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SELENIUM2 Learning -036-webui Automation Practical instance -034-javascript in Selenium Automation application example of six (get JS execution result return value) test_jsreturn, 2015-8-8 15:59:51 Exp $ - * $ */ $ @Test - Public voidTest_jsreturn () { -System.out.println ("\nstart test_jsreturn ..."); theSystem.out.println ( This. EXECJSR (JQ)); - }Wuyi}The execution results are as follows:Start Test_jsreturn ... 717;1396;30;100At this point, theWebUI automation function test script section 034-javascript in the Selenium

SELENIUM2 Learning -031-webui Automation Practical Instance -029-javascript application example in Selenium automation (get element position and size)

(";"); - +Elementposition[0] = integer.valueof (position[0]); AELEMENTPOSITION[1] = integer.valueof (position[1]); atELEMENTPOSITION[2] = integer.valueof (position[2]); -ELEMENTPOSITION[3] = integer.valueof (position[3]); - - returnelementposition; -}at this point, WebUI Automated functional test Scripts section 029-javascript Example of application in Selenium automation (get ele

SELENIUM2 Learning -022-webui Automation Practical Instance -020-javascript application example in Selenium automation (get browser display area size)

+ '; ' + window.innerheight"; A -String[] Areasize = ((Javascriptexecutor) This. Webdriver). Executescript (JS). toString (). Split (";"); - theBrowserdisplayareasize[0] = integer.valueof (areasize[0]); -BROWSERDISPLAYAREASIZE[1] = integer.valueof (areasize[1]); - - returnbrowserdisplayareasize; +}From the browser's console, execute the script as shown in the results.PS: In the actual use process, if the browser window size changes, you need to regain the size of

Reprint of Web application Automation test based on selenium Webdriver

software processes, many organizations tend to use agile development theory, and automated testing is a must. The so-called automated testing is the implementation of automated testing tools or a programming language to write programs, control the various modules in the software under test, simulate manual test steps, complete the test. Test automation has many advantages, such as frequent regression testing, rapid feedback to developers, virtually u

Selenium automation-java-encapsulation assertions, selenium-java-

Selenium automation-java-encapsulation assertions, selenium-java- Encapsulated assertions.1 package com. baidu. www; 2 3 import org. testng. assert; 4/* 5 * encapsulate assertion 6 */7 public class assertion {8 static boolean flog = true; 9 10 public static void verifyassert (Object actual, Object expected) {11 try {12 Assert. assertEquals (actual, expected); 13}

"ui Test Automation selenium" Rollup

Java implementation of the Selenium FoundationSelenium RC Environment ConfigurationNovice Automation Test (i)----Selenium IDENovice Automation Test (ii)----Selenium IDE feature extensionRookie Learning Automation Test (iii)----

SELENIUM2 Learning -032-webui Automation Practical Case -030-javascript Application example in Selenium Automation (highlight Element)

-JS = "document.getElementById" ("+ ID +"). Style.border=\ "3px solid" + color + "\" "; - - This. Execjs (JS); -}At this point, theWebUI automation function test script section 030-javascript in the Selenium Automation application example of five (highlighting elements) successfully completed, I hope this article can give beginners

UI Automation Test Selenium (1) Common APIs in--selenium

can be provided by the selenium of the actions class, it can simulate the mouse and keyboard some of the operation, such as right mouse button, left button, move the mouse and other operations. For these operations, use the Perform () method for execution.Copy Codeprivate static void actionsTest(WebDriver driver) throws InterruptedException { // 设置等待页面完全加载的时间是10秒,如果在10秒内加载完毕,剩余时间不在等待 driver.manage().timeouts().pageLoadTimeout(10, TimeUni

Automation test basics-Selenium browser operations, basics-selenium

Automation test basics-Selenium browser operations, basics-seleniumSelenium mainly provides methods for operating various elements on the page, but it also provides methods for operating the browser itself, such as the browser size, browser back-up, forward button, and so on. I. Control the browser window size. Sometimes we want to open it in a browser size so that the accessed page can run in this size. Fo

