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Shenzhen Huizhong ~ ~ ~ The function of wireless remote prepaid water meter

Kpi: Storage function: The accumulative water consumption and monthly water consumption of the wireless remote prepaid water meter can be stored accurately in the EEPROM, and the power loss data is not lost.2, real-time clock function: Wireless remote meter can automatically record the clock, and can calculate the calendar.3, F

China Han Long Hei Kuo teaches you how to fully automatic wireless intrusion hotspots, hacker fully automatic WiFi phishing, large-scale batch wireless hotspot phishing-Welcome to subscribe

test however, Apple released iOS 6, and one of the changes seems that the iPhone will now only send out broadcast probes rather than directed probes, renderin G The-P feature useless against them. The broadcast probe is where the device sends out a "Is anyone there ?" Probe, and waits to see which access points reply. most iPhones however have connected at some point to a wireless hotspot, and so the SSIDs

Quickly turn your laptop into a wireless WiFi shared hotspot script

First, build WiFi sharing hotspot The first step or according to the Convention, first in our notebook computer to build a WiFi wireless sharing hotspot, through the integration of BAT Program files can be one-step, high degree of autonomy, less operation steps, no brain operation!(1) Create a new Start.bat file, copy the source programFirst, create a new text d

Set the Raspberry Pi raspberry to the wireless router (WiFi hotspot ap,rtl8188cus chip) began to toss up Raspberry Pi came, because somewhere in the internet need Ruijie dialing, so I would like to be able to let my Raspberry Pi do, of course, first of all to transform it into a router, the default comes with the network as a WAN port, we also lack a network port, Wood has a way, had to occupy a USB port, Connected to a USB card, the network of USB to RJ45 network cable adapter Less, the price is not cheap, so consider simply transform i


Http:// does it does?This project configures your Raspberry Pi to connect to the Internet through Ethernet, and share it connection over WiFi .What does you need? A Raspberry Pi, model B. A boot SD card for the Raspberry Pi. A USB WiFi device that supports the "Access point" mode. An Ethernet cable to connect to the local network. Please make sure your Wifi dongle supports Access point or Ma

C # source code of inSSIDer's Powerful wifi wireless hotspot signal scanner,

C # source code of inSSIDer's Powerful wifi wireless hotspot signal scanner, A complete source code of the wireless signal scanning tool, including drawing from hotspot scanning to intensity and signal transformation curves. The source code is based on Managed Wifi to implement basic functions. Managed Wifi is also a

C # inssider Powerful wifi wireless hotspot signal scanner source code

A complete source code of the wireless signal scanning tool, including drawing from hotspot scanning to intensity and signal transformation curves. The source code is based on managed wifi to implement basic functions. Managed WiFi is also an open-source project, which can be found on this site.Specify the NIC signal scan. You can select the local wireless Nic an

Use wireless card in OpenWrt to do repeater and AP hotspot

the implementation of Repeater and AP Here we assume that the repeater accomplishes one of the following functions: Wired Network---> Wireless network---> Advanced wireless router That is, to insert a network cable from the outside, through the imx6ul above the wireless card to forward the data to the upper router, of course, can also complete the following tran

How to set a wireless hotspot in Windows 8

The recent ivory tower to the computer operating system to upgrade to the latest WIN8 system, very smooth and easy to use, but in the Win8 to build a temporary wireless hotspot, found that there is no option in that Win7 (using the WINDOWS7 system to establish a wireless hotspot method), So how does a Win8 laptop achie

Turns Windows 7 into a Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing mobile phones and laptops to share the Internet with Windows 7 to build a wireless LAN

Turns Windows 7 into a Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing mobile phones and laptops to share the Internet with Windows 7 to build a wireless LANTurn Windows 7 into a Wi-Fi hotspot, so that mobile phones and laptops can share the Internet and use Windows 7 To establish a wireless LAN. Enable the hidden function of windows 7: Virtu

How the Windows 7 or Windows 8 system uses a portable computer as a wireless hotspot (AP)

Method One: Control Panel---Network and Sharing Center---Manage wireless networks---Add---create temporary networks. As shown in figure: There are some instructions for "Creating a temporary network" and click "Next". As shown in figure: In the name of your network and select security options, complete the settings. The "Save this Network" option works by restarting the computer or the next time you do not need to reset (sav

Public Hotspot Wireless network is reliable

Wireless routers are now deployed in many places, and many are publicly available. For example, in the exhibition center or the airport and other bulletin sites, there are often no need to log in to the wireless network for users to use. Anyone who is within the range of the signal will be able to connect directly after searching the network and use it to access the Internet. The place where

Set the Raspberry Pi raspberry to the wireless router (WiFi hotspot ap,rtl8188cus chip)

This article is based on the purchase of a East USB wireless network card (Rtl8188cus chip) to make wireless hotspot. Originally wanted to make a one-click script. Just record the implementation process first. ReferencesTurn Your Raspberry Pi into a WiFi Hotspot with Edimax Nano USB Ew-7811un (Rtl8188cus chips

Samsung W789 mobile phone hotspots How to set up? w789 Mobile wireless hotspot settings

Step 1. Portable hotspot Definitions and precautions Portable hotspot function means that you can use your mobile phone as an internet AP access point, that is, after the relevant settings, your mobile phone will have the function of wireless router, other devices can be connected to your mobile phone through the WLAN, the connected devices will be through your

How does the WIN8 system set up a wireless hotspot?

WiFi is increasingly used in today's society, where almost all WiFi is available, so it's hard to get WiFi at home, but if you have a Win8 laptop you can use as WiFi, then Win8 how to set up a wireless hotspot? Do not understand a friend to see small editing Win8 set up a wireless hotspot Tutorial bar! 1, first press

How to set the Win7 wireless hotspot feature

Microsoft Virtual Wireless Miniport adapter included in Windows 7 default to enable your computer to perform this function, then we can configure and run Windows commands to open your virtual wireless hotspot. 1, first open the Start menu, menu selection and right-click "Command Prompt" select "Run as Administrator" option, if a user Account Control "message app

win8/win8.1 system Forget wireless hotspot password How to retrieve

Now WiFi network continues to popularize, basically realizes every household has the wireless hot spot, as long as the handset, the notebook as long as enters the account password to be able to log on the Internet, realizes many people to share a network. But sometimes you forget the wireless hotspot password, because once you enter the account password for the f

Wireless card for AP hotspot feature, sharing Internet connection settings

1. First determine if the wireless card supports AP hotspot featureIn the Windows command prompt, enter "netsh wlan show drivers".In the command output, there is a line "supported Hosting network", "yes" on behalf of the wireless AP hotspot feature, no representative does not support2. Create a

Open a wireless hotspot on a computer in Ubuntu system

Create hotspots by using the system's own network function Please note: You must have a wireless card that you can use to create an AP hotspot. If you don't know how to confirm it, enter IW list in the terminal (Terminal). If you don't have IW installed, you can use the sudo apt-get install IW to install it under Ubuntu. After you type the IW list, look at the supported interface mode, and you should see

Linux make WiFi hotspot/wireless Routing

Reference: Tools/MaterialsDesktop with wireless card (RT3070 wireless card with USB interface), wired network cardInstalling the Linux operating system, I'm using ubuntu14.042. Methods/StepsA. Check to confirm that the wireless network card supports master modeExecute command: IW listIn the command execut

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