical manner,

10 NodeJS frameworks best suited for Web and APP development

Running JavaScript outside of the browser is amazing for JavaScript enthusiasts and certainly one of the most popular advancements in Web application development. Developers around the world embrace NodeJS with open arms.For beginners, node. js is a

10 best Python frameworks for web development

Python is one of the most popular and code-efficient programming languages in the modern IT world. The Python framework can help you quickly launch web apps.1.CubicWebThe most important function of Cubicweb is the reusability of its code, which

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