Basic knowledge of selenium automation

need to understand the developer's design ideas, the entire process of code read-through, inefficient, so unit testing in 90% all the above companies have developed themselves to complete. Integration / interface test the relative profitability is still possible, the main completion of the test for each class, interface , the Add () method in a class , pass in the appropriate parameters, test the correctness of the returned results. The benefits of UI Autom

Selenium (Web Automation Testing tool developed by ThoughtWorks Corporation)

supported 3 componentsEdit Selenium IDE: A Firefox plugin that can record the user's basic operations and generate test cases. You can then run these test cases to play back in the browser, converting the test cases to automation scripts in other languages. Selenium Remote Control (RC): Supports multiple platforms (Windows,linux,solaris) an

Web automation testing tool selenium 1.0 officially released: chrome support + User Guide

SeleniumIt is an open-source Web automation testing tool. It has recently released version 1.0, marking the formal Addition of a new member in the Web automation testing field. In its new version, apart from fixing a number of bugs, the most eye-catchingThe goal is to add support for Google Chrome in selenium RC and provide a complete user guide on the official w

How to write good Python+selenium automation?

Hello, everyone sir Good, today I tell you how to use Python+selenium to do automated testing, landlord in the development test before doing Java development, for various reasons, the landlord turned into a development test, and then self-taught the script language Linux and Python, for these two scripts, I am very fond of, for what, because the efficiency is too high, so the landlord abandoned Java to Python, as for why, do not long explanation, you

Design and implementation of selenium combined with TESTNG automation framework __selenium

to test, will consume a lot of time and energy, Testers, too, have been overwhelmed by the decline in patience. In order to avoid this situation, the automatic testing of the original function is particularly important. 2. Introduction to Tools When it comes to open source automation testing tools, online talk about the wind and cloud, but other people said things are not necessarily suitable for you, we are in the combination of automated testing to

JavaScript (node. js) + Selenium Automation test

Selenium is a browser automation library. Most often used for testing web-applications, Selenium May is used for any task this requires automating interaction with The browser.Selenium is a browser Automation test library, most of the time we use it to test the Web application,Sele

selenium-website Demo Learning-test design-optimized Automation code

Look at Selenium's website documentation, there are some small points in the automation use case design is very reliable. Learn a lot and can be used to optimize your code.1. Test Type:Testing Static ContentTesting LinksFunction TestsTesting Dynamic ElementsAjax TestsAssert vs. VerifyThe difference between assert and verify: If the assert is wrong, the subsequent content will be stopped, verify if wrong, it will be recorded and then proceed with the s

Implementation of Python+selenium+unittest GUI automation framework

Frame Design Illustration:650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" Python +selenium+unittest Automation framework illustration. jpg "alt=" wkiol1dfjxududezaahejealrlk754.jpg "/>Preparation before the framework is implemented:The 1.Python version is installed under Windows The latest version of

"Python3 Automation Interface +selenium" starts October 13! (2 months 2000, package Church)

"Python3 Automation Interface +selenium" starts October 13! (2 months 2000, package Church) lecturer: Shanghai-leisurely class way: QQ group video online teaching registration fee 20,001 people (cycle 2 months) Contact qq:283340479 Personal Achievements:1. Personal blog, Baidu Direct search: Shanghai-Leisurely blog2. Personal original public number: Yoyoketang3. Already in Baidu read on-line book, Baidu Sea

Docker+selenium deployment of the Web Automation test environment

Docker+selenium deployment of the Web Automation test environment 1. Open the Docker terminal using SECURECRT or Docker Quickstart terminal. 2. Download the image required for Selemiunui test Command Docker Pull: Download the image from the Docker hub. First, search for the image that needs pull Command:Docker search Selenium For Docker

. NET Automation Test tool: Selenium Grid

openqa.selenium.remote;using;namespace RunTestOnRemoteGrid{ Class Program { static void Main (string[] args) { iwebdriver driver=new chromedriver (); Try { driver = new Remotewebdriver (New Uri ("Http://"), New Chromeoptions ()); Driver. Navigate (). Gotourl (""); } catch (Exception ex) { Console.Wri

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