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3D printing shining in the Expo, "Hunan Zhi-made" re-exhibition new style-Farsoon high-tech launches the world's first open source customizable metal 3D printer

"2015 China Central Investment and trade fair" May 18 opened the curtain in Wuhan, Hunan Province Business Department organization of our province on behalf of enterprises active participation . among them , farsoon High-Tech limited liability company as the domestic 3D printing industry leader in the exhibition released the world's first open source customizable metal 3D

Serial port small ticket printer printing garbled problem

methods of error detection: Occasional, odd, high and low. Of course, no check bit is also possible. For even and odd checks, the serial port sets the check bit (one after the data bit), using a value to ensure that the transmitted data has an even or odd logical high. For example, if the data is 011, for parity, the check bit is 0, and the number of bits that are logically

Printer printing garbled Solution

interface on the printer or host, you can only repair or replace the motherboard. 5. the I/O control chip on the motherboard is damaged. In fact, this situation is not difficult to tell. If the I/O control chip on the motherboard is damaged, it may lead to many complications, many input/output devices are affected. You can only repair the motherboard! 6. The resistance near the print port (which can be seen on almost all boards currently) is damaged.

How to improve the printing speed of laser printer

Aspect 1, the built-in processor operating frequency and computing power. It is the high speed of the printer is an important condition, common is the use of RISC processor, working frequency at least 50MHz, high-speed products can reach 100MHz. Aspect 2, the memory configuration size, the maximum can support expands to how many. Generally speaking, the larger t

What are the latest 3D printing applications "Hong Rui 3D Printer manufacturers"

of the bronze beast, the rear of the 3D imaging system began to model, with a 3D printer printing, coloring, into the oven, a moment, a true beast first identical imitation is baked.In fact, the film's printing technology has already been used in the preservation of cultural relics, but there is no such a scan in the film, there will be printed immediately. For

The solution of printing blank page for laser printer

toner cartridge counter is reset without replacing the new toner cartridge, the printer monitor thinks the toner cartridge has toner and does not stop working, but there is no toner in the toner cartridge, so the phenomenon of printing blank pages appears.Workaround: First, make sure that the printer is connected directly to the computer through a port or USB in

Four ways to finish printing ink-jet printer

Inkjet Printer Surface treatment methods are diverse and new technology new materials, but the current ink-jet printer surface treatment is commonly used in the main way to film, plastic seal, cold mounted, film covering such four kinds of methods mostly. 1, leaching film The film is a special liquid evenly smear on the printed paper surface and then through the curing of a treatment mode, by a specialize

NET environment for printing page settings, printer settings, Print Preview dialog box Implementation (ii)

Print | dialog | The front of the page says. NET environment for printing page settings, printer settings, Print Preview dialog box implementation, now it's time for us to apply them. We need to do some of the following things: 1. The program output type written in the previous article is changed to class library and compiled into PrinterPageSetting.dll; 2, establish C # or project, and add referen

High price ratio barcode printer Choose which section?

, continuous paper, washing mark webbing, and so on, widely used in the field of fixed Assets management, retail supermarkets, warehousing logistics, health care, clothing and jewelry labels and precious commodity labels. Booz have C168 commercial label printer is randomly attached to the sticker paper frame, users can according to the actual printing needs, can be installed in the machine labe

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